Your shopping guide for the Best Lawn Sweeper 

Maintaining a clear and clean garden can be a laborious chore, but it is one that is considered to be of crucial importance. Your garden is one of the first things people will pay attention to when entering your home, so you want to make a good impression!  A Lawn Sweeper can be an extremely helpful tool as because it can easily remove debris such as leaves, twigs, grass clippings and any other waste that will end up in your yard.

These machines can help save you time and money whilst maintaining your garden. The best lawn sweepers will not damage your lawn while removing any debris. They work to keep your yard clean, safe and appealing.

The top 10 best lawn sweepers are:

  1. Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp Electric Scarifier with Lawn Dethatcher and Collection Bag
  2. Yardwise 21” Yard Sweeper
  3. Agri-Fab 45-0492 Yard Sweeper
  4. Agri-Fab Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper
  5. Brinly STS-427LXH Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper
  6. Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper
  7. Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper
  8. Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper
  9. Agri-Fab 45-0320 Tow Lawn Sweeper
  10. Ohio Steel 42LS Sweeper

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1. Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp Electric Scarifier with Lawn Dethatcher and Collection Bag

Best lawn sweeper with dethatcher reviewsBest lawn sweeper 2019


The Sun Joe Amp Electric Scarifier is perfect for small to medium-sized lawns rejuvenation. It comes with an electric scarifier and a lawn detacher to maintain your garden and ensure that your grass grows green and healthy.  Keeping on top of your lawn maintenance is made extremely easy with this apparatus. It is powered by a high-voltage amp motor that can operate for hours while you treat your garden. The raking ability of this device, which helps keep your lawn clean and appealing, is enhanced through the exclusive Airboost Technology.


This technology increases the waste pickup and relies on steel tines that are manufactured to stay sharp for longer. This ensures that this lawn sweeper will work effectively even after repeated use season after season. The Electric Scarifier is really easy to use and can be started instantly with the push-button activation. This allows for easy control, and you can get to work immediately, to keep your garden in top quality effortlessly.


Important features:

  • Perfect for lawn rejuvenation.
  • Keeps your grass green and healthy.
  • Extremely easy to use and to start.
  • Exclusive Airboost technology makes it function better.
  • Designed for continuous and long-term use.


Our Verdict

This electric scarifier is perfect for lawn maintenance and works to keep grass green, healthy and clear.


2. Yardwise 21” Yard Sweeper

Best push forward lawn sweeper 2019

Best lawn sweeper 2019


The Yardwise Sweep makes it an extremely easy way to pick up leaves, grass cutting, twigs, and other debris from your garden. Having a clean and clear garden can definitely improve the way your home looks. With this lawn sweeper, it has never been easier to obtain a safe and attractive garden. The removable hopper bag has a high capacity and can be easily emptied during your clear up process. This makes your garden maintenance even easier, efficient and effective.


This yard sweeper can be easily controlled and has to be pushed around your garden. This provides you with the ability to control how and where your garden is being maintained. It is a lightweight apparatus that can be easily stored within a garden shed or garage.  You can particularly keep it on hand for those days when the debris has piled up.


The height can be easily adjusted which is crucial as using the sweeper at the wrong height can be damaging and ineffective. This undemanding and easy to use device can make such a difference to so many different homes.


Important features:

  • Easy operation to keep gardens clean and safe.
  • Removable hopper bag has a high capacity.
  • Effortless to control.
  • Lightweight for easy storage.
  • The height can be adjusted.


Our Verdict

This quick and easy to use lawn sweeper can make garden maintenance effortless and will improve the appearance of your space.


3. Agri-Fab 45-0492 Yard Sweeper

This lawn sweeper can help you maintain a high-quality garden without spending tons of money or using up too much of your time. The Agri-Fab sweeper has remarkable performance and can effectively remove debris from your garden to exhibit a safe and clean space for all the family to enjoy. This model utilizes a mesh back ‘Flow Thru’ hopper to trap and collect garden debris. It can run for longer than other models as it does not need to be emptied out frequently.


