Top 15: Best Compost Bins for Apartment

You must put an end to the ever smelly of rotten food inside your bin and lookout for a good composter for your home. Composting is great for the environment and more people are diverting themselves to home composters because they are easy to use. It is better to throw leftovers and kitchen scraps in a compost bin.

In this guide, you will get a detailed review of the top 15 compost bins for an apartment.

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1. Stainless steel with a charcoal filter compost bin

kitchen countertop compost bin

This stylish stainless bin has an airtight lid and filled with a replaceable charcoal filter that works together to eliminate odors naturally so that your kitchen compost bin can sit conveniently anywhere. The bin is resistant to leaks and rust with the ability to hold kitchen wastes for several days. The charcoal filter is easy to clean and lasts for more than 6 months with proper handling.


  • Shaped in a single piece of stainless steel for durability and strength
  • Charcoal filter controls bad odors naturally
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Rust-resistant
  • Easy cleaning of the charcoal filter by water and soap


  • Sharp edges on the inner side of the lid, may cut your skin while cleaning


2. Relaxed Gardener Compost Bin for Home

compost bin for home

Looking for a bin that opens by one hand? Featuring a bin with a plastic liner that will relieve you from unwanted smells and leaks after prolonged usage. It has a unique design that will allow you to open the lid by using a single hand which will make your work easy and quick.


  • Plastic material ensures that acidic foods cannot harm them by rusting
  • Rust-resistant and leak proof
  • Carbon filter controls bad smells
  • Compact size ideal for any space
  • Carbon filters can last up to 1 year


  • The lid might not fit properly


3. Good grip easy clean OXO compost bin for Apartment

home countertop compost bin

This bin is convenient in size and designed specifically for every-day use in your home. The lid flips up easily for removing waste and cleaning the same. Smooth interior helps in preventing liquids and foods from building up.


  • Flip-up lid for easy filling and flip down to lock odors
  • Removable lid helps in simple emptying
  • Convenient design
  • Rotating handle for an easy transport
  • Smooth non-stick interior
  • Easy to clean


  • Not to be used in a dishwasher
  • The lid might not seal properly


4. Home composter bin by Sure Close

plastic compost bin for home

Another great plastic bin that will keep away any bad smell or insects. It can easily fit everywhere and gets blended well in the kitchen. This plastic bin is made from recycled material.


  • The micro-perforated lid keeps fruit flies out
  • Hinged lid that opens by pushing the button
  • Very easy to clean
  • Swinging handle with bottom, back and lip grip
  • Smooth interior
  • The bin is dishwasher safe


  • Difficult to open with one hand
  • The bulky design makes it difficult to empty wastes


5. EcoCrock compost bin

compost bin for apartment or home

The adorable leaf-design handle and a ventilated lid are the two most creative features in this great compost bin. It comes with disposable charcoal filters and allows scraps to slide out easily.


  • The charcoal filter absorbs odors
  • Creative design
  • Can be cleaned with much ease
  • Hassle-free scrap out
  • Disposable charcoal filters
  • Collects up to 3-quarts of scraps


  • Filters don’t stay put


6. Indoor food waste compost bin

undercounter compost bin for kitchen home

It is completely understandable that few people do not want to highlight their composting hobby. Presenting a food waste container that will mount behind cabinet doors and keep your kitchen clean.


  • Remains hidden behind cabinets
  • Easy load and unload
  • Made with high-density polypropylene material
  • Provides rich compost scraps
  • No bad odors
  • The kitchen smells fresh and clean
  • Easy to use and easy to clean


  • The lid might not be durable
  • Needs compost bags for better results


7. Odor-free compost countertop bin

kitchen countertop compost bin for home or apartment

The specially designed tight-fitting lid is the most demanded feature of every person and this countertop bin serves this very purpose. The lid stays up and rests on the side of the container so that you don’t have to worry about any spills in your home.


  • Odor-free composting
  • Patented air technology reduces flies
  • Lid stays away from the countertop
  • 3 compostable bags included
  • Perfect shape and size
  • Keeps kitchen clean
  • Easy cleaning


  • The product might not last a very long time


8. Ceramic compost keeper

ceramic compost bin for apartment

An elegant design with floral imprints, this ceramic compost container may not be durable but you can’t resist the looks it has. Sophisticated but still manages to help the kitchen getting rid of ugly smells.


