Top 6: Best Boat Trash Can

Spending some lovely time on boats with family and friends is indeed a great way to unwind your mind and body. It certainly helps you to be amongst the best of nature and be away from the din, noise, and pollution associated with modern-day urban life. However, when choosing boating as a recreation facility, we should also learn to use this facility with responsibility and caution.

In this article, we give you our top 6 picks for the best trash can for boats. Also, we give you a lot of information on boat waste management.

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Top 6 Best Boat Trash can

Since there is a compulsory requirement under the law to have the right kind of trash can on boats, it makes sense to have a look at six best trash cans based on information available.

1. Lusso Gear Hanging Garbage can for boat

Spill-Proof Car Trash Can | Compact 2.5 Gallon Hanging Garbage Bin with Odor Blocking Technology, Removable Liner

Best garbage disposal can for boat


Our absolute number one pick for a boat is this Lusso Gear garbage can. It is not only the best trash can for a boat but you can also use it for camping or your RV. This hanging trash can is easy to install, empty and clean. It is a multi-purpose 2.5-gallon trash can with a cool look. It fits every type of vehicle. The trash can is available in different colors. The back is flat so it is easy to hang against a wall or on a chair.


  • Leakproof/removable/washable trash liner
  • Has 3 storage pockets
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Well made and sturdy


  • The lid doesn’t have a way of fastening, it is just a flap to hide the trash


2. JD Preferred Boat Trash Can

JD Preferred Boat Trash Can with Lid-Premium Quality Hanging Car Garbage Bag

best trash can for a boat


This is a hanging boat trash can that is small in size. It measures around 12 x 8 x 8 inches. It comes with universal fit features. This is because of an adjustable buckle strap, security hook, drawstring, and other such things. This is made from the highest quality, eco-friendly material and comes with 100% waterproof lining. It has a capacity to hold around 3 gallons of litter and therefore suitable for small recreational boat trips.


  • Universal fit
  • High quality
  • Dog-proof
  • 100% waterproof and leakproof
  • Can also be used as a cooler bag


  • You need to contact the supplier for information about warranty


3. Caddycan Multi-Purpose Trash Can Bag for boat

Caddycan Portable Multi-Purpose Weather Resistant Utility Boating and Camping Storage Bag

best trash garbage can for boat


This is basically a multipurpose trash can bag that can be used on boats also. It is made from high quality durable industrial fabric. It can be easily removed, washed and reused. It comes with multipurpose mesh pockets, zippers, adjustable straps, and d-clips. It has an overall dimension of 13 x 13.5 x 14 inches. You also have a smaller size trash can bag measuring 12x10x10.5 inches. It is specifically made for outdoor use and since boating is a recreational trip, this bag can help manage waste on boats quite efficiently.


  • Multi-Purpose
  • Available in two sizes
  • Weather-resistant
  • Also for camping, hiking, cars, fishing, kayaking, etc.


  • You need to contact the supplier for information on warranty


4. Boat Trix – Boat Trash Bag

Boat Trix Marine Trash Bag with Adjustable Height and Angle Rod Holder Mount

best trash can for boats top 6


Up next, our number 4 on the list. The Boat Trix Trash Bag is a unique shaped bag that is suitable for small-sized recreational boats. It has funnel type opening measuring 4 inches in diameter. It can hold around 50 empty cans and they stay firmly in place when the boat moves. It also comes with easy to mount cords and clips. The components that come with it are guaranteed against quality defects and workmanship defects. This trash bag is a great way to store a lot of trash even when you have little space on board.


  • Adjustable height
  • High quality
  • Saves space on the boat


  • You need to attach it onto your boat with screws
  • Not cheap


5. Keep It Clean CarBage boat trash can

Keep It Clean CarBage Trash Can, Great for Cars, Boats & RV’s (Black)

top 6 best garbage can for boat


Although this trash can is listed in our top 6 as number 5, we are very enthusiastic about this one. The Keep It Clean CarBage trash can holds up to 2 gallons of trash but doesn’t take up a lot of space. Super high strength & Leak Proof fabric, Easy to rinse out. With a strong, velcro lined opening that is easily accessible. The “bag” is available in a textile or leather variant. So if you want to go for a luxurious look, choose the leather variant.


