The 8 Best Rakes That Pick Up Leaves

When you find yourself in a situation where your yard is covered with piled-up leaves, grass, pine needles or whatever kind of mess you find yourself stuck with, and you have to clean it up, we would recommend that you look to These Rakes that Pick Up Leaves. It becomes available to the public under various different brand names, depending on where you decide or choose to buy it. No matter what brand, all of these different brands share the same basic and reliable features, no matter where you buy it and it will always be available to you at a reasonable and very affordable price.


Most of these rakes are constructed with a lengthy, comfortable and well-balanced handle made of tough hardwood, metal tines with a flexible span that will have no problem sweeping up leaves and at the same time stiff enough to handle raking up twigs. There is no such thing as a perfect rake, but these rakes that pick up leaves that we will be reviewing is as good as it gets.


If you have a yard, the time will come that you would have to deal with the problem of fallen leaves from the trees around or on your property. There are many ways to deal with this kind of problem, and the method you will choose will depend on the size of your yard, and the amount of grinding work that you can tolerate.


“If you live on less than a quarter acre, only clean up after one or two trees and you don’t mind a workout, a rake will be your best option. If raking takes over an hour and its more work than you’re willing to deal with, a leaf blower is a better choice.”


No matter what you use to clean up before you start stuffing your collapsible trash cans with the fallen leaves, whether you choose to use a rake or this Husqvarna Professional Gaspack Leaf Blower, it is important that you check with your local municipality on the ordinances regarding organic waste disposal. If you are not a fan of the grunt work, there are other ways that you can get rid of the leaves, like contacting an organization like a garden service or landscaper. Some of them choose to leave the leaves on the ground and use the Greenworks Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower to shred them if you do not want to pick them up. What this does is allow the shredded leaves to enrich the soil with nutrients and organic matter.

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1. Best Overall Rake to Pick Up Leaves: Razor-Back 24-Tine Steel Rake


rake that picks up leaves
Best Rake to Pick Up Leaves


The Razor-Back 24-Tine Steel rake is an extremely durable, multi-purpose rake that will not cost you a fortune, and make the job you have to do so much easier and more bearable. This will be a very welcome addition to your tool shed.


This rake is designed with a fiberglass handle featuring a cushioned hand grip and is very light and easy to use with a fan shape and is equipped with 24 steel tines that are known for its durability. It is designed with a spring mechanism in the middle of the rake to control the recoil and to help with the smooth pulling action when you are working.


You will find this rake can be extremely useful to have for various tasks in the yard other than its leaf raking ability. Due to the metal tines and sturdy construction, it is possible for you to now also rake small stones, twigs, etc. According to reports by landscapers and homeowners, this is the rake that is recommended to help you take on numerous jobs around the yard.


2. Best Budget: Ames 22-Tine Steel Rake


pick up leaves rake
Best Rake to Pick Up Leaves Review


If you are the kind of person that loves a perfectly groomed lawn and garden, the Ames 22-Tine Steel Rake is the best yard tool for the job. This is an all-purpose rake and has a solid and sturdy design constructed with a 54-inch long wooden handle complete with a nice and comfortably soft cushioned grip that helps to protect your hands. This design has a rake head with 22 steel tines that fans out over a width of 22 inches.


Although this rake isn’t meant for hard work, it can perfectly handle any of your ordinary yard tasks at home. This rake is not expensive at all, even though it is not meant for jobs such as raking heavy rocks or tilling your soil and it comes from the manufacturer with a 15 yr warranty that ensures you that the rake is meant to last and handle the work you throw its way.



3. Best for Mulch: Ames 16-Tine Welded Bow Rake

Best Rake to Pick Up Leaves 2019
Best Rake to Pick Up Leaves 2019


You can now spread mulch around your garden and flowerbeds faster than ever with the Ames 16-Tine Welded Bow Rake. This rake can also handle spreading dirt or even small stones evenly around the garden very quickly. If you are looking to get a rake for the purpose to mulch, then this is the one for you.


