Top 7: Best Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

Over the toilet storage cabinet, are sometimes known as a toilet space-saver shelf or bathroom furniture, are made to accentuate your toilet space and ease your angst about bathroom clutter.  But why shouldn’t you have the best over toilet storage unit?

At some point in our lives, home organization and storage is a problem we all deal with. Whether it’s the lack of closets, sink space, cabinets, or cupboards, we as humans will find a way to fill all of them.

The top 7 best over the toilet storage units are:

  1. Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet bathroom cabinet
  2. UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet
  3. ATHome Contemporary Bath Space Savers
  4. Zenna Home Drop Door Bathroom space saver
  5. Sauder 414111 Caraway
  6. Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet
  7. Space Saving 3 Piece Bathroom Organizer Set

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Best Wood Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

  1. Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet, Bathroom Cabinet Organizer with Moru Tempered Glass Door

best over the toilet storage units 2019

Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet, Bathroom Cabinet


This clever and versatile bathroom space saver allows you to utilize additional space for all your bathroom storage needs. Place this white bathroom space saver around the toilet and add bathroom storage space effortlessly.


The cabinet supplies great storage solutions for bathrooms with limited space. If this is just what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to purchase it! Brand new and high quality. Assembly required.  Fits over most customary toilets. Stylish and sleek storage cabinet. Feature handles for uncomplicated opening and closing. Painted in a refreshing and bright white color. Consists of an open shelf and one two-door cabinet.


Glamour and practicality come together in perfect harmony. The hidden area behind cabinet doors supplies space for two storage shelves. Provide superb storage solutions for bathrooms with limited space so you get extra space for all your bathroom storage needs.


Product Features:

  • Has a wipe-clean surface, undemanding to clean.
  • Premium MDF construction adds its longevity and stability.
  • Provides a two-door cabinet and an open shelf for easy access storage.
  • This bathroom space saver features solid MDF construction, and its white finish ensures that it will match and emphasize any existing decor.
  • It is a free-standing furniture piece, which easily fits over standard toilet tanks and adds easy storage for roll paper and other bathroom necessities.


  1. UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet

Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet reviews

Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet reviews


The UTEX Bathroom storage Shelf Over the Toilet Space Saver Shelf is an effective solution for keeping bathroom necessities organized and properly stored. It’s made from wood to be strong, sturdy and appealing in any household.


This over-the-toilet shelf makes good use of space that is already occupied. The unit provides an open area for easy access to toilet paper, candles or other bathroom essentials. This modern bathroom storage uses open shelving so that you can check your supplies with one glance.


The neutral color and contemporary design make this unit simple to organize with all manner of decor schemes. Don’t leave your bathroom a cluttered mess; get organized with the Over the Toilet Space Saver.


Product Features:

  • Perfect for towels, tissue, candles and other bathroom necessities.
  • Measures: 25.1″L x 10″W x 61.5″H (63.6 cm L x 25.5 cm W x 152 cm H)
  • Fits perfectly over the toilet.
  • Minimizes clutter and creates additional storage space.
  • Space-saving shelf fits over most customary toilets.
  • Great for small space.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Modern design.
  • Soft white finish.


Best Black Bathroom Space Savers

  1. ATHome Contemporary Bath Space Savers

 Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet reviews

 Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet reviews


Utilize all the space you have in your bathroom with this elegant and modern space saver with three open shelves. It provides plenty of room for towels, toiletries, candles and more.


Product Features:

  • No tool installation.
  • Three shelves.
  • Maximize floor space.
  • Adjustable base.
  • Customized technology.


Best White Over the Toilet Storage Cabinet

  1. Zenna Home Drop Door Bathroom space saver

Best White Over the Toilet Storage Units

Best White Over the Toilet Storage Units


Zenna Home’s Drop Door Spacesaver with 2 Door Cabinet can eliminate clutter from any bathroom. This gorgeous unit is manufactured from durable processed wood with a white finish. At the top of the unit, two cabinet doors with chrome-finished knobs open to showcase a hidden storage shelf.


Additionally, an open shelf supplies space to display all of your bathroom decorations. A drop door cabinet below the open shelf allows for an additional hidden storage option. This versatile component transforms the wasted space above your toilet into valuable storage space.


