Top 10: Best Trash Cans with Ashtray lids for Cigarettes

Do you want a trash can with ashtray lid for cigarettes? It can be really helpful at times. A trash can is a must-have to keep your surroundings clean. You might think that you don’t need a trash can with an ashtray. It could be because you don’t smoke. But still, you need to have a trash can to keep your home and office clean.

Do you know why? Because, even if you don’t smoke, you can’t stop people from smoking. You will have guests visiting you often who likes to smoke and throw the ashes. At that moment, a nice trash can for cigarettes in needed. A trash can keeps your place clean. If it comes with an ashtray, it saves you from the trouble of cleaning the ashes from time to time.

You may buy any trash can with an ashtray, you will find many in the market. An ashtray with trash can should look good, as well as make the cleaning easier. In this article, we have brought some of the best trash cans with ashtray lid reviews.

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Safco Products Canmeleon Recessed Panel Trash Can

best trash can with ashtrey for cigarettes


The Safco trash can comes with an ashtray at the top making it suitable to be used outdoors and indoors. It is made out of high-density polythene, making the bin strong. The material also makes it easier to wash from time to time. It is able to hold 38 gallons of trash inside.

The design is done in a way to make sure the trash remains hidden inside of the can. So, even though your can is holding tones of throwouts, it will look elegant and clean to the passerby.

The design and material make it suitable to be placed in hospitality areas, communal spaces, teaming areas and many other places indoor and outdoor.

On the sides of the bin, there are recessed panels that make it look slightly different from the rest of the recycle bins.


  • Long-lasting
  • Easier to wash
  • 12 inches stainless steel ashtray at the top
  • 38 gallons volume
  • 13 inches side opening for throwing junk
  • Bin is hands-free
  • It can be an anchor to the floor


  • The metal gets rusted easily


Rubbermaid Commercial Steel Smoking Urn

rubbermaid trash can with ashtrey for cigarettes

The Rubbermaid trash can is also made out of polyethylene. Hence, it is easier to wash from time to time. Apart from the material advantage, it is also designed with a metal liner, which makes it easier to clean. The ashtray is made out of stainless steel, placed at the top of the trash can.

It also has a sideways sliding door which can be used to throw wastes in the bin. The recycle bin is cylindrical in shape with a large volume to contain trash inside. Its capacity is 2000 gallons which means long term usage with no worries trash piling up inside. The disposal can is suitable for use in the hallways and in the lobby.


  • The metal liner makes washing easier
  • Metal ashtray at the top
  • side door to keep the trash hidden
  • The design makes it suitable for lobby and hallways
  • Able to hold 2000 gallons


  • Not hands-free


AMENITIES DEPOT Luxurious Stainless Steel Trash Can

amenities trash can with cigarette ashtrey


Next on our list is a stylish, stainless steel garbage bin. One of the products on our list that is good to use in the outdoor. It is big, with a nice appearance to people in the outdoor can use it easily. The can is able to hold up more garbage.

Anyone smoking outside can throw ashes on it. The ashtray is deep enough for multiple smokers to drop ashes. At the same time, its capacity is enough to take up much trash from people. The cigarette butt is designed like a net tray that collects the ashes at the bottom. Keeping the top view clean in appearance.

There is an inner bucket inside the trash can. It makes it easier to unload all the garbage that has built up inside. The trash can is designed with a view on the mind. Your trash will be out of sight while it is building up inside the bin. The ashes and thrown objects are not visible from the outside. With its design, the trash can is used in industrial, commercial and medical purposes.


  • Stylish looking
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Is able to hold much garbage
  • Garbage and ashes are out of the view
  • An inner bucket makes it easier to clean


  • Not hands-free
  • The shiny appearance might fade


Safco Products Canmeleon Open Top Pentagon Trash Can

best trash can with cigarette trey


The Safco Canmeleon garbage can is built with high-density polyethylene. It has an opening at the top which can be used to drop wastes inside easily. The shape of the bin is pentagonal making it elegant to look at. Apart from the form, the top dropping bin keeps the trash can litter-free.

It has inbuilt UV inhibitors, so the bin is protected from UV rays. The bin is also made with weather-resistant features. Hence it is suitable for use both outdoors and indoors.

Again the box is designed in a way, that the inner wastes are out of the public view. It gives a neat view of the people who are using the bin. Along with being weather resistant, it is also resistant to wear and tear. The trash can is long-lasting and good for use in areas of high traffic. For example, use it in the business areas, communal area, teaming area, or hospital space.

When using it outdoor the bin can be attached from the floor. It avoids the chances of getting it stolen or any similar circumstances. The container can hold 45 gallons of trash. The top opening of the trash bin is shaped in the ring, which can be used as an ashtray as well.


  • Can be fixed in position
  • Has a volume of 45 gallon
  • Easy dropping trach can
  • Good for use in busy places
  • Suitable for use in the indoors and outdoors
  • weather resistant
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • The pentagonal form makes it unique in appearance
  • Durable


  • The design has a narrow opening. It can be difficult to pull out the trash from the bin.


