Top 7: Best Retro Trash Cans

Are you looking for the best quality retro trash can? While you are not alone in this quest, this article gives a clear review of 7 best retro trash cans available in the market.

Read on to discover quality, reliable, and affordable retro trash cans. They have a superb technological design for general use in offices, kitchen, laundry, or bathroom and generally suitable for any room.

WESCO Pushboy Retro Trash Can

retro trash can wesco turquoise

WESCO Pushboy is a quality model from Wesco brand that is among the top-rated as reliable and durable retro can. This turquoise in color is a recycle bin that features a steel body, a metal liner and a stainless steel flap that helps enclose the odor completely.

This retro can have a capacity of 50 liters, which makes it ideal to use in an office setting, whether large, medium, or small. It further comprises a sturdy plastic ring at the bottom part to enhance stability. The whole body steel enforcement ensures durability.


  • Cool, retro look
  • High-quality powder-coated frame
  • Stainless-steel flap ensures odor is sealed off
  • 50-liter capacity (about 13,2 gallon)
  • German brand
  • 5-year warranty
  • Available in black, graphite, yellow, silver, red, blue, warm grey and white


  • Be careful that it does not catch your (children’s) fingers!
  • Not cheap


Vida Inspiracion Trash can with Lid

coral trash can with lid kitchen or bathroom

Vida Inspiracion brand designed this stylish and presentable looking small-sized trash can. This colorful waste can that has a golden background, and the coral living tone is a small bin that suitable for living room, bedroom, or bathroom placement.

The versatile retro can feature stainless steel material coating with a steel pedal that makes it lightweight and durable waste bin. The can have a top lid so that you can always close after putting the trash so that it can remain odorless until disposal.


  • Cool retro look
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Powder coating
  • 1.32 gallon (5 liters)
  • Inner bucket
  • Soft-close lid
  • Beautiful, coral color
  • 5-year warranty


  • Very small
  • Some of the reviews mention a different trash can, so they don’t seem to match


Pre-Galvanized Trash Can by magnolia

galvanized steel retro trash can

Magnolia brand receives a lot of appreciation for producing a presentable, elegant looking top-rated trash can. The can is recommendable as a sign of quality as the entire body is grey due to steel galvanization. With the pre-galvanized trash can, you can be sure that your home or office has sufficient capacity for proper waste disposal.

The lightweight, 20gal space the bin offers makes it a reliable container to hold all your trash. It has a stable bottom, hence not easy to roll and scatter the content. Moreover, the can is durable to offer services for a long time.


  • Cool retro/vintage look
  • Steel
  • Pre-galvanized
  • With lid
  • 20 gallon
  • Also suitable to store dog food or cat food


  • The material could be sturdier
  • Might dent a little


WESCO Spaceboy Push Door Trash Can

cool retro trash can

Wow, we LOVE this one! WESCO brand appearing more than once in this carefully selected list shows there commitment to producing quality in different forms. The Spaceboy is a versatile waste disposal container that is stylish, adding retro with a vintage feel in your office studio, workstation, or home.

The retro can feature a metal liner and ring at the bottom, a high-quality steel coating uppers, and a flap made of stainless steel too.


  • Cool, retro look
  • High-quality powder-coated sheet steel
  • Large stainless-steel flap ensures odor is sealed off
  • 9.2 gallons (35 liters)
  • German brand
  • 5-year warranty
  • Available in a light yellow, black, yellow, lime, pink, red, silver, warm grey, and white


  • Not cheap
  • Not handsfree, watch your (children’s) fingers!


WESCO Single Boy Step Trash Can

pink retro trash can step

WESCO Single Boy is a Germany-designed waste disposing container from the WESCO brand. This is a small lightweight bin that is suitable for placing in the kid’s room or smaller kitchens. The retro can also feature a vintage style and colorful in order not to make the surroundings look ugly.

It is another material that comes with powdered steel coating and including the plastic base, which makes it a long-lasting thing. The container comes with sturdy pedal technology to enable a hands-free damping operation.


  • Cool, retro look
  • High-quality sheet steel
  • Powder-coated
  • 13 liters (about 3.4 gallons)
  • German brand
  • 5-year
  • Available in a light yellow, black, pink, lime, red, white


  • In some cases, the lid doesn’t open easily


Brabantia 313547 Bo Trash Can

retro trash can legs brabantia review

313547 Bo is a good model created by the Brabantia brand. The creator designed this device, giving quality priority with half steel and half plastic, not just steel like in most models.

The container is a little raised with a stand for convenient use and space economy. It has a large top opening, which allows you to drop your waste once without worrying about possible spillage.


  • Cool, retro style
  • 50% plastic, 50% steel
  • Soft-touch opening- and closing system
  • Large opening, so no spilling
  • Adjustable, non-slip legs
  • 2 removable inner buckets
  • The lid can stay open
  • 11 + 23 liter (2.9 + 6 gallons)
  • 10-year warranty
  • Dutch brand


  • Liners of the smaller bucket might be difficult to find


Wesco Kickmaster Junior Step Trash Can

A Germany created, Wesco kickmaster Junior from the famous Wesco brand is a moderate round pedal trash with a capacity of 12 liters. It is convenient and portable, which makes it suitable for smaller households like a home office, living room, and others.

It incorporates a stainless steel coating and also has a removable internal bucket for more hygienic. The plastic ring at the bottom ensures that the can is slip resistance yet not capable of scratching the floors.


  • Coole retro look
  • High-quality sheet steel
  • Powder-coated
  • Handsfree / sturdy pedal
  • Plastic base ring and liner
  • Available in a light yellow, black, yellow, pink, red, white
  • 12 liters (about 3.17 gallons)
  • 5-year warranty
  • German brand


  • Small
  • Not cheap



This article briefly describes the top-rated, quality, and durable waste bins. When choosing the best retro trash can, ensure that you go for the quality, affordable, versatile, and sufficient capacity for your household.


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