Step by step instructions enables easy assembly. Assembled in the USA with Foreign and Domestic Parts.  Zenith Products Corp. is the ruling manufacturer and supplier of shower rods and caddies, medicine cabinets, bath furniture, and accessories.


Product Features:

  • Measures 23″ W x 64.5″ H.
  • Fits over any standard toilet.
  • Durable engineered wood produced with white finish.
  • Effortless to assemble.
  • For more height over the toilet, integrated with Zenna Home model 9319W, Spacesaver Leg Extensions, White, available on Amazon.


  1. Sauder 414111 Caraway

Best White Over the Toilet Storage Units

Best White Over the Toilet Storage Units


The Sauder Caraway Soft White Etagere provides a durable, dependable and convenient addition to a wide variety of home bathroom organization. This over the toilet cabinet provides added bathroom storage space in a simple but charming style, featuring a faux slate-finished shelf and beadboard back panel.


This Toilet Space Saver Cabinet’s adaptable shelf and panel door with transparent insert help to ensure a large amount of added bathroom storage space without added clutter.


Product Features:

  • Soft White Finish.
  • Space-saving cabinet fits over most standard toilets.
  • Adjustable shelf behind frame and panel door.
  • Cubbyhole storage with changeable shelves.
  • Beadboard back panel.
  • Faux slate finish shelf.


Best small bathroom space saver over toilet Cabinet

  1. Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet

above toilet cabinet

Best small bathroom space saver over toilet Units


Utilize this Over the Toilet Cabinet to store your bathroom essentials in an organized and easily accessible way. This toilet cabinet comes with both an open shelf and a concealed storage capacity providing enough space for storage. It features a modern design that adds a dash of classic style to your interiors. You can clean this cabinet effortlessly using a dry cloth to keep dirt and dust from dulling its look.


Product Features:

  • Ideal for storing towels, toilet paper, soaps, and other additional bathroom toiletries -Practical over-the-toilet design creates extra storage while saving bathroom space (compatible with most standard toilets).
  • Comes with an open shelf and a concealed storage space and one shelf inside the -Cabinet is adjustable.
  • Pewter finished handles that allow you to open and shut this cabinet effortlessly.
  • Assembly required (instructions included).


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  1. Space Saving 3 Piece Bathroom Organizer Set

Best 3 piece bathroom space saver over toilet Units

Best 3 piece bathroom space saver over toilet Units


Improve your bathroom capacity while adding style and elegance to your room with this bathroom storage set from LDR. This 3-piece set includes all your bathroom storage essentials in one box, for a classy and functional bathroom. The 3-shelf storage unit is designed to sit over customary sized toilets and can be fastened to the wall with included anchors for additional stability.


Store all your towels, tissues, and toiletries on the three large wire shelves. The versatile over-the-door four-hook rack provides you with space to hang robes, towels, and other bathroom necessities, and the toilet paper holder stores up to three rolls of toilet paper, keeping them handy when you need it. Illustrated assembly instructions are also included in the box.


Product Features:

  • 3-piece bathroom organizer set.
  • Conveniently fits over the commode and is excellent for storing towels, tissues, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials.
  • The tall and lasting steel frame is covered with a rust-resistant finish, and the three-wire shelves give you the capacity to store all your bathroom essentials.
  • 4-hook rack fits seamlessly over the door to provide substantial hanging space.
  • Elegant freestanding toilet paper holder can store up to 3 rolls of toilet paper so it’s there when you may need it.
  • Assembly is effortless with included illustrated instructions.



Things to consider before buying an Over the Toilet Storage Cabinet

What this basically breaks down is: are you planning to store bathroom products in this area?  Do you want to keep certain things hidden?  Or will this just be a decorative addition to your toilet capacity?

Either way, you have several options for the best over the toilet storage units.

If storage is more your thing, you’ll need to be alert for an over the toilet storage cabinet or bathroom shelves with cabinet-like doors indicating a place for storage.  Especially in terms of tucking away your personal items.


Some of these shelves can only contain a couple of toilet paper rolls and some tissue.