Safco Products Canmeleon Decorative Fluted Panels

best safco trash can with ashtrey


The trash can is formed from aggregate sides. It has an inbuilt UV inhibitor to protect itself from UV rays. It has a metal structure ashtray at the tops where ashes can be dropped from a cigarette.

The trash bag will remain hidden from the eyes inside the trash can. It can contain up to 38 gallons of trash inside. The recycle bin can be used in the outdoor, indoor, office area, communal area, teaming area, hospital areas, and many more.

It is made out of high-density polyethylene. Hence the bin is durable and long-lasting. The bin can be fastened in a position to avoid theft. It contains 38 gallons of volume. There is a round opening at the top which is 9.5 inches. It is an easily washable recycle bin, that can be used in many places.


  • Easy to wash bin
  • Metal ashtray at the top of the bin
  • Keeps the trash offsite
  • Able to contain 38 gallons
  • UV protection material
  • High-density material makes it durable


  • Small in size
  • Metal parts are prone to rust


Safco Products Canmeleon Decorative Fluted Panels

trash recepticle with ashtrey

Another great product from Safco, that has similar qualities as the one mentioned above. It is made out of high-density polythene, which makes it durable. There is a round ringlike opening at the top. Here the cigarette ashes and the garbage can be disposed of.

It has an inbuilt UV inhibitor that protects the waste from UV rays. The product is weather-resistant and suitable for use both in the outdoors and the indoors. It is rectangular in shape with groove sides that hold the bin. The opening is 9.5 inches in diameter making it easier to drop trash on the bin.

It can be anchored with the floor to make sure it cannot be stolen from the outdoor. It is made of durable material, that is designed to have hands free usage. Keeping you and the surroundings as clean as possible.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • UV ray protection
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy disposal of garbage
  • Easier to clean the can


  • The bottom has a sharp edge so beware if your floor is vulnerable


Safco Products Square Ash And Trash Trash Can

safco trash can with cigarette

Safco brings yet another model for the trash can and smoking urn combined product. This product looks elegant in appearance. The bin is made out of steel with a chrome expression. On top of the trash can, there is a snuffer ashtray for those who like to smoke. The container is able to hold 3 gallons of waste at a time.

There is a box opening on the front side which can be used to drop substantially into the can. The top looks appealing with a metal ashtray that merges with the rest of the metal chrome body. Suitable for uses in the indoor and outdoor.


  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Stylish appearance
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Holds 3 gallons of trash


  • The trash can is bulky
  • It is not enough for multiple smokers


Genuine Joe Stainless Steel Fire Safe Ashtray Receptacle

Genuine Joe Stainless Steel Fire Safe Ashtray Receptacle

The design is cylindrical, clean and stylish. It has a combined spot for ash disposal and waste disposal. The volume of the container is 3 gallons. It has a top lid that can be opened. It makes it easier to unload the trash can and clean the container from waste. The design of the trash can is lightweight which makes it perfect for low traffic areas.


  • It has a capacity of 3 gallons
  • The lid can be opened
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish in appearance
  • Combined disposal of cigarette ashes and wastes
  • Made of stainless steel


  • Not suitable for outdoor usage


CO-Z Light Weight Steel Fire Safe Ashtray Cigarette Disposal with Trash Can

trash can with ashtrey


It has an elegant appearance, perfect for the indoor atmosphere where the product can make a stunning appearance. It is made out of tin-plated steel. As a result, the container is rust free and long-lasting. The trash can is able to hold up to 1.2 gallons of trash. This means that it will be able to hold trash up to a day for a person.

The ashtray that comes with the trash can is removable. When the ashtray is put back its design makes sure that there is no ash remained in the tray. Along with that, the design is lightweight which makes it easier for locomotions. The cylindrical design is stable and does not tip over easily.


  • Detachable ashtray
  • elegant and stylish look
  • tin-plated steel makes it rust-free
  • lightweight


  • The material is thin and could dent easily


NATRUSS Hotel Wall Garbage Can Ashtray Stainless Steel Square Trash Can

NATRUSS Hotel Wall Garbage Can Ashtray Stainless Steel Square Trash Can Non-Magnetic Bright(24cm)


One of the last entries on our list is again a stainless steel trash can with the ashtray. The container is rectangular in shape. There is a top ash disposal mesh and waste disposal front opening on the box.

It is made out of stainless steel that makes it durable. The steel used in making the can is thick and it is brushed steel that makes it long-lasting. There is an inner layer of zinc plating in the box. The inner barrel is smooth to make it easier to clean.


  • Durable
  • Can hold much trash
  • Less likely to rust
  • Inner smooth barrel makes it easier to clean
  • Stylish look
  • Small in size but with good capacity


  • Cannot be fastened to the floor


Final word

These are some of the best trash cans with ashtray disposal you can get on the market. If you are willing to buy one, you will realize that there are many designs that can confuse you. However, after reading this review you should be able to pick a good trash can with ashtray disposal soon.

Before you choose a design you need to think about where you want to place it, indoors or outdoors. It alone helps you shortlist many products from the market. After this, you will need to think of the capacity of the trash can, how many people will use it to make the final decision.


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