Top 6: Best Stainless Steel Open Top Trash Cans to Buy

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

When it comes to selecting the ideal Stainless Steel Open Top Trash Cans for yourself, there are numerous factors that come into play and needs to be considered before making a purchase. Most importantly, the price is usually determined by aspects such as what materials were used to construct the bin. For example, if it was made out of plastic, it would be less expensive than a model that was constructed from stainless steel. A stainless steel model would cost you more due to the fact that it looks better, it is far more durable and would last far longer than a plastic model and would generally come with a manufacturer warranty or guarantee and they are much easier to clean.


You may also want to keep in mind that the can must be able to absorb odors.  To avoid having to always look for special bin liner sizes, remember that the standard size for kitchen trash bags is a 13-gallon bag.  It’s your personal taste that comes into play when it comes to lids, hand lifted tops are your everyday basic kind of top when it comes to trash cans.  They also come in step-to-open, swinging, and touch-free automatic varieties.


Lastly, you’ll want to choose the right shape for your space.  Rectangles, squares, and semi-circles are easy to place along a wall, while the slim-fit options can be tucked between or under counters, allowing you to make the most of your kitchen real estate.

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  1. Simplehuman Slim Open Top 13 Gallon Trash Can

Best open top trash cans to buy in 2019

Best open top trash cans to buy in 2019


The perfect commercial stainless steel open top trash cans

The larger cans in a slim, space-saving shape with an open lid make the tossing of trash easier when you are on the go.  This is an excellent and perfect choice for restaurants, coffee shops, and any other small businesses.


Heavy-gauge stainless steel

Heavy-gauge, thick steel makes this can very sturdy and it’s also dent-resistant,  perfect for high volumes of traffic and tough environments.


A simple promise

“Our solid engineering combined with the best materials makes our products last in tough environments like your home for many years.  We keep our products in the highest regard and strive to solve any irregularities that might occur.”


Product Features:

  • Specially designed custom fit trash bags
  • Ideal for small or big businesses
  • Compact design that saves you space
  • heavy-gauge stainless steel
  • faster and easier to change trash bags
  • 9″ x 9″ opening


  1. iTouchless Dual-Deodorizer Oval Top 13 Gallon Trash Can

Best open top trash can reviews

Best open top trash can reviews


The new models of the iTouchless Open Top Trash Cans are designed with a flexible flat-oval and lid-free design that features a brushed stainless steel finish.  This trash can was designed with 2 heavy-duty carbon filter deodorizers that retains odors and prevents it from escaping the can while keeping the immediate surroundings smelling fresh.  The filters can be found on the interior side panels of the can.  It ensures that 100% of the odor is absorbed.  This design makes it easier to use and prevents germ contamination because of the open-top lid.


Powerful, Natural Odor Control System

The 2 odor filters contain the special carbon odor filters that can be changed when needed.  The Carbon Odor retains bad smells inside the can and stops it from seeping into the environment.


Easy to Carry

It is light in weight but durable and is designed with handles making it easier to carry around to any location you desire.


Full Bags Never Fall In

This can is designed with the ability to keep fully loaded trash bags in place due to the high-quality abs plastic lid.


Easy to Remove a Full Bag

You can now extract a fully loaded trash liner without a hassle due to the air vents at the bottom of the can that causes the air to flow through preventing a vacuum.


Customize Your Can

This trash can comes out in 2 different shapes, round and oval and has a maximum capacity of either 13 or 16 gallons.  This modern sleek design matches any style of décor.


  1. Simplehuman Profile Open Top Trash Cans

Best open top kitchen trash can reviews

Best open top kitchen trash can reviews


Perfect for small spaces

The Simplehuman Profile Open Trash Can is designed in a more compact shape that makes it very easy to install under a counter or in a cupboard and fits easily enough into tight spots.


Lift-off lid

This small trash can is designed with a lid that comes off completely and contains a bucket inside that can be removed to make disposing of your trash effortless.


Custom-fit liners

The specially designed custom fit liners are designed to stay hidden from the public eye, and are stronger and tougher than your ordinary trash bag, making it tear and leak-resistant.


Product Features:

  • Ideal for tight spaces such as bathrooms or under counters where your space is limited.
  • Lid comes off completely for easy access and effortless removal of the trash liner
  • Liners are specially designed, and are stronger are tougher making your experience of removing your trash more pleasant.
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty


  1. Simplehuman Bullet Stainless Steel Open Top Trash Cans

Best open top slim kitchen trash can reviews

Best open top slim kitchen trash can reviews


Perfect for commercial spaces

This trash can is designed with an open lid and has a very high waste capacity making it ideal for use in areas with higher foot traffic such as restaurants, lobbies or bigger gathering areas.


