How to Select The Best Wire Compost Bin to Buy in 2022

If your neighbors in your area have greener lawns and healthier soil than you do, it could be because they are composting. They might even be making use of the new Wire Compost Bin. You could be enjoying the same benefits as they do. Your solution would be a simple compost. Composting is a much easier and far cheaper way method of improving the quality of your soil that will result in a much greener lawn and a more productive garden.


Whether you are new at composting, or whether you have been doing it for years, knowing which composter would be the best choice for you to suit all your needs is no easy feat. There are various types of composters, and they are available in many different styles, sizes, and shapes, and they all have various and unique features that set them apart from the rest.


There are 4 primary types of composters that all work in their own different way to produce compost. These include Compost Tumblers, Worm Tray Composters, Countertop Composters, and Classic Bin Composters.

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Spring Gardener Kitchen Waste Composter with Stakes and Cover (32in. x 32in. x 30in )

Best wire compositor

Best wire compositor


This is a portable and low profile wire compost bin from the manufacturer Spring Gardener and is constructed from a sturdy wire with a rust-resistant coating that ensures durability. The assembly setup is quick and easy. It has a compost fence design that includes Hinged wire panels and 6 steel stakes. One of the benefits of this product is that the wire construction helps to drain away from the excess water so that kitchen waste and small clippings don’t float.


The easy-access front door is another benefit, allowing you to effortlessly retrieve composted soil without having to dig all the way to the bottom of the pile. The waterproof cover helps to trap in the heat and moisture causing the composting process to speed up. The cover is strapped with velcro closure tabs that keep the cover in place and ensures quick access.


Making your own organic soil for your grass, garden, and flower beds are but one green solution for kitchen waste and yard clippings. It can also serve as your way of contributing to the reduction of landfill waste. This compost bin has a versatile design that allows it to also be used for small animal housing, providing your pet with a safe retreat indoors as well as outdoors.



  • Stakes Included – The Spring Gardener Wire Compost Bin is complete with 6 rust-resistant steel stakes for stability in windy areas or on inclined surfaces.
  • Waterproof cover included
  • Quick and Easy Setup – Hinged wire panels unfold and you are READY TO USE!
  • Over 15 cubic feet of compost


  • The top can fly off with the strong wind


Bosmere Wire Compost Bin

Best Wire compost fence 2018

Best Wire compost fence 2018


This Bosmere Wire Compost Bin is a durable compost container that is constructed from plastic-coated sturdy steel wire. The Wire Compositor is easily assembled and erected and can hold a capacity of up to 16.6 cubic feet (100 Gallons) of compost. This wire compost bin is designed with a front door that freely opens up to give you easy access to your simple compost inside.


About this Product:

  • Made out of coated sturdy steel wire
  • Easy to erect and use
  • Durable construction
  • Holds up to 15.6 cup feet of compost
  • Measures 30-inches x 30-inches x 30-inches


  • Not very cheap


Gardener’s Supply Company 3-Bin Wire Composter

Best Wire compost fence review

Best Wire compost fence review


One wire compositor may be all that you need for the most part of the year, but just think about what you will do with the heaps and heaps of leaves that you will be stuck within fall when the trees start shedding their leaves.


This is a 3-bin wire bin composter that can easily be assembled and can hold a capacity of up to 48 cubic feet of garden scraps, grass clippings, and leaves without an enclosed composter. The purpose of the 3 bins is to separate the compost. One is for cooking compost, one is for collecting yard and kitchen waste, and the last one is used for finished compost. This system ensures that you will always have a steady flow of compost without having to wait for the cooking process to finish and producing the best nutritional supplements for your garden.



