Shopping Guide For Best 75 ft Expandable Garden Hose

Along with weeding and dealing with pests, watering is one of the gardener’s most essential tasks. A 75 ft expandable garden hose can make it much simpler to give your thirsty plants a drink, as well as wash your car, rinse off your deck, and even bathe your canine friend. This type of hose can do everything a regular hose can do, with a few additional benefits.

Selecting the right expandable hose is surely more challenging than using one. We are here to help you shop for your ideal one.

Our team has done some research to create this shopping guide filled with applicable information, including the benefits and shortcomings of this type of hose, features to keep in mind when shopping, and some commonly asked questions. When you’re ready to purchase, check out our top picks.

The top 5 best 75 ft expandable garden hoses are:

  1. GrowGreen 75 Feet Expandable Hose
  2. Monyar Expandable Water Hose
  3. J&B Garden Hose with Holder
  4. MoonLa 75ft Garden Hose
  5. TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose

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Expandable hose pros and cons

Expandable hoses stretch and expand when water flows through them and shrink when the water is off. These hoses have two layers: the inner layer contains a tube made of flexible material; the outer layer is typically some type of fabric, such as polyester. This dual-layer construction is what enables the hose to expand and deflate.

Expandable hoses have loads of benefits over traditional garden hoses, as well as some defects. Here are the main pros and cons to keep in mind when considering whether an expandable model is right for your needs.


  • Portable; easy to carry.
  • Effortless to drain after use.
  • No kinks.
  • No tangles.
  • Water flows easily.


  • Troublesome to store neatly (some models)
  • Less durable.
  • Easy to puncture.
  • Difficult to repair.


Grow Green Expandable Garden Hose 50 ft.

Best 75 ft expandable garden hose in 2019

Best 75 ft expandable garden hose reviews


Tangle-free watering

The GrowGreen expandable hose is made to withstand tangling, kinking, and twisting, so it’s undemanding to handle and store. The adjustable spray nozzle and brass fittings provide versatility and dependability for all your outdoor watering and washing tasks.


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Expandable garden hose features to consider


Where will you be utilizing your 75 ft expandable garden hose? What are you using it for? If you need to water lots of plants in a large garden, you might want to choose a longer hose. If you only need to water potted plants on a small deck, a shorter hose will work perfectly. Many of these hoses expand up to three times their length, to 25, 50, 75, or 100 feet.



Pay close attention to the fittings that come with an expandable hose.

  • Plastic connectors aren’t as durable as those made of metal and crack easily.
  • Brass won’t disintegrate and is a more resilient option overall.
  • Aluminum is also a good option.



Most expandable hoses have a fabric overlay made of polyester, but the core material might be one of two types of material: latex or TPC.

  • Dual- or triple-layer latex: This is a durable, high-quality core material. A triple-layer core is more resilient but less flexible than a dual-layer core.
  • Thermoplastic copolyester (TPC): This material is heat resistant and quite durable, but it is more costly than latex.



Expandable hoses come in various colors. Depending on your taste and landscaping, you can select from neutral black to bright colors like green or red.


Expandable garden hose prices

Cheap expandable hoses aren’t going to be long-lasting or durable no matter what the marketing copy promises. A higher price will get you a hose of better quality.

On average, the longer the hose, the more it will cost.

Be prepared to pay at least $30 for a good-quality 25-foot expandable hose to at least $50 for a durable and sturdy 100-foot expandable hose.


Hospaip 50 ft. Expandable Garden Hose

50 ft expandable garden hose

Best 50 ft expandable garden hose reviews


Durable space saver.

This sturdy hose includes brass fittings that won’t disintegrate, a sturdy double-latex core, and a thick fabric overlay that won’t crack, tear, or leak. The hose shrinks down from 50 feet to 17 feet for easy storage.


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  • Turn the water off when the hose is not utilized. This is particularly important if you’re in an area that encounters sudden drops in temperature at night.
  • Open the nozzle sprayer’s shutoff valve to prohibit leaks.
  • Drain the hose. Once you’re done using the expandable hose, it’s essential to drain it so that it can fully shrink. This prohibits water from freezing inside and minimizes the chances of bacteria contaminating the water. (This is especially important if you’re using the water for bathing or drinking.)
  • Store your expandable hose out of direct sunlight. Many include a storage bag for this purpose.
  • Store your expandable hose inside throughout the winter months. Otherwise, you may find your hose filled with leaks in the spring.
  • Be careful not to tear your expandable hose on sharp objects. The flexible material is moderately easy to puncture.
  • Expandable hoses weigh lesser than regular hoses, about four pounds for a 75 ft expandable garden hose.


·         FAQ

  • My expandable hose has gotten a leak! What can I do to fix it?
  • Most expandable hoses can’t be fixed once they’ve been punctured. Instead, you look for products that include a replacement warranty. It’s very likely that your expandable model will spring a leak at some point. Choosing a product with a great warranty and replacement policy is your best option.
  • I’m sick of my general garden hose getting tangled and kinked. Will an expandable hose make my life easier?
  • An expandable hose is unlikely to get tangled and won’t kink like a regular hose. However, very long expandable hoses can still get tangled, but because they’re much lighter than regular hoses, it’s undemanding to untangle them.
  • Can I use my garden hose in the winter?
  • Yes, but you’ll need to be extra careful and diligent about doing so. Use your hose as needed, but bear in mind to immediately shut off the outdoor water supply when you’re done to avoid freezing and possibly damaging your water pipes. Also, drain your hose before storing it to prevent cracking and freezing.



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