Top 8: Best Trash Can with Funnel Lid

Finding the most suitable and useful trash can for your kitchen can be a daunting task with so many choices available on the market. The best garbage cans are the ones that offer hands-off trash disposal functionality so that there is no mess. The newest trash cans come with a special type of lid, known as funnel lid, which facilitates the “touchless” waste disposal and is also easy to clean. Depending on the capacity of your trash can, you can buy a funnel lid separately or purchase a set to make the trash disposal easy and efficient.

Here is our review of the top 8 trash cans with tops or funnel lids that are sold separately.

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1. Separate funnel top for trash can

Rubbermaid Commercial Trash Can Funnel Top, 32 Gallon

trash can with funnel top


Rubbermaid Commercial products are durable and reliable constructed with high quality and long-lasting materials. This round funnel top has been designed for use with a 32-gallon capacity trash can that is sold separately. It comes with a height of 5 inches, which makes it a very suitable hygienic top for a garbage can. The funnel-style lid not only fits securely on the top but also offers easy and hands-off waste disposal. The diameter of the central hole is about 7 inches wide. It is reasonably priced but one disadvantage is that it can only be used with 32-gallon trash cans.


  • For 32-gallon Rubbermaid trash can
  • Strong material
  • Perfect for parties at home


  • The trash can is sold separately

Use this funnel top with the Rubbermaid Brute Round Trash Can, 55 Gallon. It comes with huge capacity, which makes it suitable for home as well as commercial use. The trash can has been made from high-quality LLDPE material, which means linear low-density polyethylene. It also comes with venting channels to make the liner removal process easy and mess-free. You can find a matching funnel lid to go with this container to further enhance its functionality and usefulness.

2. Heavy-duty outdoor trash can with funnel top

Safco Products Canmeleon Outdoor/Indoor Recessed Panel Trash Can 9475BL, Black, Decorative Fluted Panels, 38-Gallon Capacity

outdoor trash can with funnel top


This Safco heavy-duty trash can has a 38-gallon capacity and is perfect for outdoor use. With decorative fluted panels with a molded plastic top to create an attractive value-priced garbage can that enhances outdoor areas while keeping them clean and litter-free. For weather resistance and to prevent vandalism, the bottom of weather-resistant trash container can be fastened to the pavement or weighted with sand or paving bricks.


  • Weather-resistant, outdoor trash can
  • Heavy duty
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Very durable


  • The bottom can cause scratches on the floor


3. Colored Funnel top for all standard round trash cans

Kolorcans Funnel Top with Bug Barrier for 55 Gallon Drum Trash Can

funnel top for trash can

A beautifully designed, highly functional funnel lid for round trash cans with a 55-gallon capacity, this top is not only fade-resistant but also quite durable. It has the ability to make any trash that can look great. It has been designed to fit any standard round trash bin or a round receptacle by the same manufacturer. The lid is available in many different colors like yellow, orange, red and blue. However, one downside is the high price of this lid.


  • Designed to fit any standard round trash bin
  • Available in different colors
  • fade-resistant and durable


  • Pricy


4. Modern trash can with funnel lid

Safco Products Open Top Trash Receptacle 30-gallons

funnel top for trash

This sturdy, modern-looking trash can with funnel lid is ideal for offices, lobbies, reception areas, and entryways. It has a removable lid and liner so it is easy to empty and clean. The trash can is made out of durable steel and is puncture-resistant and a durable powder coat finish for years of dependable use. The trash can makes it easy for your customers to throw things away and holds up to 30-gallons of trash.


  • Very sturdy
  • For big families or commercial use
  • Easy to empty and clean
  • Modern design


  • Pricy
  • Big

5. Simplehuman Open Top Trash Can

simplehuman 60 Liter / 16 Gallon Bullet Open Top Trash Can Commercial Grade

simplehuman trash can with funnel lid


Simplehuman 16-gallon trash can with large opening. Perfect for commercial use and with convenient side handles. Thick, heavy-gauge steel makes this can dent-resistant and sturdy, which is ideal for high-traffic, tough environments. The trash can has a round design and looks modern. It is easy to clean and change the liner.


  • 16-gallons
  • Very strong material
  • Easy to change and clean
  • Perfect for commercial use or big families


  • The top can start rusting after a while


6. Funnel top trash can with cool design

EKO Bullet 56 Liter / 14.7 Gallon Commercial Trash Can, Black Powder-Coated Finish

eko bullet trash can with funnel top

This trash can does not only have a funnel lid, but it also looks very unique and stylish. Perfect for your high design kitchen! The powder-coated rolled steel withstands time and temperature. The round “bullet” trash can has a capacity of 14.7-gallons.


  • Strong, powder-coated steel
  • Cool design
  • 14.7-gallon capacity


  • Small opening


7. Heavy-duty top funnel for commercial use

Kolorcans Funnel Top with 10″ Opening for 55 Gallon Drum Trash Can

funnel top for trash cans

Made from thick polyethylene plastic, this hard-wearing funnel lid has been designed to fit any standard 55-gallon trash can. It comes with a 10″ wide opening in the center for easy waste disposal. Once locked to the trash can properly and securely, it remains in place and offers hands-off disposal of trash every time. It is not an inexpensive product so make sure you find a matching trash can to go with it.


  • Very strong and durable material
  • For commercial use
  • Heavy-duty


  • Not cheap, so make sure it fits your trash can


8. Commercial trash can with funnel

EZ Dump Commercial, Plastic 23 Gallon Trash Can with Funnel

trash can with top funnel design

If you want to spend money on truly innovative trash can especially be designed for commercial use that comes equipped with a funnel lid, look no further. The capacity of this trash can is 23 gallons. It has been designed to last for a long time as the material resists dents and cracks quite efficiently. Its slim design makes it suitable for use in areas like small kitchens and passageways. It is sturdy and quite well made. However, one disadvantage could be its hefty price especially for those who are looking for a residential garbage bin. It is better suited to an office, club or restaurant environment.


  • Small design, perfect for small spaces
  • Strong material, sturdy and well-made
  • Dent-resistant


  • Not cheap


Make your kitchen look more modern and keep the trash efficiently hidden and managed with a beautiful trash can that comes with a funnel lid. This special type of lid makes the trash can suitable for use even outdoors and also facilitates easy and hands-off waste disposal. These trash cans have been designed to maintain and fulfill proper sanitation requirements in home, restaurant or office. Some trash cans are sold separately and the lids are designed to fit any standard garbage can with appropriate capacity. Have a look at the products reviewed in this article to take your pick depending on your budget and other requirements.


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