Top 5: Best Tow – Behind Plug Aerators Review

The lawn is one of the most crucial parts of any home. This is mainly because besides making the home beautiful it also provides a comfortable space to enjoy the pleasant outdoor atmosphere. Because of this, it is always essential to always take care of the lawn and ensure that the grass grows properly and correctly.

To ensure that the grass grows correctly, you have to take care of the soil that the grass grows on. To successfully achieve this you need to use a good aerator which will take care of the soil without destroying the grass thus allowing the grass to grow properly. Tow-behind plug aerators will achieve this perfectly where they will dig holes in the soil to allow air and water to circulate and the grass to grow properly.

Since there are many plug aerators it is important to check so to get the one that will fit your needs. This is simply because you need to analyze the feature and identify the one with the qualities you need. Here are a few things you should consider while searching for the most ideal Tow-Behind Plug Aerators.

Signs that You May Require a Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

You will require the best aerator if you notice the following signs:

• Your lawn is flooded with water after a rainstorm.
• You have been driving on your lawn with your car repeatedly.
• It is difficult to stick something into the soil, such as a pencil.
• You have clay soil and are solid.
• You’re able to see bare grass.

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Agri-Fab 48-Inch Tow Plug AeratorBrinly Tow Behind Plug Aerator, 40-Inch Brinly Tow Behind Spike Aerator, 40-Inch Agri-Fab SmartLink Plug Aerator Strongway Tow-Behind Plug Aerator
3 Year limited consumer warranty

Made in the USA with some imported materials


Cantilever transport handle for easy raising and lowering.
24 Heat-treated plugs

Weight tray

Universal hitch

Transport lever

Made in the USA
(10) Galvanized steel tine stars up to 2 inch

Durable steel tray holds up to 110 pounds of extra weight for proper soil penetration

Universal hitch pin design easily attaches to most lawn tractors
Mounts to the master platform without tools

Rustproof aerator knives remove soil plugs to loosen compacted soil making it easier for grass to grow

Air, water and nutrients can now reach the soil more easily resulting in a thicker, healthier lawn

3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty
32 separate coring plug spikes

Tray supports up to 140 lbs.

Depth of 2 1/2in

Durable powder-coat finish

Pin-style hitch

12 HP vehicle or more (not included) is required to pull this Aerator
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1. Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator

Best Tow - Behind Plug Aerators 2019

Best Tow - Behind Plug Aerators 2019


If your yard is relatively large, you need to start thinking on a larger scale. For big, heavy-duty jobs, the Agri-Fab 45-0299 aerator amplifies the amount of area you can cover in one go. Pulled from a riding lawn mower, operating this aerator is basically effortless once you have everything hooked up.

The ten-inch, flat-proof tires will keep the platform firm even while going over the rough, debris-filled ground. The aerator can also work as a detacher which extracts the layer of dead organic material that builds up throughout the yard.

Product Features:

  • 32 galvanized knives.
  • Pulls the plugs up to 3 inches deep
  • 9 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ flat-free tires
  • Durable heavy-gauge steel deck and drawbar
  • Simple-to-use cantilever transport handle for easy raising and lowering
  • Universal hitch
  • The tray holds up to 140 lbs.
  • 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Needs to be assembled

Watch the product video below to see the product in action.


2. Brinly PA-40BH Tow-Behind Plug Aerator, 40-Inch

Best Tow - Behind Plug Aerator Reviews

Best Tow - Behind Plug Aerator Reviews


A towed lawn aerator is the only logical option to consider if your yard is big enough to need a riding lawnmower. Anything smaller will only lengthen the process with more effort on your part. The Brinly-Hardy Tow-Behind aerator is uncomplicated and efficient when you have the necessary hitch and riding mower to move the aerator around.

At 40″ wide, this aerator covers a fair amount of ground with each pass. The spikes also penetrate the soil up to three inches. Each individual spike is a heat-treated plugging spoon that maximizes the size of each hole so more water, nutrients, and supplements can be absorbed by the grass.

Product Features:

  • Aerate and relieve compacted soil.
  • 16-gauge Steel plugging spoons
  • Works safely on turns and uneven terrain.
  • Remove up to 3-inch plugs of soil
  • Universal hitch.
  • Weight tray holds up to 150 pounds
  • Made in the USA: Trusted Since 1839
  • Full 2-year Warranty.
  • Needs to be assembled

Watch the video below for this product in action, and some frequently asked questions.


3. Brinly SA-40BH Tow-Behind Spike Aerator

Best Plug Aerator Reviews

Best Plug Aerator Reviews


Compacted and compressed soil results in thatch buildup and reduces the amount of water and nutrients your grass sustains. If your lawn encounters moderate foot traffic, suffers from a thatch layer of more than ½ inch, or if you have dense clay soil, you may need to aerate. Aerating your lawn with Brinly’s 40” Tow-Behind Spike Aerator loosens soil and allows seed, fertilizer, and water to reach roots.

Our durable, heavy-duty aerator promotes 10 galvanized steel stars that penetrate the soil up to 2” deep. Each 8” diameter star rotates independently and continues rotating during tractor turns, resulting in fewer passes due to missed areas. The 14 gauge steel, 110 lb. capacity weight tray allows for extra weight to be added for maximum penetration in firm soil.

The more you spike aerate, the greater your lawn looks and feels. Brinly aerators provide homeowners with durable, high-performance, and inexpensive ways to aerate any size lawn, all from the comfort of your lawn tractor.

