Where To Dump Grass Clippings

Where to dump grass clippings

Once you have cut your lawn, you will hate to have it covered in grass clippings. There is an easy way of solving this issue. You just need to attach a bag on the mower which will collect the grass that has been clipped as you continue mowing.

Where to dump the dump grass clippings?

Once you are done cutting your lawn, you will surely want to get rid of the grass clippings. Here are some of the methods you can use to dump grass clippings;

You can put them in a Yard Waste Container.

This will be valid if the local collection company allows it. It will be an ideal way of disposing of grass clippings by simply putting them in the yard waste container. You should however note that the yard container is a little different from the normal trash bin and might require you to pay for the extra service. You should avoid putting the clippings on a typical trash bin. This is because it is something that is not allowed since it contributes to the increased growth of landfills.

You can compost them

You can effectively get rid of grass clippings by simply adding them to your compost pile. You should note that grass is rich in nitrogen and this will help make your compost have a balance in the nitrogen-to-carbon ratio. This will help turn something that was considered as waste into a beneficial material to your garden.

You can donate your grass clippings to local farmers

If you leave in an area with farmers around, you can liaise with one of them and find out if they can take clippings you cut from your lawn. These farmers can use them to feed their cattle or even add it to their compost piles to make more manure. This can be an ideal way of dumping grass clippings.

You can contact a local gardening business

You can reach out to a local gardening business that will come and take your grass clippings. They will go ahead and compost the clippings or turn them into mulch. This is a method that is likely going to cost you absolutely no penny.

You can give the clippings to a neighbor or a friend

If you have a neighbor or a friend who makes better use of the grass clippings, it would be good to offer them the clippings you cut on your lawn. They may compost it, mulch it, or give it to their livestock. This will mean that the grass clippings are not going to waste and are actually being used in a beneficial way.

You can leave them on the roadside for seasonal curbside pickup

You can leave your grass clippings just by the roadside in the bins during the designated pick up days in your area. How often those pick-ups are available will totally depend on your area and the services offered to your neighborhood. This is an inexpensive method of getting rid of your grass clippings.

You can take them to a local disposal site

If you live in an area that has those local disposal centers where people take old furniture, metal waste, and any kind of yard waste, then you can dispose of your grass clippings here without a problem. All you have to do is pay a small fee per visit. You can minimize the number of trips you make to the site by simply accumulating the load of the grass clippings hence making only a few trips per season. This is an ideal method of disposing of your grass clippings.

You can also leave the clippings on the lawn

This may sound absurd but actually, you can choose to leave the grass clippings on the lawn. This is for someone who cuts their lawn quite often ensuring that they do not have a deceased lawn. The clippings will actually provide the soil with important nutrients and this will make your lawn healthier.


Though leaving the grass clippings on the lawn may seem to be the easiest option, it is not always the best and many people do not like it. This said though, there are a variety of other options one can choose from and effectively get rid of their grass clippings.


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