Top 5: Best Trash Can for Outdoor Kitchen

Doesn’t everyone have the dream of owning a beautiful outdoor kitchen? Cooking and roasting delicious food while watching the whole family have fun outdoors. Of course after the fun comes the cleaning, which is just as important.

When cooking outdoors it is important to make sure you leave the kitchen clean and without any crumbs if you want to keep bugs and rodents out. So a good trash can with a closed lid is a must-have for your outdoor kitchen!

The top 5 best trash cans for outdoor kitchens are:

  1. Blaze Narrow Roll Out Trash Bin (BLZ-TRNW-DRW), 26 3/8×13 7/8-inches
  2. iTouchless Glide 13 Gallon Sensor Trash Can with Wheels and Odor Control System
  3. Umbra Venti 16-Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash Large
  4. Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can for Patio
  5. SUNSTONE A-TRHD Trash Drawer

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Top 5: best trash can for outdoor kitchen

Blaze Narrow Roll Out Trash BiniTouchless Glide 13 Gallon Sensor Trash CanUmbra Venti 16-Gallon Swing TopSuncast 33-gallon outdoor trash canSunstone A-TRHD trash can
Made out of 304 stainless steel
Soft close
Easy to clean
Sturdy and high quality
Protects inside from all weather conditions
100% touchless
Completely mobile
With odor control filter
Unconditional warranty
Durable and easy to maintain
For residantial and commercial use
Brushed metal accents
Durable outdoor trash can
Waterproof because of resin wicker material
Doesn't rust or rot
3-year warranty
304 stainless steel contructure
Protects inside from all weather conditions
Soft close
High quality
Luxurious design
Not cheap
Works on battery or adapter so make sure you don't keep it out in the rain
Adapter is sold seperately
Smart pest or rodants might get in thanks to the touchless system
Rodants might get in through swing lid
You have to assemble the trash can yourself
Not cheap
Designed for a round trash can only
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1. Best Roll-out Trash Bin for Outdoor Kitchen

Blaze Narrow Roll Out Trash Bin (BLZ-TRNW-DRW), 26 3/8×13 7/8-inches

best trash can for outdoor kitchen

The Blaze Narrow Roll-out trash bin is our number one pick for an outdoor kitchen. It is made out of sturdy stainless steel, which works perfectly outside. The trash bin will keep rodents out and is easy to clean. We personally love this industrial and robust look, but the stainless steel look might not work for every outdoor kitchen, so keep reading if this trash can is not your cup of tea.


2. Best Touchless Trash Can for Outdoor Kitchen

iTouchless Glide 13 Gallon Sensor Trash Can with Wheels and Odor Control System

Best outdoor kitchen trash cans 2019

This easy to use 13-gallon iTouchless Glide trash can works perfectly indoors and outdoors. The trash can comes with removable castor wheels, so it can easily be moved from the kitchen to the patio or terrace and back inside.

This iTouchless trash can might not be the best choice if you want to leave the trash can outdoors overnight. The trash can works on batteries or an adapter so it can’t stay out in the rain. Also, smart animals like raccoons or dogs might be able to get in your trash can because of the touchless system.


3. Best Swing Top Trash Can for Outdoor Kitchen

Umbra Venti 16-Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash Large

trash bin for outdoor kitchen

This Umbra Venti 16-gallon trash can is easy to use and maintain. It is an inexpensive and very basic option, but it will do the job. The only concern is that raccoons or cats might be able to raid your trash because of the swing lid, so you might want to empty the can when leaving it outside at night. The Umbra trash can is also available in black, but we love this graphite color and brushed metal look!


4. Best Outdoor Trash can for Outdoor Kitchen

Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can for Patio

best outdoor kitchen trash can

The Suncast 33-gallon outdoor trash can is, as the name already states, perfect for an outdoor kitchen. It comes in different colors so you can choose a trash can that matches the kitchen’s style. The trash can doesn’t rust or rot and is waterproof. We think this trash can has one of the best price/quality ratios.


5. Best Design Trash Drawer for Outdoor Kitchen


best outdoor kitchen trash drawer

This Sunstone trash drawer was designed for use in an outdoor kitchen. The trash drawer is made out of stainless steel and looks expensive. It isn’t cheap, but the quality is absolutely worth the money. Although this trash can is named 5th in our top 5 best trash cans for an outdoor kitchen, it is definitely worth considering buying.

Tips for keeping your outdoor kitchen clean

It is inevitable for an outdoor kitchen to rack up dirt and grime, so maintenance is important if you want to enjoy your kitchen as long as possible. Here are some tips to keep the kitchen safe and clean, and to keep rodents out.

1. Clean stainless steel properly

Although outdoor kitchens are made to require less maintenance and to endure all kinds of weather, it is important to clean the stainless steel cabinets and drawers properly if you want to get the most out of them.

Never cut directly into a stainless steel surface, always use a cutting board. Clean with soapy water and rinse on a regular basis to keep the kitchen clean.

Every once in a while you can use a special polisher to give the stainless steel back its shine. Use only a soft cloth for polishing stainless steel. Do not use harsh materials like steel wool pads.

To give your outdoor kitchen an extra protective layer, you can opt to add a powder coat finish. This will protect the stainless steel from rust over time and will minimize maintenance.

2. Cover your outdoor kitchen

Although not necessary, an outdoor kitchen that has a roof will be more comfortable in certain weather and will keep your kitchen clean. However, keep in mind that smoke from a grill can also become trapped under a roof, so talk to your designer about ventilation options.

If you don’t have a roof over your outdoor kitchen, choose to cover your countertops, bbq grill, and kitchen island in offseason. This to protect it from winter weather and bird poop. You can do this quite easily with a large tarp and a few small bungee cords.

Tip: Get a cover for your grill with a cloth lining. This will wick away moisture and helps prevent rusting.

3. Clean the grill

Clean the grill after every use. This might seem like a lot of work, but if you do this every time it will only take you a few minutes. This regular upkeep will save you time and energy during your deep cleanings.

4. Keep rodents out

The outdoor kitchen is the perfect place for mice, rats, and raccoons to get their nightly meal. So make sure you keep your countertops clean, use trash cans with closed lids and clean your patio regularly using a broom or vacuum cleaner. Don’t leave food out at night and often replace used trash can liners for a new, empty one.


Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration

outdoor kitchen trash can bin drawer

Beautiful outdoor kitchen with sandstone walls and a tile pattern. This outdoor kitchen has an amazing kitchen island made out of dark wood and is decorated with charcoal-colored furniture with an antique look. A kitchen you can live in and have big parties and family gatherings in.


outdoor kitchen inspiration

Very cozy but luxurious looking outdoor kitchen. The walls are made out of sandstone with a contrasting grey brick wall. The furniture is made out of wood with soft, white pillows. The stainless steel kitchen appliances create a luxurious look.


trash outdoor kitchen garbage bin

This beautiful stone kitchen has the ultimate outdoor look. The floor is tiled and the kitchen has a roof to protect the kitchen from the weather and make the kitchen even more comfortable to hang out in. The kitchen sure looks amazing, but we would add some chairs to sit on and relax.


But most important

Enjoy your outdoor kitchen! Live in it, love it. Play in it, drink beers in it. Have family gatherings in it. Have parties with friends in it. Have romantic dates with your spouse in it (while the children are fast asleep upstairs) … and clean it. 😉


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