  • An elegant design
  • Stores any kind of scraps
  • Well-built handle made of stainless steel
  • A filter in the lid that prevents any odor
  • Filter lasts up to 6 months
  • Easy cleaning with soapy water


  • Not easy to carry around because of heavy ceramic
  • The lid does not seal the trash


9. Stainless Steel Copper Plated Home Compost Bin

copper compost bin for food waste

You will love the copper-plated compost bin with stainless steel underneath. The charcoal filters will ensure no bad smells hovers around the kitchen and it will get fit in any small space.


  • Built with non-corrosive metal
  • Resists leaks and rust
  • The bin is dishwasher safe
  • Tight lid locks in smelly odors
  • Included 4 charcoal filters with each one lasting for 3-4 months
  • Easy and safe cleaning


  • The coper finish may get scratches easily and wear off after sometime


10. Indoor kitchen recycling bin by VonShef

compost bin for indoors home

This stainless steel bin has an airtight lid with an odor-reducing filter that looks great in a kitchen. The bin is made from cast iron and stainless steel which makes it a durable product.


  • Stylish organic recycler
  • Airtight seal lid
  • Inclusion of carbon filter to keep away odor
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Easy to lift and empty
  • The sleek black body design


  • The knob holding the bail is not strong enough
  • The bottom part is not stainless steel and may rust after sometime


11. Norpro Ceramic Home Compost Keeper

red compost bin for home

The filter inside this beautiful ceramic bin keeps away odor and compost around 3-quarts of waste. Attractive, durable and strong looking compost keeper will look gorgeous on any kitchen. The handle is made from hard stainless steel that makes the container easy to carry around.


  • Stores any kind of scraps
  • Sturdy handle made of stainless steel
  • Inclusion of filter in the lid to keep odor away
  • Made from durable ceramic
  • The filter performs for 6 months straight
  • Attractive design


  • The filters are not included
  • No seal to keep the lid fixed


12. Full Circle kitchen recycles bin

odor free compost bin for home

This featured bin brings in the new patented design that you cannot find in other composters. The bottom vents allow airflow to remove any odor and the lid opens by push of a button. This recycled plastic bin will surely fit in your kitchen.


  • Patented airflow design for minimum odor and low flies
  • Easy-open by the gentle push of a button
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Emptying is hassle-free
  • Recycled plastic made body and partially recycled steel


  • The compostable bag must be used because of air vents


13. Charcoal filtered steel recycle bin for the kitchen

compost bin for home with charcoal filter

This compost bin is adorable and small that holds scraps up to 1 gallon of scraps. After emptying the bin it can be cleaned in a simple and easy step by handwashing with soapy water. The charcoal filter keeps the bad smell away. The design of the container resembles a rustic look.


  • A rustic vintage look
  • Can or cannot be used with compostable bags
  • Charcoal filter built inside the lid helps to keep the smell at bay
  • Hand wash with soapy warm water
  • Charcoal filter lasts for about 12 weeks
  • Portable size fits in any corner
  • Appropriate handle for an easy compost disposal


  • The handle isn’t tightly fixed


14. Eco-friendly compost bin with a silicone handle

stainless steel compost bin for kitchen home

This double-filtered compost bin is made of stainless steel and features a silicone handle so that it can be carried without any problem. You won’t be smelling anything lousy, thanks to the filters. The high-grade stainless steel body ensures that the container is free from scratches and dents.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Stainless steel body with soft silicone handle
  • High-grade material with rust-proof
  • Double filtration system with a tight lid
  • Convenient product and eco-friendly
  • Streamlined design that blends with the surroundings
  • Scratch-resistant


  • The knob is made of plastic and is not as durable as the bin itself


15. Recycler stainless steel bin for kitchen countertop by Utopia Kitchen

stainless steel compost bin for apartment 2020

This compost bin is a great buy because of its durability and size. It can hold 1.3 gallons of waste materials. The stainless steel body prevents cracking, scratching and chipping which are common in most compost bins. It includes a charcoal filter to keep unwanted smells away. It is easy to clean.


  • Stylish, sleek and sturdy design
  • Stainless steel body made with high-grade quality
  • Scratch-proof
  • Won’t crack or chip
  • Charcoal filters trap odors in the bin
  • Sits conveniently on the kitchen countertop or anywhere
  • Easy wash with soapy water


  • The knob may fall off after a long usage



So when you are searching for a great compost bin for your kitchen there are several things to consider and hope this guide will help you to understand them better.


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