What is the best location for a compost bin?

Compost refers to organic material which can be added to the soil for the growth of the plants. Thus, you can ensure a healthier and more beautiful garden with the use of a compost bin. Placing a compost bin in the garden is regarded as a great choice for creating a valuable source of soil, enriched with nutrition.

The right placement of compost bin is considered to be an ideal aspect of nutrition filled topsoil. It also plays an integral role in reducing the trash in the landfills. In addition to this, it also brings an improvement in the backyard of your home.

Should a compost bin be in the sun or shade?

The finished compost is sure to be ready in no time once it is warmed up effectively. The warming up of the compost occurs from the breaking down of actions of different materials naturally. If you place the compost bin in the sun, it will get warmer quickly.

You need to keep in mind that the primary spots for growing fruits, flowers, and vegetables in the backyard of your home is less. There will be a reduction in those primary spots if you place the compost there.

Hence, you should ensure to opt for the second-best spot in your garden for the compost. You can consider placing the same in the partial shade areas. One of the primary benefits of placing the compost bin in the shady areas of the garden is that the compost will not be drying fast during the summer days. Hence, you do not need to carry the hassles of watering it now and then.

Soil – An ideal place for keeping the compost bin in the garden

Soil offers a perfect location for keeping the compost bin. As you place it in the areas of direct sunlight or partial shade, it provides a boost to the process of decomposition. As you keep the compost bin on the soil, it will offer an easy route to the insects and microbes to reach the decomposable materials.

In addition to this, soil can offer an effective draining source to the compost bin. Furthermore, it is also beneficial in the promotion of air circulation. Both of them are considered to be crucial for the composting successfully. It is recommended to keep the compost bin in a specific area where you can add the organic matter without facing any troubles.

Place the compost bin a little far away from your home

You might think that placing the compost near your home might be a great idea as you do not have to walk a long distance. However, there are certain factors why it is recommended to keep it a little far away from your home. Once you start putting the materials in the compost bin, they might start smelling, once they begin to rot.

Also, if the compost bin can be viewed from the seating area of your home, it might ruin the aesthetic appeal. You can consider using some screen for blocking the view of the bin from the seating area.

Place the compost bin on a deck

A wide array of people prefer to keep the bin outside the kitchen door as they do not need to run outside in the snow, rain or wind anymore for emptying the kitchen scraps. Some people also love to compost on the patio or deck.

However, you should ensure to pick a self-contained compost container that does not cause any leakage in the compost, thereby ruining its aesthetic value.

Placing a compost bin in the kitchen

You can make use of specialized composting systems for the placement of compost bin in the kitchen if you reside in a condominium, which does not have any garden. Here, you can opt for a charcoal filter for preventing any smell that results from the decomposition of the materials.

For placing the compost bin in the kitchen, you can keep food scraps as well as other different ingredients, in plastic garbage and cover it with a tight-fitting lid. In addition to this, you can make use of earthworms to compost indoors for breaking down different ingredients of the garbage into the compost.

You should ensure to store the ingredients, worms, and finished compost in the plastic or wooden bins. In case you are using it for vermin-composting, you should ensure to water it from time to time for keeping the materials and worms, inside the compost bin, moist.


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