Top 6: Best 3 Compartment Trash Can 

Are you looking for the Best 3 Compartment Trash Can for your home and office environment? If your answer is yes then, here you’ve landed on the right webpage. If you’re looking for a trash can to store all your waste and recyclables separately then these 3 compartment waste and recycling bins that we’ve reviewed are the ideal options for you.


3 Compartment and 2 Compartment Trash Cans hold all the garbage in one single place. With these features, triple compartment waste and recycling bins are known to be really convenient to use and keep all your waste and recyclables organized.


Today, we’ll be listing the Top 3 compartment trash cans that deserve to be in your kitchen and other premises. We will review them each so you can decide if it is worth your hard-earned cash.

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Reasons Why You Must Invest In a 3 Compartment Trash Can

There are so many reasons to use triple compartment Trash Cans. Some states have laws that force you to keep your waste and recyclable items separately, or you’re an environment-friendly individual that wants to sort trashes. Three compartment bins and recyclers are the best option to efficiently sort kitchen waste. To explain things more clearly, here we have mentioned some advantages of having these bins in your home or office.


• Conveniently sort trash and recyclable items in one place
• Simplified recycling with less effort
• It saves space in your kitchen without having to purchase separate bins
• Fits into the most home and office décor.
• Saves you time from continuously running to the outside trash can to dispose of waste


1. Best 3 Compartment Trash Can and Recycling Bin

Organize It All 3 Compartment Step-On 45 Liter Recycling Trash Can

Best 3 Compartment Trash Can and Recycling Bin


One of the most appreciated 3 compartment trash is from Organize It All. This is a 45-liter step-on trash and recycling bin that will keep your waste and recyclable items organized from the start. Manufactured from stainless steel for durability and a sleek design that features 3 internal compartments.


Each of these compartments can be individually emptied to save you frustration and workload. This bin includes three 4-gallon containers for a total capacity of 12 gallons or 45 liters.


Stainless steel recycling bin

The stainless steel housing is durable and built to last so it will withstand tough kitchen environments. Cleaning is made easy while the stainless steel housing is fingerprint-resistant. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and it will look new. The beautifully designed kitchen trash can be placed about anywhere for easy access.


Multiple compartments

This multiple compartment trash can separate trash from recyclable items while the side-by-side compartments combine the bin into one unit. This will save you valuable floor space for other items. Each compartment has its own detailed color foot pedal.


Removable container

Removing trash is easy. Each compartment comes with its own removable plastic container with its own handles. This makes the overall cleaning process easier when there is residue left on the inside of the waste and recycling bin.


• Side-by-side triple compartment recycle bin; 12-gallon capacity
• Constructed from stainless steel with plastic liners for durability
• Details include foot pedals, bucket handles, and independent lids
• Wipes down for easy cleaning
• Measures 24″x 13.5″x 19″ overall


2. Best Kitchen Trash Can and Recycling Unit with Compost Bin

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem 16-Gallon Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Bin Unit with Compost Bin

Best Kitchen Trash Can and Recycling Unit with Compost Bin


Let’s look at the Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem. This innovative system brings functionality and sleek look to your kitchen environment. The unit combines 3 compartments into one bin while you have the ability to remove each individual removable inner bucket separately.


Individual custom fit liners keep this unit cleans while these custom-fit liners include liner retaining holes. Removing these liners is made easy through breathing vents while the carbon filter inside of the bin eliminates odor from spreading into the kitchen area.


Totem stainless steel features a removable food waste caddy that you can store on your kitchen cabinet. The external surface is easy to clean; just wipe it down with a damp cloth.


Carbon Odor Filter

This innovative design helps to eliminate unpleasant odors through a well-positioned carbon odor filter. The carbon odor filter is easy to change and is positioned into the underside of the lid to prevent odors from escaping the bin.


Stainless-Steel Lid

Totem features a fingerprint-proof stainless-steel lid with a touch-button release.
The main outer side is made of powder-coated steel and comes in four colors: Graphite, Stone, Stainless Steel, and Silver.


Wheeled Base

This wheeled base unit can easily be moved by using the integrated handles on the reverse while the wheels on the base prevent scuff marks on the kitchen floor.


Removable Inner Bins

Each container has its own removable inner bin that features liner-retaining holes reducing the pull-resistant from lifting the bags when it needs to be emptied.