  • Materials – Made of heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel
  • Measurements – 84-3/4″ L x 28-1/4″ W x 35-1/2″ H, holds 48 cubic feet (306 dry gallons)
  • Includes – 10 panels total; bins are not stand-alone and must be connected to each other (connectors included)
  • Easy assembly


  • Not always in stock

MTB Garden Wire Compost Bin 36″ L x36 W x 30″ H, Green, Garden Bed Fencing

Best Wire compost fence

Best Wire compost fence


These Wire Mesh Compost Bins from MTB are affordable products that were economically designed making it very easy to assemble and even easier to use. This wire compost cage is constructed from powder Coated green steel wires and comes with 4 anchor spikes that hold the container down and helps against the wind. This compost cage gets the messy piles gathered and make it look neat.


You can add anything organic like fallen leaves, yard clippings, and table scraps. You just need to remember to shred and maul all the organic material that you add. It is much faster to compost smaller pieces. During the winter in the cold or cold climates, it is essential that you add a few earthworms and that you cover the compost with black plastic or heavy tarp.


MTB compost bins are very easy to assemble, and the best part is that you don’t need many tools to get the job done. This wire compost bin that is constructed out of 4 equally sized mesh wire panels that get linked together with anchor spikes that go into the ground at each corner.


All MTB Home Composting Bins is ideal for starters and is perfect for gardeners. This is a Wire Compost Bin DIY wire composter system and is widely applied as an outdoor grounds wire composter. For soil saver compost you can DIY with the use of kitchen table scraps, food waste, leaves, grass clippings, bark, and organic starter.


This product has various uses. The compost fence can have multiple purposes. When unfolded and installed in your yard, it can also be used as a dog kennel or it can just serve a decorative fencing.



  • Raised Bed Fence to keep out Rabbits and other Rodents when is unfolded and installed in yard or garden.
  • MTB wire compost bins are easy to assemble, NO tools required
  • Green powder coated heavy gauge steel wire makes the bin sturdy structure and long last life.
  • MTB decomposer bins are designed for proper moisture and air-flow for fast decomposition.
  • MTB Compost Bin Capacity: 25 cubic feet (185 gals). Bin height 36 inches by 30 inches width on each side.


  • Not always in stock


Steps to Make a Compost Bin:

You can now make compost bins so you don’t need to build wooden or concrete structures or bother with purchasing pre-made composting systems. All you need is a few simple tools and some low-cost wire fencing like chicken wire and you can make as many chicken wire composting bins as you need that will provide you with as much chicken wire compost you could use if you would prefer chicken wire composting.


What you will need:

  • Wire Fencing
  • Wire Cutters or Tin Snips
  • Gloves
  • Zip Ties, Wire, or Twine


All it takes is 4 easy steps to make compost bins.

Step 1:

In diameter, your compost bin should be at least 3 feet, for which you would need to measure out about 10 feet of wire fencing like compost bin chicken wire. For a 4-foot compost bin, you will need about 12 ½ feet of wire fencing.


Step 2:

Wire cutters are the best tool to use to cut the fencing. Be sure to use your gloves because the wire is sharp. You need to cut the wire carefully so that you don’t have any ends sticking out.


Step 3:

If you cut the wire fencing from a roll for the round compost bin, it sometimes seems determined to retract back into a roll. All you need to do is open it up on the ground and walk back and forth over it a few times and it will flatten it enough so that you can form it into a circle.


Step 4:

With the use of wire, twine, or zip ties, you can now fasten the ends of the fencing together. For stability and extra security, make sure to fasten the ends securely at the top, middle and bottom.


How to use your compost bin for making compost:

1. Put your compost bin in place in your garden. The best place for a compost bin is near the garden, where it will be easy to put garden waste into the bin, as well as put finished compost into the garden. Just make sure you have enough room to move around it for those times you need to turn it or harvest the compost.


2. Start filling the compost bin. Lawn and garden waste, vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, and eggshells are all great additions to the compost pile. You can also use it to hold chopped fall leaves to make leaf mold.


3. Turn your compost regularly, or just let it sit until the materials break down. You can use finished compost anywhere in your garden, on your lawn, and in potted plants.


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