Top 8: Best Skinny Trash Can 

Trash cans are manufactured in all shapes and sizes, but depending on your specialty most people choose a rectangular-shaped trash can. These types of trash cans can be placed up against any wall and fit corners perfectly. But wait what if you have limited space then the next best option is a Skinny Trash Can that will not take up a lot of space. These waste bins fit narrow spaces while the short ones will fit inside a kitchen cabinet.


Not only does trash cans come in different shapes and sizes but they are also made out of different types of materials. So it better to choose one that is durable, the perfect size, competitive in prize and will blend into your existing décor.


Stainless steel trash cans – these types of bins will last longer because it is made from stainless steel.


Plastic trash cans – Some will last a few years but depending on the type of plastic used they tend to wrap and break more frequently than stainless steel trash cans. Another disadvantage of these types of bins is they absorb odor which is harder to get cleaned out.


For this review, we will be focusing on the Best Skinny Trash Cans for your kitchen, but if you have enough space and like to recycling then these 2 Compartment Trash Cans is a must in any kitchen environment.

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1. Best Skinny Trash Can

Simplehuman 40 Liter / 10.6 Gallon Slim Kitchen Step Trash Can

Best Skinny Trash Can

Best Skinny Trash Can


Fits in Small Spaces

This space-saving design trash can is designed to fit tight spaces like between kitchen cabinets. It has a 40 liter / 10.6-gallon capacity and is made from durable plastic while the finger-proof design is easy to clean.


Lock the Lid Shut

The bin comes with a side lock to keep the lid locked, making it harder for snooping animals and toddlers to search for hidden treasures.


I’m the Strong and Silent Type

The hands-free kitchen trash can has a strong steel foot pedal and is engineered to last 150,000 steps. That is more than 20 steps a day for 20 years. Simplehuman has a patented lid shox technology designed for this bin ensuring a soft lid close and reducing the chances of unexpected lid breakage.


Custom Fit Trash Can Liners

Complete your waste disposal experience with Simplehuman code K trash can liners. They are made extra-durable with thick double seams to prevent unnecessary rips and tears while taking the trash. This helps to keep the garbage in the bag and not on the floor.



2. Best Skinny Trash Can for Bathroom

Umbra Skinny Bathroom Trash Can

Best Skinny Trash Can for Bathroom

Best Skinny Trash Can for Bathroom


Here’s why you’ll love skinny

You will definitely love the narrow profile Umbra skinny bathroom trash can. Despite the small design, these units hold up to 2-gallons of waste at one time. It features integrated handles for easy transport from one point to another and minimal effort for disposal of waste.


Enhances Your Decor

Umbra is unlike any other ordinary trash can. This skinny trash can makes a statement with its beautiful colors and unique finishing touches. This design will enhance your existing décor while doing what it’s supposed to do.


If you are looking for the perfect skinny trash can for your office or kitchen than the Umbra 2-gallon trash can is the perfect solution for you.


Introducing the Skinny Can from Umbra

Available in a wide variety of stylish colors and unique finishes to match your décor, Skinny features a modern slim profile that looks just as impressive in your bathroom or bedroom as it does by your desk in your office.


Made from durable polypropylene

This skinny garbage can is easy to clean and designed to handle the toughest situations. The built-in handle makes it easy to pick up and empty, while the narrow footprint allows it to easily fit into tight spaces where an ordinary bathroom wastebasket could never go.



3. Best Skinny Tall Trash Can

Simplehuman 30 Liter / 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Round Kitchen Step Trash Can

Best Skinny Tall Trash Can

Best Skinny Tall Trash Can


The perfect stainless steel trash can

Another excellent skinny trash can from Simplehuman is the 8-Gallon Stainless Steel Step Trash Can. This iconic round-shaped can your ideal choice of the rubbish bin which will fit against the wall or just about anywhere.


I’m the strong and silent type

The bin is designed with a strong steel foot pedal while the lid is engineered with specially designed dampers to control the motion of the lid. This enhances the open and close of the lid giving it a smooth and silent close.