This bow rake is simple but rather sturdy, but don’t have most of the features that other rakes from this manufacturer have. A feature that it does have is a tempered steel head equipped with 16 tines. According to reports by those who use this rake, it works very well, and it is not heavy at all, even for its sturdiness.


This bow rake is designed with shorter tines, which is what makes it perfect for spreading mulch around your yard, garden or flowerbeds; all while standing up and not having to get down on your hands and knees to do the job. This rake is also very affordable and is also covered by the 15-year warranty that has been offered on so many garden tools manufactured by Ames.


4. Best Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake: 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake – Expanding Metal Rake


 Best Adjustable Leave Rake 2019

Best Adjustable Leave Rake 2019


When it comes to adjustability and precision work in the garden, having to work around your plants and flowers, control is what you need, and for this task, an adjustable garden leave rake is one of the best rakes to pick up leaves. For this precision job, the 63-Inch Garden Leaf Rake is the perfect tool for the job.


It is designed with numerous useful features that will make an amazing addition to your tool shed. It is constructed with an extra-long 63” lightweight aluminum handle and sturdy plastic tines that are perfectly designed for the delicate job of raking around those gentle plants and flowers.


You do need to take care and refrain from storing this rake with its plastic head in the sun for long periods of time because the tines could bend. When it comes to gaining access to those tight spots and angles around the plants, there is none better. It is also very affordable where the price is concerned, and comes with a lifetime warranty.



5. Best for Gravel: Bully Tools 12-Gauge Bow Rake

Best Rake for Gravel

Best Rake for Gravel


The Bully Tools 12-Gauge Bow Rake is a commercial grade, a very strong tool, and is just what you need when you are looking for the right tool to use when raking gravel. This bow rake is constructed of commercial-grade 12-gauge steel which ensures its durability and guarantees its strength.


This rake is designed with 16 tines that are welded to steel wrap, which is then in turn attached to a fiberglass handle with the use of rivets. The fact that the handle is fiberglass makes a little bit of a difference, but it is not a replacement for the weight of the steel rake head, and this rake meant for gravel is not a lightweight.


Reports from many people who confirm that they have successfully been using this rake for gravel or stones. This bow rake, however, has earned itself a remarkable reputation that is backed by a lifetime limited warranty from Bully Tools. This is a rake that is surely guaranteed to last you a long time.



6. Best for Leaves: ReLeaf Leaf Scoops

Best Rake for Leaves

Best Rake for Leaves


If picking up piles of leaves from your yard fast, all while protecting your hands from injuries is what you want, the top pick for you would have to be the ReLeaf Scoops.


The ReLeaf Scoops are constructed from a rather durable and sturdy plastic and are warranted to fit various hand sizes. Multiple users have reported that they have been able to use this leaf scoops, and they have as they report petite hands, and others extra-large hands. All of them very pleased with the efficiency of this garden tool.


For some people, it may still be better to collect leaves off the ground from the yard with an ordinary leaf rake, but with the ReLeaf Scooper makes the task much easier to get the leaves from the ground to the bin or container. Some people who use these scoopers have confirmed that it has saved them plenty of time, and they spend less than half the time cleaning up leaves now. Factually, 96% of people using the scoopers have given them a 4star rating or more. To get the job done, the scoopers are used together with your leaf rake to clean up fallen leaves and other debris from the ground in the garden or yard.


7. Best Hand Rake: Ames Hand Rake with Ergo Gel Grip

Best Hand Rake

Best Hand Rake


The Ames hand rake happens to be the smallest of the rake family. This is the rake that gets to be used for those smaller jobs that takes less time, like pulling weeds or having to quickly toss and toil the soil.


The hand rake is smartly constructed with 6 sturdy steel tines that happen to be springy that helps when it comes to pulling weeds or piling up some debris. It is also designed with a handle that has a grip made from soft gel, that makes the rake fit comfortably into any hand, and also makes this rake very easy to hold on to once it is in hand.