Totem 16 gallons (60 liters) available in 4 finishes

Stainless-steel, Stone, Graphite, and Silver.


3. Best Stainless Steel 3 Compartment Trash and Recycling Bin

The Step N’ Sort 16-Gal. 3-Compartment Stainless Steel Trash and Recycling Bin

Best Stainless Steel 3 Compartment Trash and Recycling Bin


The Step ‘N Sort 16-Gallon handles all your waste and recycling products in one convenient place. Designed with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame with easy hands-free step pedals to sort recyclables and waste individually.


This unit uses 8 – 10-gallon trash bags that can easily be removed while the cleaning process is made easy whenever there is residue left on the inside of the bin. Each compartment features a removable inner bucket that holds 5.33 gallons of waste or recyclable items.


The Step N’ Sort Clean Space. Clean Planet.

No nonsense hands-free step pedals allow you to sort your items into the removable inner bins, no fuss, no batteries to replace!
Use these bins to sort recyclables, regular household waste, even common use items such as laundry detergent or pet food.


• 16 Gallon / 60 Liter Capacity
• Removable Inner Compartment made from recycled plastic
• Allows you to separate waste for easy sorting
• Convenient Carry Handle
• Stainless Steel with heavy-duty step pedals
• Each compartment holds between 10-13 gallon trash bags


4. Best 3 Compartment Waste Baskets

Recycle Bin Separate Recycle Bag Waste Baskets Compartment Container with Inner Frame

Best 3 Compartment Waste Baskets


Recycle Bag Separate Recycle Bin Waterproof Wastebaskets with Inner Frame

This Recyclable Bin with Inner Frame is reliable even though it’s made Korea). It’s cheap and features 3 Bins with 3 Inner Frames. Easily separate cans, paper, and plastic on in one spot. These units can either be hanged to reserve floor space or can be used as for floor standing.


Each unit is manufactured with a PP waterproof coating that makes it machine washable. It also connects each other together using Velcro fastener while each unit has its own handle for easy carrying.


The inner frames prevent the units from collapsing. When upright the bins measure 12-in x 15.7-in in diameter and weight 2.3 pounds when empty.


5. Best 30-Gallon Disposable Trash and Recycling Bins

Clean Cubes 30 Gallon Disposable Trash Cans & Recycling Bins

Best 30-Gallon Disposable Trash and Recycling Bins


Are you searching for disposable trash and recycling bins? Look no further. Clean Cubes has a leak-resistant plastic trash and recycling bin that is attractive and best of all disposable. When the Clean Cube is full, dispose of the entire unit, no mess no fuss.


• Clean Cubes are made from 50% recycled paper.
• 3 per package (trash bag included with each bin)
• 30-gallon capacity


Can I reuse Clean Cubes?

Of course, you can. Clean Cubes can be re-used. You can use it over and over. The outer paper liner is sturdy enough while the inner liner trash bag can be replaced.


When would I use a Clean Cube?

You can use Clean Cubes for parties, picnics, at camping sites, just about anywhere you can think of. These units provide extra trash and recycling space whenever the need is for extra trash space.


How do I use Clean Cubes?

– Open the Clean Cube.
– Fill with trash or recycling. When full, pull the drawstring to close.
– Throw away the entire Clean Cube! No mess and easy cleanup.


6. Best 3 Compartment Recycle Box Bin

RecycleBoxBin Plastic Light Weight Large Triple

Best 3 Compartment Recycle Box Bin


Recycling Bin 25 Gallon Each with Changeable Label System

Another great example of a product that focuses on a specific need such as offices or schools. The RecyclingBoxBin is created with durability in mind with cost-effectiveness and flexibility in mind.


These units are also beautiful and are an excellent product where foot traffic is considered. By design these bins have no bottom making lifting of the common 39-gallon plastic star sealed bags easier.


The 1.5” high base contains all spills and is easier to clean. Bins ship with six (6) pre-printed standard labels.


The Bottom Line

Trash cans are a necessity in all areas where waste is produced, but a 3 compartment trash can is a must when you need a bin that can combine waste and recyclable products in one unit. Should you need a trash can for your kitchen then we suggest you look at Organize It All 3 Compartment Step-On 45 Liter Recycling Trash Can, while having that once of parties and you just need something disposable the Clean Cubes 30 Gallon Disposable Trash Cans & Recycling Bins and for heavy foot traffic there is none better than the RecycleBoxBin.


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