A simple promise

Simplehuman combines the best materials with solid engineering so that the products they manufacture will last in the toughest environments. Their customer’s support is always available to answer any of their client’s queries.


Strong steel pedal

This hands-free bin is specially designed to reduce cross termination of germs. The pedal is manufactured from stainless steel to last for decades. This tall skinny trash can, with its long-lasting steel pedal, will give you the feeling of a big boy step trash can.


Lid shox technology

The 8-gallon stainless steel step trash can is designed with lid Shox technology to allow the dampers of the lid to open easily and provide enough resistance to close silently.


Fingerprint-proof coating

When it comes to cleaning the unit you will be surprised how easy it is to clean. Your cleaning efforts will be cut dramatically and this is all possible with the finger-proof coating that protects the stainless steel from smudges and helps the outside of the unit looking new.


Custom-fit liners

Complete your rubbish experience with custom-fit liners that are designed to stay neatly hidden but more importantly are strong and durable without tearing or leaks.



4. Best Skinny Trash Can with Lid

Simplehuman Profile Step Trash Can

Best Skinny Trash Can with Lid

Best Skinny Trash Can with Lid


10 liter brushed stainless steel profile step can

Number 4 on our list of Best Skinny Trash Can Reviews is the Profile Step Trash Can from Simplehuman. This small chic design with compact size makes a perfect for any bathroom or even under your office desk where space is limited.


Strong steel pedal

This unit features a strong steel pedal making the bin hands-free while the smooth step creates the feeling of a “big can” feel and stable operation.


A simple promise

Simplehuman use only the best materials combined with solid engineering so their products will last in tough environments like your kitchen — for years.


Dent-proof plastic lid

The waste bin is engineered with a durable dent-proof plastic lid that won’t show dirt or fingerprints.


Removable inner bucket

This compact waste bin’s durable plastic inner bucket lifts out for easy trash disposal.



5. Best Slim Waste Receptacle

Slim Jim Trash Can Waste Receptacle with Venting Channels

Best Slim Waste Receptacle

Best Slim Waste Receptacle


80% Easier To Lift Liners

Slim Jim trash containers streamline productivity with their highly sophisticated trash and recycling bins. These waste bins are engineered with 4 built-in venting channels that create airflow throughout the unit. The air circulation reduces the pull force when lifting out trash bags while reducing productivity by up to 80% and reduces the risk of injury.


Improved Productivity

Slim Jim waste receptacles are built to slide easily into tight areas. To make these waste containers efficient it is produced with venting channels, bag cinches and base and rim handles. To maximize productivity a wide variety of lids and dollies is available that blends in seamlessly into any environment.


Robust Top Handles

The sturdy and robust handles make it more efficient for staff to lift these garbage cans.


Integrated Cinches

Garbage bags can be cinched directly into the handles creating faster, knot-free liner changes.


Contoured Base Handles

The secure grip that staff needs to safely and efficiently lift these waste containers is made easier with contoured base handles molded directly into the plastic.


The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Vented Slim Jim Trash Can Waste Receptacle, 23 Gallon, is crafted to make waste management compliance easier and reduce strain on workers.



6. Best Slim Dual Compartment Trash Can

Simplehuman 40 Liter / 10.6 Gallon Stainless Steel Dual Compartment Butterfly Lid Kitchen Step Trash Can Recycler

Best Slim Dual Compartment Trash Can

Best Slim Dual Compartment Trash Can


The perfect stainless steel recycling trash can

With another well-deserved spot in on our list of Best Skinny Trash Can Reviews is the Slim Dual Compartment Trash and Recycling Bin from Simplehuman. This unit makes it easy to sort trash and recycling in one convenient place. It also features a strong foot pedal that is designed to last for year after year.


Innovative butterfly lid

The butterfly step trash can and recycler feature a slim compact design with an innovative lid that opens from the center for maximum clearance to dispose of bulky items.