Lift-off lid

This trash can’s lid was designed to be removable ensuring easy access to remove and change liners without hassle.


Heavy-gauge stainless steel

Constructed from thicker heavy-gauge steel, is what ensures that it is sturdier and also dent-proof.


Custom-fit liners

Ensuring a more pleasant rubbish experience, the custom fit liners are designed to be stronger and tougher making it tear and leak-proof.  It is also designed to remain hidden from the eye of the public or any passers-by.


Product Features:

  • Designed with a 9-inch opening for the lid
  • Ideal for bigger and more populated environments that turn out a larger amount of trash.
  • Dent-Proof due to heavy-gauge stainless steel construction.
  • A fully removable lid that ensures easy and fast liner changes.
  • Designed with side handles for easy portability.
  • Stronger, tougher custom fit liners.
  • Compliant with ADA regulations


  1. Simplehuman Dual Compartment Slim Open Recycler

Best open top dual compartment kitchen trash can reviews

Best open top dual compartment kitchen trash can reviews


Trash and recycling in one convenient place

This can have 2 removable inner buckets giving it the ability to keep apart the trash from the recyclables.


Perfect for hotels or offices

This compact trash can is ideal for tight spots, like under counters or desks. The convenient two bucket design is a tidy and modern day answer for any environment imaginable.


Lift-off lid

This trash is designed with a lid that comes off fully and contains 2 totally removable buckets that make removing your trash easier and faster, as well as gives you the ability to clean the bin much more efficiently.


Fingerprint-proof coating

The modern, sleek and shiny look is due to the coating that protects the outside of the bin and makes it scratch and fingerprint-proof.


Custom-fit liners

Ensuring a more pleasant rubbish experience, the custom fit liners are designed to be stronger and tougher making it tear and leak-proof.  It is also designed to remain hidden from the eye of the public or any passers-by.


Product Features:

  • Perfect for high foot traffic areas such as offices and hotels.
  • It has 2 different compartments that separate the trash from recyclables.
  • The lid is fitted with a blue indicator lid to identify the side for recycling
  • Custom-fit liners are faster and easier to remove and change.
  • The exterior of the can is coated making it scratch and fingerprint-proof.
  • Extra-strong and durable custom fit liners fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty


  1. Alpine Industries Stainless Steel Open Top Trash Cans

Stainless Steel Open Top Trash Can

Stainless Steel Open Top Trash Can


This Alpine Industries Stainless Steel Open Top Trash can is designed to be constructed from a durable brushed stainless steel material which gives it the durability and strength to withstand years of heavy-duty usage, ensuring that it last longer so that you can use it for years to come.


This can have a maximum capacity of 17 gallons and is ideal for use in public areas that are always busy and experience high foot traffic, areas like schools, hospitals, restaurants or even shopping malls. This large capacity can is designed measuring 27.1” High, 16.5” Wide and 15.7” Deep, and is able to retain a lot more trash than a regular sized trash can. This means that you don’t have to change the bags as often.


This Alpine trash can is designed with a stylish and sleekly modern look that will match and fit in with any interior décor design style to make it look better. It has a brushed silver-coated finish with black rings and handles that makes it easily portable so you can carry the bin from point a to point b and it makes it efficient to take out the trash. It has a skid-proof base that is fitted to protect your floor from skid marks and keep it sturdy.


Product Features:

  • Constructed with brushed stainless steel material that ensures durability and strength that guarantees you to use this bin for years to come
  • The material gives it the strength to withstand daily wear and tear for years of use
  • It has a large 17-Gallon container that retains much more trash saving you money by using fewer trash bags
  • It has an open top design making disposal and cleaning fast and easy
  • Comes with handles on the side giving the can easy portability, as well as black rings at the top and bottom of the bin keeping it stable.
  • Has a scratch resistant coated finish making this bin fingerprint-proof and always keeps it looking shiny and clean
  • It is fitted with a non-skid base that protects your floor from scuffing and scratching


Stainless Steel Trash Can Buying Guide

There are various kinds and different quality of trash cans available on the market today, and to be equipped with an up to date buying guide will definitely make selecting the perfect can that will suit all of your needs so much easier.


Trash Can with Lid:

The fact that your trash can have a lid ensures that your waste stays inside the bin and does not scatter around all over the place. There are numerous and different types of lids. It is recommended that you select the one that you prefer. If your intentions are to use the can inside, then a simple foot pedal operated lid will be the best choice for you, but if the can is for commercial or industrial use, then selecting a can with a removable lid would be the most convenient choice.