Others can easily hold towels, lotions and possibly any feminine products the purchaser would like.  This Zenna Home etagere can be a great bathroom storage cabinet with several space saver options.

Or you can even go for the look of this Brylanehome Louvre Etagere which is also very exquisite and well-built.


If looks are what you’re in this for, we recommend heading down to Feng Shui.


Size Dimensions

Bear in mind to take the measurements of your toilet prior to making a purchase.  Width and height can be a factor if you’re attempting to bring this into a small bathroom or minimal toilet space.


On average, the width of a standard over the toilet storage cabinets is usually around 23 to 24 inches while possibly being as wide as 34 inches in some models.


The TMS model, which we reviewed here, is one of those wider units but it is also a small bathroom cabinet option mainly because of its height.  If you can accommodate the width, this small bathroom etagere could be a worthwhile option.

(To the right is a common sizing guide for bathroom etageres)


Be sure to check your toilet’s surroundings anyway to ensure any bathroom etagere fits over the toilet.

As far as height, toilet clearance for standard over the toilet storage cabinets can be anywhere from around 31 inches and up.  Of course, they can also stretch to over 5 feet tall so always be aware of any resistance above your toilet.  Needless to say, make sure you check your toilet to ensure your new bathroom etagere will fit over the top.



Wood or metal.  That’s your primary options when it comes to new bathroom etageres.  Moreover, there are several things you should keep in mind.


Wood Bathroom Etageres

Wood is generally the more elegant-looking material for the best over the toilet storage cabinets.

Wooden bathroom etageres look very modern or contemporary and come in a variation of colors.  They should also be more solid given the flush fitting.

Anything made from wood, should 100% be treated against water damage from the sink (depending on its proximity to the toilet), shower steam, and the toilet water itself (splashing).


We recommend going with Minwax Gloss Brushing Lacquer Spray to seal it up, should you have any concerns.


Be sure to look into a bamboo bathroom etagere because bamboo is a choice material for us.  Whether its toilet paper holder, a seat or a bathroom etagere, wood is no friend to water.  Therefore, bamboo wood is always an excellent choice!


Metal Bathroom Etageres

While metal bathroom etageres may not be as eye-catching as some of their wooden counterparts, they can still provide a certain level of stylishness previously lost in your bathroom.  They can also be some of the best over the toilet storage cabinets obtainable.


You’ll have to keep in mind that most metal etageres have grill-type shelves.  Picture frames and other decors may not function on grill shelves.

Nevertheless, some metal etageres can have a flat shelf insert like this Kings Brand Etagere.

Metal etageres can sometimes be frail or poorly made so be aware of price with your purchase.


Feng Shui

If you’re focusing on this purchase from a decorative mindset, your options are pretty much endless granted how far your palette takes you so let your feng shui flow here.


You can begin the process of choosing colors or accents once you have your material and model in mind.


And seeing as looks are crucial to you, you should be prepared to spend a hefty amount if you want quality and something that won’t break down in a year.

Bronze, Cherry, Chrome, or Brass or…?


As soon as you have the base of your brand new bathroom etagere, then comes the customization.  How are you planning to keep the design of your bathroom intact?   In the world of bathroom etageres, you know what you’re selections are going to be.

Are you thinking of going with the best over the toilet storage in nickel or brushed titanium?


Perhaps something in bronze bathroom etagere?

Does the best over the toilet storage in wooden cherry fit your concept of a deep, rich bathroom design?


What do you think about toilet storage in chrome or brass?

As you can see, the journey has only begun once you’ve solely picked out the style of your brand new bathroom etagere.  Due to metal’s ability to resist moisture, you should have no worries about your new metal bathroom etagere.


Best Over The Toilet Storage–Final Thoughts and Suggestions

Most of these best over the toilet storage units recommended are going to be a great upgrade from nothing–if that’s what you’re currently doing.

If you’re acquiring one for the first time, welcome to life with a little less clutter.


As for a couple of suggestions to get you started, this Creative Bath set is an excellent option for merely decorative or storage as well.  It provides plenty of shelves and plenty of space to place your items.

If you are looking for purely decorative, something like this Sauder Caraway Etagere or this Best Living Monaco Etagere is an excellent option.


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