5 of The Best Electric Yogurt Makers to Buy in 2021

If you’re concerned about the ingredients that go into your food, the ability to make delicious meals and snacks in the convenience of your own home will undoubtedly appeal to you. A yogurt maker lets you prepare delicious, healthy yogurt for yourself and your family with very little effort. We’ve sifted through a variety of yogurt makers to round up our favorites.


Below, you’ll find a list of things to keep in mind when choosing a yogurt maker for your kitchen. We’ll discuss tips and tricks to get the most out of your yogurt maker, and we’ll shine the spotlight on some very helpful information from expert nutritionist, Dr. Samantha Attard. When you’re ready to buy a yogurt maker, scroll down to learn more about our five favorite yogurt makers. In the product matrix, we outline the fast facts you need to know about each machine.


Is a yogurt maker right for you?

You may be wondering if a yogurt maker is worth the investment. The answer to that question depends on the consumer.

  • A yogurt maker is a good choice for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle. If you’ve been thinking about making more foods from scratch, a yogurt maker is a good place to start.
  • If you eat a lot of yogurts, a yogurt maker can help you save money on grocery bills … and help satisfy your cravings.
  • Cooks who are gadget lovers may appreciate having a yogurt maker in their arsenal of kitchen tools.
  • Parents who want to feed their children healthy snacks may find it fun to make yogurt together.

Yogurt is a healthy snack and dessert option. It’s also an important component in many great recipes and sauces. And for those who are environmentally conscientious, it reduces waste significantly since you’re not constantly buying and discarding plastic yogurt containers.


What to consider before buying a yogurt maker

Before settling on a particular yogurt maker, think about the following to ensure you’re picking the machine that’s right for your needs.



Size matters – especially if you’re planning on feeding more than just yourself. Verify how many servings a particular yogurt maker can provide. Many yogurt makers come with small jars for easy portioning. The jars are great for packing in kids’ lunches or storing on-the-go breakfast.


Electric or non-electric

Check to see whether the yogurt maker you’re considering requires a power source or not. Non-electric yogurt makers are less convenient than those that require power, as you must find an alternate heat source to warm the milk.


Display and additional features

While some yogurt makers are no-frills machines, others have displays that let you know how much time is left in the yogurt-making process. Auto-shutoff is a convenient feature, too; you don’t have to constantly monitor the time if your yogurt maker will turn off itself. And some yogurt makers feature a smart auto-cooling function for when the yogurt-making process has reached its end. The yogurt machine switches to cooling to ensure your yogurt stays fresh.


Although not a feature of the machine itself, some yogurt makers come packaged with individual glass jars that allow you to input the date the yogurt was made.

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1.     Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

Best Yogurt Maker 2019

Best Yogurt Maker 2019


Product Features:

  • Prepares yogurt in 6-10 hours, depending on thickness desired
  • Prepares all-natural, rich and creamy yogurt
  • Allows you to control sweetness, ingredients, fat content and thickness of yogurt
  • Make up to 42 ounces of yogurt
  • Timer on the side marks time when yogurt will be finished cooking
  • Clear lid allows for viewing of cooking process
  • Seven – 6oz glass containers allows for making up to seven different types of yogurt at once


2.     Euro Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker – With 7-6oz Glass Jars

Best Yogurt Maker reviews

Best Yogurt Maker reviews


The Automatic Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker is reliable and Temperature Controlled. The YM100 model has a 15 hours automatic shut-off function timer that would turn of the unit automatically at the end of the cooking cycle. The yogurt maker has 7 (Seven) 6oz Glass Jars that can make up to 42-oz of yogurt and the option of making 7 (Seven) different flavors at a time.


This unit easily produces yogurt using the freshest ingredients without any artificial additives or preservatives. Each glass jar comes with a BPA Free screw-top lid for easy storage after the yogurt is made. The glass jars are dishwasher safe and the unit has a 3-year Warranty. NOTE: Refer User Guide on Technical Specification before use.