Removable Buckets:

If the steel trash can that you select is equipped with interior buckets that are removable, then disposing of your trash will be easy enough to make it a pleasant experience for you. It also ensures that the interior panels of your steel can frame remain clean after disposing of your trash. This type of trash can is also ideal if you are a gardener and make your own compost at home or if you are into recycling.



The durability of your trash can will depend on the materials that are used in the construction of the can. A stainless steel trash can should be very durable, which is what gives it the strength to endure and withstand years of heavy-duty and extreme conditions where wear and tear is concerned. The finish should be a coating, making your can ideal for any season as it will be rust-proof as well as smudge-proof.


Easy to Use:

A good quality trash can should be flexible and easy to use and access your trash or trash bag should have to be easy and without any hassle, which means that disposal has to be quick and effortless. If you plan on using the can indoors, it must have a foot pedal to effortlessly open and close the lid which will also encourage the kids to make use of it as well as they will not have to touch the bin to throw away their trash.



When you decide on a can for indoor use, it would be the better choice to choose a can with a more moderate size, but when selecting a can for commercial or industrial use, it is recommended that you select a can with a larger containment capacity. When you are choosing a trash can for interior use, the size for the kitchen will be bigger than the one you would choose for the bathroom or the kitchen.


The shape and structure of the can also play a big role where size is concerned. You must first look at the space available where you plan to place the bin, and then choose according to the shape that will fit into tight spaces. Slim structured cans will save you plenty of floor space.


Other Features:

When you select your trash can, you will have to make sure that it has a silent and soft closing. If it has these two features, you can be sure that there will be no damage to the lid or the frame of the bin. You do have other options, such as plastic or glass lids, but when you make this choice you will have to make sure what the steel’s thickness, weight, and strength is before you purchase the can.


Types of Trash Cans

Space-Saving Trash Cans:

When it comes to saving space, these trash cans usually come with a maximum capacity of 28-Gallons. The long, flat and sleek design is usually what helps you save space by fitting into those tight spots in the corner, or up against a wall. They come out in various designs like the wall hugger, half-round and corner designs. These trash cans are most commonly best suited for small kitchens, busy lobbies and other small rooms where space is an issue.


Outdoor Trash Cans:

When it comes to the clean maintenance of your outdoor property, these outdoor trash cans are what play a major role. Most of the time they are constructed out of tough and strong plastic material. Where the weather is concerned, it should able to withstand the harsh and rough weather conditions; the can is usually finished off with a weather-resistant coating. To prevent theft and strong winds, these outdoor cans are usually weighted down or anchored to the ground, and for lids, these cans are designed with hoods or flaps or lids that are completely removable.


Commercial Trash Cans:

These cans are mainly manufactured for one single purpose, and that is to store a very large amount of trash at a time that can be from various industries. They have a very strong and sturdy construction and would be ideal to use in schools or busy parking areas or in busy streets in front of stores.


Disposable Trash Cans:

These are usually low-cost trash cans which would make them ideal for outdoor events or functions and are manufactured mainly for the purpose of recycling. These cans are rather eco-friendly and can be placed anywhere, and the best part is that it will not damage your pocket or wallet.


Decorative Trash Cans:

These cans are designed for the purpose of waste disposal and fitting in with the surrounding décor environment, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use regarding waste disposal or waste management. They are therefore manufactured in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.


Countertop Trash Cans:

With their small and compact design, these trash cans are best suited for small amounts of trash such as pencil shavings and crumpled papers, which makes them perfect to fit on a countertop or on your office desk at work. They are constructed mainly out of metal.


Wheeled Trash Cans:

These trash cans are mainly designed for the purpose of being mobile and being easily transported around carrying large amounts of trash. This is what makes them ideal for maintenance staff that has to collect a lot of trash while they are busy cleaning an office building.


Ash-tray Trash Cans:

These are pretty handy trash cans, and they are designed with the purpose of collecting cigarette trash, and usually have a larger but separate compartment where you can dump your regular trash. These types of trash cans are ideal for smoking areas.


Medical Trash Cans:

This is sort of a step-on trash can and usually has a capacity of less than 40-gallons. What is most important of these cans is that they first have to be approved for the purpose of disposing of medical waste. They are generally constructed from a metal material.


Step-on Trash Cans:

These trash cans make it easier for you so that you do not have to use your hands to open and close the can when you are disposing of your trash. This makes them perfect for use in the kitchen or in the bathroom.



When you are in the market for one of these stainless steel open top trash cans mentioned above, make sure to check the size and the storage capacity. If you choose a can that is too small, then it will only inconvenience you, because you will constantly have to empty your can.


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