Top 10: Best Trash Can for Office

The job of a trash can is simple. Keeping waste until it’s time that you bag them and dump them in an outside trash can until it’s time to get picked up by the waste management truck. Well pretty much every garbage can do that, but not all garbage cans have the same features. Kitchen trash cans are needed in a bigger size for holding more waste while a Trash can for an office will be smaller in size and don’t need a lot of room to get the job done.


There is also so much more to an office trash can accept the size. When searching for quality Office Wastebaskets there are some features you need to look for. These will include:


is it sturdy? Do I need a trash bag, is it easy to clean, will it fit into my existing décor, and what other special components I need to purchase to make it work effectively and what I should pay for a standard office trash can.


Whether you’re in the market for a large kitchen trash can or small office garbage can that will fit under the desk, we’ve round-up the most popular Office Wastebaskets that will fit your office décor.

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If you are in a hurry, check out the top 5 table below.

Simplehuman 6 Liter/1.6 Gallon Office Trash canInterDesign York White office trash canNineStars OTT-50-19BK Open Top Office trash canSimplehuman Round Step Office Trash CanmDesign Slim Plastic Rectangular Small Trash Can
- 1.6-gallon capacity
- 5-year warranty
- Durable plastic
- Strong pedal
- Removable inner bucket
- Fits every space
- Easy to use
- 8,5x8,5 inch
- Versatile
- Sturdy metal/plastic construction
- Nothing special but does the job
- 13-gallon capacity
- Hassle-free warranty
- Finger print resistant stainless steel
- Commercial grade
- Removable ring liner
- 1.2-gallon capacity
- 10-year warranty
- Available in different colors
- Fingerprint-proof material
- Strong steel material
- Strong pedal
- Removable inner bucket
- 1.5-gallon capacity
- 2-pack
- Resistant, durable plastic
- BPA free
- With handles
- Versatile
- Very, very small
- Metal bottom might start to rust after a few years
- Open top trash can, no lid
- Might dent overtime
- The bronze and rose gold colors might start to chip overtime
- Very small
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1. Best Round Step Small Trash can for Office

Simplehuman 6 Liter/1.6 Gallon Compact Plastic Round Step Trash Can

Best Round Step Office Wastebaskets for limited space

Perfect Small Round Plastic Step Trash Can

The 6 Liter Simplehuman Round Step Trash Can hold enough paper waste so the need to continue running in and out of the office to dispose of paper waste is stopped dead in the tracks. The bin with its iconic round shape fits in most corners, against the wall and just about anywhere where space is limited.


Strong engineered foot pedal

Go hands-free and reduce cross-contamination by using the strongly engineered step pedal for a comfortable and smooth step.


Custom Fit Trash Can Liners

Simplehuman Code B trash can liners are a perfect fit for this round step trash can. These trash can liners are made from extra strong durable plastic with double seams to prevent rip and tears.


• Perfect size to fit limited spaces like home offices, bathrooms, dorms and even under
• Strong feet steel pedal: Step as the big boys do.
• Removable inner bucket: Making the bin easier to clean and to dispose of trash.
• Classic round shape: Fits most home or office décor’s



2. Best White Small Trash Can for Office

InterDesign York Wastebasket Trash Can, White/Chrome

Best White Waste Basket


Add a touch of beautification to any office environment with the InterDesign York White/Chrome Wastebasket. This lidless trash can with its classic American Style features a powered coated white finish and a chrome-plated steel base that adds a sophisticated style to any office or bathroom décor.


In addition, you get great stability and sturdiness through the non-slip/non-absorbent foam base that helps protect floors from scratches.


• Small trash can great for trash or recycle
• Classic style
• Great in the bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, and more
• Made of steel with chrome finish base


3. Best Open Top Office Trash Can

NineStars OTT-50-19BK Open Top Office Bathroom Trash Can, 13 Gal 50L, Stainless Steel Base (D Shape, Black Lid)

Best Open Top Office Trash Can


Coming up at number 3 is the world-renowned NineStars Open Top Office Trash Can. This waste bin carries a capacity of 13-gallons making the usability of this trash can excellent for limited spaces like dorms, bathrooms, and offices. This product is manufactured with a high-grade fingerprint resistant stainless steel housing bringing the best out of NineStars trash cans. Easy to clean and includes a garbage bag ring to keep trash bags hidden from public view.


This 13 Gal Stainless Steel Trashcan is designed by Nine Stars. With its designed shape, it will be a good fit in the kitchen, pantry room, living room, bedroom, dorm room or children’s room. Manufactured with high-grade fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel will leave these bins beautiful all year round in your house or office.


It includes a garbage bag ring to keep the bag hidden from public view for a neat and clean appearance. This unit includes a full 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


• Non-skid base
• Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel
• Easy to clean
• Durable pedal
• Garbage bag ring


4. Best Round Step Small Trash Can for Office

Simplehuman Round Step Trash Can Steel, 4.5L / 1.19 Gal, Rose Gold

Best Round Step Trash Can for Small Spaces


Perfect trash can for bathrooms or offices

Complete your trash experience with one of a kind Round Step Trash Can from Simplehuman. It’s the perfect solution to waste in spaces where space is limited. This includes the bathroom, office or dorms.


Strong steel step pedal

Go hands-free with the pedal that is engineered to last 150,000 steps. That’s a crazy 20 steps a day which adds up to two decades. Now that’s stepping on trash without getting your hands dirty.


Removable inner bucket

This compact waste bin’s durable plastic inner bucket lifts out for easy trash disposal.


Fingerprint-proof coating

This stay clean bin features a fingerprint-proof resistant stainless steel structure protecting it from germs while the outside stays spotless and shiny.