Trash and recycling in one convenient place

Dual compartments make it easy to sort your trash and recycling in one space-efficient place with one side for trash and one side with a recycling bin for all your recyclables.


Lid design

Split doors open from the center for maximum clearance under low countertops.


Strong steel pedal

While most ordinary trash can pedal break under pressure, Simplehuman made sure that their engineered step pedal will last 150,000 steps. That’s 20 steps a day for 20 years. And best of all you don’t have to get your hands dirty.


Lid Shox technology

Simplehuman lid Shox technology keeps the lid quiet so there’s no banging or loud noise with specially designed dampers that allow the lid to open easily but provide enough resistance so it silently eases down gently.


Slim, space-efficient shape

The perfectly designed butterfly trash can has a narrow profile to fit tight spaces like in between kitchen cabinets or under office desks. The perfect trash can for small spaces!


Fingerprint-proof coating

Simplehuman fingerprint-proof coating protects the stainless steel from fingerprints and smudges and helps keep the outside of the garbage can looking spotless and shiny while making it easy to clean.


Code D custom fit liners
• Dual compartments for trash can recycling
• Innovative butterfly lid
• Silent close lid
• Strong stainless steel step pedal



7. Best Slim Fit Waste Container

United Solutions TI0032 Highboy Waste Container in Black

Best Slim Fit Waste Container

Best Slim Fit Waste Container


Dual pass-through handles

United Solutions is another household name and deserves the seventh spot on our list. This Highboy Waste Container features dual pass-through handles for easy transporting and a bottom hand groove for easy lifting the container when disposing of trash in the outside trash can.


Vented sides

The bag cinch helps to secure the bag liner in place, and when it’s time to dump the trash bag the vented sides reduce the pull force when removing the trash bag.


Perfect size trash bag

A 33-gallon trash bag fits the container while the bag is large enough to use with the cinch and still reach the bottom of the bin. A dustpan edge is handy for quick clean-ups.


• Hand Grip Includes Bag Cinch to Secure Liner in Place
• The base has Hand Grips for Easy Lifting
• Dustpan Edge For Quick Clean-ups
• Use 33 Gallon Liner for Best Results, Easy Bag Removal
• Slim Design trash can for small spaces



8. Best Slim Stainless Steel Office Step Trash Can

Fortune Candy Rectangular Stainless Steel Trash Can with Plastic Lid

Best Slim Stainless Steel Office Step Trash Can

Best Slim Stainless Steel Office Step Trash Can


Form factor design

This 8L/2.1-Gallon trash can is the perfect way to store trash from your office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or just about anywhere in your home. It features a strong steel pedal with an anti-slippery rubber surface.


Dent-Proof Design

The dent-proof plastic hinged lid won’t show any fingerprint and the carrying handle is more convenient to move the trash can from room to room. Keeps your dog out of the bin with the locking kitchen garbage can.


Removable inner bucket

The removable inner bucket lifts out for easy trash disposal, convenient and easy cleaning.


Q & A

How big should an under-sink trash cabinet be?

Most under-sink cabinets are at least 30 inches tall, so your kitchen trash can need to be shorter than that to leave room to dispose of trash. The recommended size should be a 7– 10-gallon trash can but measure your under-sink space first.


What is the best size kitchen garbage can?

Most homeowners buy a 13-gallon trash can. This is the most appropriate size for an average size household. These size trash cans typically need a 13-gallon trash bag. Depending on the size of your household the more people in your home the bigger the trash can should be. You don’t want to empty the trash can every few hours.


How many gallons is a bathroom trash can?

So what is the average size of a small bathroom trash can? A small trash can have a capacity of around 2.5 gallons or 10 liters. And the footprint of a small trash can is around 100 square inches. Most popular form factors for a small trash can are round, half-round and slim square-shaped trash cans.


The Bottom Line

That brings us to the end our list of Best Skinny Trash Can Reviews. We’ve reviewed lots of trash cans to choose from. Whether you need one for your bathroom, kitchen or yard you will find one that suits your needs.


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