  • With elastic straps to attach the trash can
  • Doesn’t look like a trash can
  • Very strong material
  • Leak-proof
  • Inexpensive


  • Material is a bit stiff and sturdy


6. Mavoro Portable Garbage Bin for boat

Mavoro Trash Can, Portable Garbage Bin, Collapsible Pop-up Water Proof Bag

best collapsible portable trash can boat


Keep your boat neat and clean with this handy Mavoro pop-up trash can. You can put it on the floor or hang it anywhere you’d like. The trash can is made out of premium quality washable material, so it’s easy to clean! This is our number 6 pick because it is a cheap, handy and simple collapsible trash can that does the job. But of course, it is not as high quality as the trash cans we listed above.


  • Leak-proof and waterproof
  • Washable material
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Inexpensive


  • Small size
  • You can hang it, but you can’t attach it very firmly


What Is The Best Place To Put Trash Can On A Boat

Since space is a big problem as far as boats are concerned, you must do some research, get into some planning and then decide as to how to make the best out of it. While you need space for sitting, lying down, relaxing, and perhaps also spending some time on the deck, you should also keep waste management on boats in mind. Apart from strict rules covering waste management while one is on the sea, river, or lake, you also would not like the boat to stink and smell as you move on it for enjoyment and recreation. So, here are a few places that could be considered as the best for putting your trash can.

Though there are some obvious places to keep trash can on a boat, many consider tying it to the boat handle as the best option. This might look a bit primitive but when it is about a matter of a few hours, it does make quite a bit of sense. It also helps you to save precious space. If the size of the boat is slightly big, perhaps you could segregate a small corner and keep the trash can there. However, you have to ensure that it remains firmly in place because there is a real chance of the cans or bags being blown away because of high-speed winds. You must also be sure that the cans are waterproof and the debris and junk that is once deposited should remain firmly in place even when the boat wobbles a bit because of obvious reasons. You also could take inputs from some boating forums and they will be able to give you the right kind of tips and suggestions.

Boat Waste Management And Its Importance

Waste management on boats is certainly a serious matter and certainly will have big implications as far as the overall environment and cleanliness of the boat is concerned. Today, waste management in boats is something that is drawing the attention of people across the globe. It is something that encompasses the public health and safety, environment and the economy. Communities are also taking a lot of effort into their effort to go green. Nations, including our own country, are taking steps to effectively curb the levels of pollution that keep pouring into our waterways. We also should understand the importance of choosing the right trash cans on boats and with recreational boats, such things become even more critical.

Problems With Waste Management On Recreational Boats

Storage space on any boat in general and recreational boats, in particular, is certainly a big challenge. Hence, captains and crews have to find out smarter and better ways to make use of the available space. They may have to use cabinets, lockers, insides of gunwales, and under seats amongst other things. Hence every inch of space is precious. Trash cans on boats are a must and the question in the mind is how to place it at the right place, making use of the space available and getting the best out of it.

Go In For Canned Goods

When traveling in a boat for recreational purposes, it would be better to in for canned goods. This is because they come with a removable bottom and top. Further, after use they can be crushed and they are also made from biodegradable materials. The cans should be rinsed out after use before they are disposed of. The trash cans will also be able to accommodate a number of canned packing materials once they are crushed. This means you will need a lesser number of trash cans across the boat and this will save precious space on the boats.

Travel Light On Boats

If the travel on the boat is for a few hours, then the best way forward would be to travel light and avoid creating littering and garbage accumulation on the boats. Instead of depending on the trash can on boats alone, it would be better to have some makeshift trash cans that could be brought back to land and disposed of without dumping it in the seawater and causing pollution all around the place.

You also should be aware that there are strict environmental rules and regulations that should be adhered to when you are using boats and disposing of trash and garbage that you might generate when you are on the boat and on water. We will try and have a look at the rules pertaining to disposal and management of waste even when you are on a boat for the purpose of recreation.

Overboard Refuse

According to MARPOL, you are prohibited from discharging, throwing or depositing any waste matter of any kind into the water that belongs to the United States. Waste matters include oil, trash, garbage, and other pollutants that are liquid in nature. Plastic trash is also a strict no except for some small exceptions. Further, all oceangoing vessels beyond a certain size should have a written and approved waste management plan. This should also include information about the kind of trash cans on boats that they have in place. Hence, there are tough regulations that are in place and the same should be followed to the last line.

The Final Word

To sum up, while traveling on a boat with friends and family is certainly a great experience, you must know how to manage waste that gets generated. The best option would be to try and generate as little trash you can. While this is a good theory, it may not always be possible. In such cases, you must try and make judicious and efficient use of trash cans on boats. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials and therefore you should not have much of a problem choosing the right one.


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