Custom-fit liners

Complete your rubbish experience with the custom fit liners that are designed to stay neatly hidden but more importantly are strong and durable without tearing or leaks.


5. Best Rectangular Small Trash Can for Office

mDesign Slim Plastic Rectangular Small Trash Can

Best Rectangular Small Trash Can


They’ve included another trash can from mDesign in their round-up for best office wastebaskets. This bin features a rectangular shape made of durable plastic and it’s affordable. These rectangular plastic bins with built-in handles are versatile and can be used as a trash can or a storage container. Great for toys, too! mDesign – calmer, less clutter


• Compact design
• Functional and versatile
• Easy to clean
• Durable construction
• Perfect size for office
• Made in the USA


6. Best Rectangular Trash Can for Office

United Solutions WB0057 Black Thirteen Quart Rectangular Office/Indoor Wastebasket

Best 13.25-Gallon Rectangular Indoor Wastebasket


You can expect nothing less than quality products from United Solutions. They bring value and affordable products to every home while 99% of sales are generated from products made in the USA.


This 13-quart rectangular office wastebaskets from United Solutions fits seamlessly into your home décor and is small enough to fit under your office desk or between bathroom cabinets while getting the job done. It is made from durable plastic for longevity with a rimmed edge for added strength. The rounded contours make this unit easy to clean.


• Heavy-duty durable plastic with a rimmed edge
• Fits nicely under or next to your desk
• Use in multiple homes or office environments
• Easy to clean
• Measures 12-1/4-inch by 8-1/2-inch by 12-inch


7. Best Mesh Trash Can for Office

Amazonbasics Mesh Wastebasket

Best Mesh Wastebasket


Simplicity with an industrial look

Look for a cheap office trash can without the fuss of complications? Then this next bin will have you hooked. We are talking about the AmazonBasics Mesh Office Wastebasket. This product combines design with an industrial look for everyday waste management.


With the reinforced black mesh steel wire and solid base along with an edging rim, these units keep up with most trash cans on the market. The see-through design provides transparency to check when the bin is full.


AmazonBasics Mesh Wastebasket can be used with or without a bag liner making this wastebasket a must-have in your office or bathroom environment and getting a spot in the lineup of Best Office Wastebaskets.


Dimensions & Capacity

A popular size for any office or workspace, the AmazonBasics mesh wastebasket provides an 18-quart (4.5 gallons) capacity. The gently flared, cylinder-shaped bin measures 9-1/4 inches in diameter at the base, 11-3/8 inches in diameter at the top; and stands 14-1/4 inches tall.


• Made of black, durable steel wire mesh
• 18-quart (4.5 gallons) capacity
• Measures 9-1/4 inches wide at the base, 11-3/8 inches wide at the top; and 14-1/4 inches tall


8. Best Wood Trash Can for Office

Umbra Woodrow Trash Can – Duo-Tone Wood Wastebasket Garbage Can

Best Wood Wastebasket


Include a stylish, elegance and modern design wastebasket made from wood to your powered room, bathroom room or office. Woodrow gives the feeling of warmth with a touch of solidness to any environment while blinding into any existing décor.


This two-tone wastebasket makes a great home office trash can or recycling container. The Umbra Woodrow Trash Can feature integrated handles that allow for easy transport of waste disposal to the curbside bin.


Introducing Woodrow Waste Can by Umbra

Durable, Functional and Easy to Use
It features integrated handles that allow for easy transport and disposal of waste.


2-Gallon Capacity

Woodrow measures 9” diameter x 11” and has a capacity of 2 gallons (7.5 L), which is great for small spaces.


Wide Range of Finishes

Woodrow is available in a wide range of finishes, all come with a natural wood finish on the interior.


9. Best Round Metal Office Trash Can

mDesign Round Metal Small Trash Can Wastebasket

Best Round Metal Small Trash Can


The mDesign office recycling bin is sized perfectly for smaller spaces, but still has plenty of room for your recyclables and garbage. Made of high-quality durable materials, this waste unit keeps enough waste for everyday waste disposal.


It can be used for trash, recycling, or for storing household items. The beautiful round design combined with the modern flair and metal finishes makes it the perfect product to any home.


10. Best Compact 10 Liter Step Trash Can

Simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon Compact Slim Bathroom or Office Step Trash Can

Best Compact 10 Liter Step Trash Can


Fits in Tight Spaces

With a skinny space-efficient shape, the Simplehuman 10 liter/ 2.6-gallon black plastic slim step trash can is designed to fit in limited spaces like between bathroom cabinets and is perfect for an office setting, your bathroom or anywhere you need to throw away waste in your home. The durable plastic step trash can is fingerprint-proof and easy to clean.


Strong Pedal

The strong steel-accent pedal means the can is hands-free and is engineered for a smooth and easy step. It also gives this waste bin a stable operation for a “big can feel.”


Custom Fit Trash Can Liners

Simplehuman Code R trash can liners are a perfect fit for this trash can. They are made from extra-durable plastic with thick double seams to prevent rips and tears and have been rated among the top in strength compared to other major brands. Extra strong to keep garbage in the bag — not on the floor or the bottom of your trash can.


The Bottom Line

From our Top 10: Best Trash Can for Office 2019, things will be better. You will settle for something worthwhile. Each trash can above is durable. Some have strong engineered foot pedals for a smooth operation. They will ensure that your office, bathroom or dorm remains neat. That is something that many people have failed to accomplish. As a result, some businesses have lost customers. The sad part is that it is for a nickel and a dime. Select one of the office trash cans for a cleaner office space.


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