Product Features:

  • (10) Galvanized steel tine stars inhibit rust
  • 8″ Diameters each feature 12 spike tip
  • Penetrate soil up to 2″ In-depth
  • A durable steel tray
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon Spacers deliver maximum strength and durability.
  • Holds up to 110 pounds of extra weight
  • Universal hitch pin
  • Made in the USA: Trusted Since 1839
  • 2-year warranty
  • Needs to be assembled

Check the video below to see the Aerator in action.


4. Agri-Fab 45-0474 SmartLink Plug Aerator

Best Plug Aerator Reviews

Best Plug Aerator Reviews


In a bid to provide you with a variety of options, Agri-fab provided the SmartLink Plug Aerator. Its price is one of the best on the market today and it offers a ton of great features as you will see.

It gives you proper plugging. This means that there is an improvement of nutrient and water perforation to the furthest of roots for healthier grass. This product is also excellent for a person looking for a unit that will enhance air circulation.

You can simply mount this tool on a master platform, and you don’t need to assemble or disassemble anything. The product features aluminum galvanization on the spikes to ensure that they’re durable. Another essential quality of this unit is that it is recommended for loosening compacted soil and has a three-year warranty.

Product Features:

  • Mounts to the master platform without tools
  • Rustproof aerator knives
  • 24 galvanized knives
  • 5 stars with 4 plugs each, 20 knives total
  • Air, water, and nutrients can reach the soil effortlessly resulting in a thicker, healthier lawn
  • Very sturdy
  • 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Needs to be assembled

Check out the product below.


5. Strongway 48inch Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

Best Plug Aerator Reviews

The Strongway Tow-Behind Plug Aerator is a 48in. wide, pull-behind aerator featuring 32 coring plugs that penetrate up to 2 1/2in. deep, even in compacted soil. The aerator is the perfect tool for getting water and nutrients down to the roots of plants in the soil. The pin-style hitch allows for quick attachment to an ATV, riding lawn mower, or other vehicles with 12 HP or more and a pin-style receiver for easy towing. A built-in weight tray supports up to 140 lbs. of additional weight to provide deeper, more consistent coring plug penetration.

Product Features:

  • 32 separate coring plug spikes
  • Tray supports up to 140 lbs.
  • Depth of 2 1/2in
  • Durable powder-coat finish
  • Pin-style hitch
  • 12 HP vehicle or more (not included) is required to pull this Aerator
  • Needs to be assembled

Tow-Behind Plug Aerator Buyer’s Guide

You wouldn’t want to invest in tools that will fail the second they hit the ground because of functionality glitches or breaking after a week of use. Because of this, you need to consider the features and factors of the very best aerating tools.

For example, you might want to weigh the possibility of a machine serving its work accurately. Also, how efficient is the tool itself? Well, here are some top considerations you need to make before settling on a specific aerator.

Aerator Size

Here, there are tons of questions you may need to answer. For instance, what is the perfect size of an aerator for your yard or lawn? What is the correct size of the spikes; depth and diameter? The right answer will provide credibility to the best tow behind the machine because it will cover a large area of your backyard and assist you in finishing the task within the shortest time possible.

Ease of movement

Movement can also be called maneuverability. Your machine needs to be able to move across your lawn with ease. It means that you need to consider the design of its wheels. Can the machine move in between narrow spaces? Can it take sharp corners effortlessly?


Think about this. You buy an aerator only for it to evolve some mechanical difficulties after 2 days of use. It won’t give you value for your money, which is an important factor to consider when buying anything. A machine that attributes a firm body like steel; reinforced or galvanized, equals durability.


For many decades, the cost has been a determining factor when considering buying something. However, the concern is; would you go for a costly aerator or an inexpensive one? There are mixed reactions to this query, but the fact that consumers always equalize high-quality to high price often influences them.
Of importance, you need to take into account that cheap can be expensive, but this isn’t necessarily true when it comes to tow-behind plug aerators.

Money-back guarantee and warranty

Most people hardly think twice when purchasing machines, especially if they get a cheaper one. However, keen buyers will often cross-examine or check out for warranties before they purchase the tool. But why is a warranty needed?

Well, pull behind aerators that provide warranties are delightful in all essence. First, you don’t have to fret about design or manufacturing faults for approximately 3 years. Secondly, all costs of repair will be compensated by the supplier, seller, or manufacturer, which means that you won’t spend even a penny for almost three years in case of any liabilities.

When it comes to the money-back guarantee, you will receive a free trial period, of about 30 days, during which you will realize if the product is right for your lawn or not. During this period, you can always return it and ask for a refund or request for a replacement if the aerator doesn’t meet your requirements.

Load capacity

The other essential feature that you should consider when searching for a tow-behind aerator is the load capacity. Here, you need to question how much additional load the machine can add. Does it have leeway for this load? Having a space for additional weight means that your tool will pierce deeper when aerating.


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What is the Purpose of Lawn Aerator?

An aerator is a landscaping machine designed to form tiny holes in your lawn or the soil underneath the grass. This process naturally, safely, and effortlessly amends compacted and dense soil which had been compressed by pressure from vehicles or traffic such as riding mowers or cars.

Compaction is common with clay soil types, although sandy soil can also become compressed. A pull behind lawn aerator detaches the soil, with hundreds of positive outcomes including:

• The soil becomes easier to bulldoze and dig.
• Water puddling and runoff are minimized.
• Nutrients, air, and water perforate the soil quicker to nourish your lawn.
• Your lawn is admirable and healthier.
• Drought and heat tolerance is enhanced.


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