Product Features:

  • Allows you to control sweetness, ingredients, fat content, and thickness of yogurt
  • Electronic 15 hours Timer with Auto Shut off
  • Seven – 6oz Glass containers allows for making up to seven different types of yogurt at once
  • BPA Free – 3 Year Warranty – 120Volt, 60Hz

3.     Yogourmet 104 Electric Yogurt Maker

automatic yogurt maker


automatic yogurt maker


The Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker makes it easy for you to quit spending extra money on store-bought yogurts, yogurt cheeses, and cultured milk. Best of all, it helps you enjoy the rich, creamy texture and great taste associated with natural yogurt, along with a wide variety of health benefits. And you get the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food is coming from.


Product Features:

  • Specially designed to maintain the ideal temperature required for preparing healthy, natural and perfect yogurt every time
  • Perfect for anyone on the specific carbohydrate diet
  • Has a dishwasher-safe inner container with seal-tight lid, to keep your yogurt fresh
  • The kit comes with instructions and a simple thermometer


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4.     Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling

electric yogurt makerelectric yogurt maker


The Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling turns milk and soymilk into nutritious yogurt automatically. Yogurt lovers can create an endless variety of flavors and the 1-1/2 liter batch makes enough for days of delicious meals and snacks. The operation is simple. Once processing time has elapsed, the unit switches itself to a cooling mode.


Product Features:

  • Large Capacity: Make more than six 8-ounce servings of yogurt at a time in the 50-ounce yogurt container.
  • Automatic Cooling Mode: The unit switches to the cooling mode when the processing cycle is done and maintains temperature until you turn the unit off.
  • Perfect Results – Automatically: Just add milk or soymilk, active cultures, and flavors of your choice; select the time and press START and then watch the CYM-100 do all the work.
  • Simple Operation: Start and stop your yogurt making at the touch of a button. The LED display clearly displays and counts down processing time. The time controls make it easy to set the recommended processing time for the recipe you’re using.
  • Stainless Steel Styling: Sleek, elegant and streamlined enough to leave right on the counter.


5.     Gourmia GYM1620 Digital Yogurt Maker

digital yogurt maker

digital yogurt maker



Save money & eliminate wasteful packaging from store-bought yogurt. This yogurt maker is cost-effective and tastes better than prepackaged yogurt.


Easy to Use

Make fresh and healthy yogurt in your own home quickly and easily, with the flip of a switch. The digital controls allow you to customize the fermentation process up to 15 hours.


Makes 7 Jars

You can make 7 jars at a time for a delicious & nutritious batch that everyone in the family will enjoy. Built-in digital timer, and 7 glass twist top jars included.


Product Features:

  • 7 JAR: Experiment with a variety of different flavors and thicknesses in one single batch!
  • DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS: Homemade yogurt is fresher and healthier; free from colorings, preservatives, and artificial flavors.
  • DIGITAL EASE: Features a LCD display and precise cooking time control.
  • SLEEK & DURABLE: Stainless steel design with easy-view transparent top, and 7 quality constructed glass jars and lids.
  • ETL CERTIFIED: Gourmia, take the quality of their products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high-quality appliance.


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How to use a yogurt maker machine for making cheese?

It is possible to make a soft cheese or mozzarella cheese by using a yogurt maker. In the video below you’ll find the how-to on making cheese.


Q. How do I make Greek yogurt?

A. Making Greek yogurt requires an additional tool: a strainer. Some yogurt makers come with a strainer to make Greek yogurt. If yours doesn’t, you can purchase one separately and strain the yogurt on your own. Straining the yogurt helps to make it thicker.

Q. Can I use a yogurt maker for other purposes?

A. Yes! Some people use their machines to make cheese. Yum! There are plenty of recipes online to help you make the most of your new yogurt maker.

Q. Is fermentation safe?

A. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you’re producing a safe fermented product. If your machine stops working or shuts off mid-cycle, do not eat the yogurt. Also, make sure to clean your device after each use. Bacteria can fester in nooks and crannies and can contaminate your yogurt if you don’t correctly disinfect your unit. Otherwise, it’s a very safe process that has been used throughout history to conserve foods.

Fermented foods have surged in popularity once again because of their unique taste profile and health benefits.

Q. I like variety. Can I make a lot of different types of yogurt at one time?

A. It depends on your yogurt maker. Some machines make yogurt in small individual batches so you can customize each pot to your liking. Others produce large quantities and require you to settle on one flavor choice.


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