The 2-step assembly will take less than 30-minutes allowing you to get to work quickly. The entire lawn sweeper can be disassembled and folded for easy storage when it is not in use. This lawn sweeper can be utilized in all seasons for lawn maintenance whatever the weather.  In spring and summer, this lawn sweeper can keep your garden clear and in good condition for all the family to enjoy. During the colder months, you can keep up with your lawn maintenance to make sure that your garden doesn’t go to waste – even if it isn’t being used.


Important features:

  • Can assist in saving time and money.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Mesh hopper to collect garden debris.
  • Easily stored.
  • Suitable for every season.


Our Verdict

This lawn sweeper is exceptionally easy to use and is suitable for lawn maintenance all year round.


4. Agri-Fab Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

agri-fab tow behind lawn sweeper

Best lawn sweeper 2019

This lawn sweeper has an astounding capacity that allows you to collect more garden debris for longer, as it needs to be emptied less often. It relies on large pneumatic tires that supply smooth concern or further damage. The Agri-Fab Tow -Behind Sweeper can be used to both clear the garden of debris such as fallen leaves, twigs and other waste as well as being utilized to feed your garden.


You can spread grass seeds over bare areas during the spring and summertime to enhance the quality of your garden. This model relies on a steel-rod closure that is effortless to open during operation, allowing you to be fully in control as you keep an eye on what’s happening. This lawn sweeper is extremely easy to use, and as it is a tow-behind, it requires little effort to get your garden in tip-top shape.


Important features:

  • Exceptionally large capacity.
  • Pneumatic tires that can operate on all terrains.
  • Can empty out and feed garden.
  • Undemanding to open and control closure.
  • Tow-behind is simple to attach and utilize.


Our Verdict

This tow-behind sweeper is exceptionally convenient and effortless to use during all seasons to keep your garden in high-quality.


5. Brinly STS-427LXH Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

Yard sweeper with collection bag

Best lawn sweeper with dethatcher 2019


This simple yet effective lawn sweeper has an excellent capacity and can capture leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and any other garden waste effortlessly. The Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper has a broadcast motion that allows you to maintain substantially huge gardens and keep them in high-quality.  It is perfect for residential homeowners and even light commercial chores. The tow-behind hitch is universal and should attach to most lawn tractors, making it suitable for a wide range of consumers.


As it attaches to your lawn tractor it saves you a lot of time and energy – you can simply drive and let it do the work for you. As well as keeping your garden clear and safe, you can utilize this lawn sweeper to spread fertilizer and grass seeds through your lawn with the attachment. This makes it suitable for all seasons. It is incredibly effortless to use and relies on calibration controls that can be simply assessed.


Important features:

  • High capacity lawn sweeper.
  • Broadcast motion that can handle bigger surface areas.
  • Universal tow-behind hitch.
  • Can be used in every season.
  • Clears garden and treats them.


Our Verdict

This tow-behind lawn sweeper can be utilized to clear and treat your lawn in every season, making it a brilliantly versatile device.


6. Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper

ohio tow sweeper

Best lawn sweeper with dethatcher 2019

The Ohio Streel Pro Sweeper is a professional standard device that has an excellent capacity. It can be used for a long period of time to clear and treat your lawn without needing to be emptied.  It features an exclusive patented spiral brush that can sweep debris, making this uncomplicated to capture, more efficiently than standard brushes. This exclusive technology also works to minimize strain on the gears, making it work better for longer even with continuous use.


The hopper can be conveniently emptied out from your tractor seat with the pull of a rope, making sure that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing. This makes it more effective and efficient and can work quicker than most other lawn sweepers. This component can be easily attached to your lawn tractor which will save you a lot of work. The attachment has been strengthened with a no-slip positive locking system that will not vibrate out of place.


Important features:

  • Professional model lawn sweeper.
  • Features exclusive technology that works effectively.
  • Designed to withstand continuous use.
  • Hopper can be conveniently emptied out from the seat.
  • Attaches effortlessly to a lawn tractor.


Our Verdict

This professional standard lawn sweeper has been manufactured to be convenient and endure repeated use.


7. Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper

Ohio lawn sweeper

Best lawn sweeper with dethatcher 2019


This professional-grade lawn sweeper has an extra-large capacity so it can work better for longer, without having to be emptied out frequently. The 22 cubic foot heavy-duty collector bag can handle a variety of garden debris, including grass cuttings, twigs, leaves, and sticks. It features a patented spiral brush that operates to lift more debris from your garden lawn than other models. This technology ensures that this sweeper works to supply a better and more efficient clear of your garden, keeping it safe and suitable for the whole family.


As this sweeper brush works effectively, less stress is put on the internal gears which will keep them working for longer. This lawn sweeper has been manufactured to last, making it an excellent investment for residential or small commercial projects.  It is incredibly effortless to use and maintain which helps you save time when clearing your lawn. Ohio Steel is a popular and renowned garden company that supplies high-quality, innovative tractor technology.


Important features:

  • Professional grade tractor.
  • Suitable for residential as well as small commercial projects.
  • Exclusive technology sustains this sweeper for longer.
  • Works much better than other models.
  • Effortless to use and maintain.


Our Verdict

This sweeper is manufactured to an exceptionally high-quality and has been designed to stay this way, even after repeated use.


8. Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

Best lawn sweeper with dethatcher 2019


The Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper is lightweight and effortless to push around your garden as you clear your space. It is delivered fully assembled ensuring you can get to work instantly.  As it is lightweight, this device can be hung up and stored in a shed or garage for convenient storage. The hooper bag has a good capacity and can be easily removed to be emptied out. It is suitable for small residential gardens and can make a huge difference in the quality of your garden.


As it is a push lawn sweeper, the height can be adjusted to suit any user and is extremely effortless to control. This makes it the perfect tool for so many different consumers. It is safe to utilize, so it is suitable for homes with families and small children.  If you want to have a professionally maintained lawn without all the effort, then this is a wonderful sweeper for you. It can make a substantial difference to your space by removing leaves, twigs and other debris.


Important features:

  • Lightweight and facile to store.
  • Simple yet efficient sweeper.
  • Suitable for all residential homes.
  • Safe to use and to maintain.
  • Provides professionally maintained lawn without any effort.


Our Verdict

This uncomplicated and lightweight lawn sweeper can deliver a professionally maintained lawn to residential spaces without any effort or struggle.


9. Agri-Fab 45-0320 Tow Lawn Sweeper

agri-fab lawn sweepers

Best lawn sweeper with dethatcher 2019

This tow-behind lawn sweeper can be attached to most lawn tractors, making it suitable for a variety of consumers. The hopper bag is manufactured from high-quality mesh and can collect a lot of garden debris, including leaves, twigs, grass cuttings and various other kinds of garden waste. As this is a tow lawn sweeper, it is incredibly uncomplicated to use and can clear your garden efficiently without a lot of time or effort on your part.


The garden debris can be easily emptied out through a dump rope feature. This means you can empty your lawn sweeper and continue working without any delay, making this a great option for those with large lawns and a lot of chores.  The wheels are semi-pneumatic which makes them ideal for most terrains. These wheels can supply easy transportation and will make your lawn sweeping extremely simple. This lawn sweeper has been designed to make cleaning your garden and keeping this space clear easy.


Important features:

  • Can be attached to most lawn tractors.
  • Hopper bag is simple to empty.
  • Can collect leaves, grass clippings, and twigs.
  • Semi-pneumatic wheels.


Our Verdict

This lawn sweeper has been designed to make garden maintenance simple and effortless.


10. Ohio Steel 42LS Sweeper

ohio steel lawn sweepersBest lawn sweeper with dethatcher 2019

This lawn sweeper has been manufactured to be easy to utilize, maintain and control. This makes it suitable for various residential homeowners. It can clear debris from your lawn and maintain the quality, aesthetic and safety of your garden effortlessly.  The handle can be attached to your garden devices, such as a lawn tractor, to provide easy use and undemanding clearing. The wheels are textured to provide an excellent terrain on most garden surfaces. This can assist you in moving to make your lawn maintenance even easier and more efficient.


The hopper bag has a great capacity and can be easily emptied of garden debris. The Ohio Steel Sweeper has an excellent performance power and is one of the most affordable devices of its kind. It doesn’t have to be expensive to have a professional-standard lawn!  As this lawn sweeper is incredibly easy to utilize, maintain and control it is suitable for so many different consumers. It can be used on fairly small residential lawns to keep them safe and clear for the whole family to enjoy.