You can use this rake in the garden for the simple purpose of getting in between those tight spots between the plants. This rake happens to be extremely nimble, and can even be used to loosen the soil in your pots or planters around the plants. There will arise plenty of chances for you to make use of this Ames hand rake.


8. Best for Kids: Toysmith Big Kids Garden Tool Set

Best Rake for Kids

Best Rake for Kids


Gardening is something that the whole family should be enjoying together. It is something that brings us closer together. It is something that we can use to get the kids interested in nature. For that purpose, the Toysmith Big Kids Garden Tool Set was designed. It comes out complete with 2 kid-size rakes, a hoe, and a shovel.


Normally sized tools may be too big to use for their small hands, but the tools for kids will feel just right in their hands. There is a 27.5” wooden handle attached to every tool in this toolset. This is half the size of your ordinary toolset. It is ideal for children to use it from 5 years old and upwards. Some people much older have reported loving these tools too, some parents use these rakes to clean pots in the garden because they are perfect to clean in those difficult spots an ordinary rake or tool cannot get into.


This toolset comes out with both a lawn and garden rake, making it easier to get the kids involved no matter what the type of work you have to do. This toolset is appreciated because it is made up of high-quality child-friendly equipment which turns out to be well made sturdy garden tools. With the use of this set, you can give your kids a head start when it comes to gardening.


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What to Look for in a Leaf Rake

When you know what you are looking for, it is not difficult to decide on what rake it is you should invest your money in. The following are the most important aspects you need to consider when deciding on which leaf rake is the one that best suits your needs. When it comes to farming or gardening as a hobby, the tools that the professionals use may not always be the best choice for you. There are numerous options that would serve your personal needs that don’t concern the professionals, such as telescoping.



The durability of a good rake should be the first thing you look for in a good leaf rake.

A rake that breaks apart after the first use is not something that anyone is looking for, which is what happens with the cheap plastic rakes you usually buy from your local supply store.


Rakes that Pick Up Leaves are meant to only last you one season, and sometimes they do not even make it that long, therefore they are disposable, which is exactly what a regular gardener does not need, particularly when there are so many other options to choose from out there. Therefore, buying a cheap plastic rake every year is not good for your wallet nor is it for the environment.



How long is a regular rake supposed to last you is a good question you need to ask yourself.

The answer to that question should be simple. It should last you for decades. The shortest time should be at least 5 years. That should make it less cost-effective and environmentally safe. A good tough and durable rake should have 2 main features, a good and tough hardwood handle and metal tines that are attached to a spring metal hinge.


Hardwood handles are preferred above metal handles because they tend to bend or warp with heavy use, especially over time. Hardwood handles are reusable should the rake head or tines fail.


Metal can be a valid second option as it will last a lifetime and has very little impact on the environment. However, those who live or typically rake in colder climates may want to consider avoiding metal rakes as they can be uncomfortable to handle in colder weather without gloves.


It is highly recommended that you avoid plastic handles like the plague. You cannot re-use them and do not take very long to become brittle and break. They also take a thousand years to decompose once they end up in a landfill.


There are plenty of reasons why metal tines are important. The main reason is that they can last you a lifetime or longer unless they are poorly stored and they end up rusting. Secondly is that they provide the right amount of durability and strength that is necessary for leaves, twigs and other debris under which plastic tines tend to break or fail to provide enough flexibility to be of any use to a gardener.


Home gardeners can reduce their plastic tines from breaking by a maximum of 90% by choosing to use the rake in conjunction with a scoop and not using the rake itself as one.



The comfort of use is another feature to be looking for when it comes to a good leaf rake.

Raking takes lots of time and can be taxing on muscles. When it comes to rakes, bigger doesn’t mean better. It’s important for the rake’s dimensions to be comfortable and have good ergonomics for the user.


Just like human beings, every rake that is created is not equal. The same rake will not match every person the same. Therefore, it might be best if every family member gets their own rake, and if that is impossible, it might be best to buy a lightweight rake with an adjustable handle and tines so every family member can adjust the rake to match their hands for when they need to use it.


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