Important Features:

  • Incredibly effortless to use lawn sweeper.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Good value device that is suitable for all residential projects.
  • Textured wheels for many different terrains.
  • Effortlessly clears as well as maintains your lawn.


Our Verdict

This simple yet effective lawn sweeper is suitable for all residential gardens and can easily keep them clean, safe and appealing.


Lawn Sweeper Buyer’s Guide

Lawn sweepers are an extremely easy and highly effective way to keep your garden safe, clear and appealing. Gardens are one of the first things that people notice about your residence, and we would all like to make a good impression on our neighbors.  Keeping your garden green, clear and attractive is an excellent way to make your home look more modern and inviting. There are a ton of various lawn sweepers available on the market that can be useful for different homes.


Tow-Behind Lawn Sweepers

Tow-behind lawn sweepers are those that can be attached to lawn tractors, they generally have a large capacity and can collect a ton of garden debris in a short span of time. Lawn sweepers like the Brinly STS-427LXH Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper consist of universal attachments that are suitable for most garden tractors or similar vehicles.

They are designed to supply an uncomplicated and effortless sweep of your entire garden. These are best suited to large gardens that need a little more maintenance than smaller spaces.


Push Forward Lawn Sweepers

Push forward lawn sweepers are usually smaller devices that are best suited to residential cleanups. Although these lawn sweepers can have a large capacity, they typically need to be emptied more frequently and are best suited to smaller home projects.  Sweepers like the Sun Joe Electric Lawn Sweeper with Collection Bag are simple, lightweight and effortless to use devices that require a little bit of manpower.

They can be utilized across your entire garden but are best suited to small spaces due to how tiny they can be. These kinds of lawn sweepers are easy to store and handle.


Why Use A Lawn Sweeper?

If you enjoy gardening and take pride in your space, then you possibly already have a range of devices and tools in your shed or garage. Lawn sweepers are important – even for those who have tons of garden tools already.  These devices can be extremely efficient at keeping your garden safe, clear and appealing for the family to enjoy. Lawn sweepers are great devices because of the fact that they:

  • Save time and money when cleaning your garden.
  • Don’t damage or spoil the grass or garden while clearing.
  • Can efficiently lift leaves, grass clippings, twigs, and other debris.
  • Effortless to use devices.
  • Does a better job than a leaf blower.

Lawn sweepers can be extremely beneficial to a wide range of people.


Lawn Sweepers and Dethatcher FAQs

Trying to find and buy the best lawn sweeper for your space will be much easier once you know exactly what you’re searching for. Here follow some of the most frequently asked questions about these garden tools.


What is a Lawn Sweeper?

You cannot select the best lawn sweeper for your home if you don’t know what one is! Lawn sweepers are a form of garden tool that is utilized for the mechanical removal of debris. They are generally used to remove and clear fallen leaves, grass cuttings, twigs, sticks and excess dirt from one’s garden. A lawn dethatcher also needs to be maintained that is why we strongly recommend reading this article from They can work on grass as well as pavements.


How to use a Lawn Sweeper?

There is a variety of lawn sweepers available, all of which operate in slightly different ways. If you own a tow-behind lawn sweeper, these devices can be attached to your lawn tractor and will work alongside the battery of this machine. Push forward lawn sweepers function with your own manpower. The way lawn sweepers clean lawns is through a fairly similar way as a vacuum cleaner.

They work to brush and sweep debris into the hopper bag before you can get rid of it. The best lawn sweepers will contain high-quality brushes that will work to push debris out from in between grass blades.


How to Empty a Lawn Sweeper?

A lawn sweeper with a bag will push garden debris into a hopper bag, which is generally located at the rear of the device. Once these bags are full, they can simply be unhooked from the lawn sweeper so you can empty the devices into the garbage.


Did You Know?

Lawn sweepers function in the same way as a leaf vacuum shredder and are much more efficient than leaf blowers.

Expert Tip

The best lawn sweepers have sturdy bristled brushes that can work to reach dirt from in between grass blades or between paving stones.



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