Top 10: Best Kitchen Trash Can 

No matter how hard we try to get rid of the trash, it will always be there. This is just part of life. Garbage will always accumulate after making dinner, cleaning out the house or even your garage. A Good Quality Trash Can have many benefits like keeping odor in; reduce cross-contamination of germs, reduce time spent going to the curbside garbage bin to dump waste and it looks beautiful in the kitchen area.

But with so many waste bins on the market, it is hard to choose which kitchen trash can is the best for your specific circumstance. At Bestgarbagedisposalunits, we strive to make your online shopping adventure stress-free so you can focus on the things that matter the most.

With 36 hours of product research, we’ve finally come up with the Top 10: Best Kitchen Trash Cans to Buy in 2021 in their specific category. This review will not only focus on product selection but we’ve also gathered some cleaning tip that might help you battle those nasty waste build-up in your kitchen trash can.

The top 10 best kitchen trash cans are:

  1. Simplehuman 10.6 Gallon Black Plastic Step Trash Can
  2. Simplehuman 13 Gallon Step Black Kitchen Trash Can
  3. Simplehuman 58 Liter 2 Compartment Trash Can
  4. Organize it all Step on 3 Compartment Trash Can
  5. iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can
  6. Simplehuman Open-Top Trash Can
  7. Umbra Venti 16 Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash Can
  8. mDesign Decorative Round Trash Can
  9. Rev-A-Shelf Single 20 Qt. Pull out Waste Container
  10. Simplehuman Round Small Step Trash Can

Read the features and the extended reviews below.

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Simplehuman 40L / 10.6 Gallon BlackSimplehuman 50 Liter / 13 Gallon Step Black Simplehuman 58 Liter 2 Compartment Trash CanOrganize it all Step on 3 Compartment Trash CaniTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can
- 10.6 gallon capacity
- Available in different colors
- 5-year warranty
- Soft closing lid
- Hidden wheels
- Can also be used as diaper pail
- 12 gallon capacity
- With wall bumper
- Soft close lid
- 5 year warranty
- 15.3 gallons capacity
- 2 compartment
- Silent close lid
- 10-year warranty
- Strong material
- 12 gallon capacity
- 3 compartment
- Strong material
- Perfect size
- Easy to clean
- 2 year warranty
- 100% automatic
- Odor control
- Batteries or adapter
- Strong stainless steel
- In some cases the lid won't completely close
- Not pet proof
- Don't choose the rose gold color, it will start to fade
- Foot pedals are very short
- Batteries and odor control are below trash level, not in the lid
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  1. Best Step Trash Can

Simplehuman 40L / 10.6 Gallon Black Plastic Step Trash Can

Designed to Fit Tight Spaces

best step trash can


The Simplehuman 40L / 10.6 Gallon Step Waste Bin is designed to fit tight spaces between kitchen cabinets. This space-saving unit is perfect for the kitchen or even your office where the need is to dispose of unwanted trash. It is crafted of durable plastic and is fingerprint-proof for easy cleaning. The Simplehuman 10.6 Gallon step trash can is available in 5 different colors to choose from.


Advanced Locking Mechanism

As a safety feature, the unit is manufactured with a slide lock that locks the lid for unforeseen circumstances. Making it impossible for pets or toddlers to open the bin and finding hidden treasures.


Constructed to Last

This hands-free trash bin is designed to help reduce cross-contamination while the step pedal is constructed to last more than 150,000 steps. That is more than 20 steps a day which means it will last more than 20 years. The improved lid design with patented lid Shox technology ensures the lid close silently without disturbing your sleeping partner.


Custom Fit Trash Can Liners

Simplehuman Code K trash can liners are a perfect fit for the 10.6-gallon trash bin. This custom-fit liner is made from extra-durable plastic compared to other brands on the market. These liners are made extra strong to keep the waste in and not on the floor or the bottom of the bin.


  1. Best 13 Gallon Trash Can

Simplehuman 50 Liter / 13 Gallon Step Black Kitchen Trash Can

Large Capacity Plastic Trash Can

Best 13 Gallon Trash Can


With this Simplehuman 50 liter/ 13-gallon black plastic semi-round step trash can you will be able to dump more garbage into this bin. The large capacity makes it ideal for families with high traffic areas. The ideal semi-round shape is designed to be placed against the wall out of harm’s way. The 13-gallon step trash can is not just a space saver but it is affordable and is available in a variety of colors.


Child Safe Lock

This 13-gallon waste bin from Simplehuman comes with a slide lock that locks the lid shut to keep it secure – making it impossible for dogs, cats, and curious toddlers to get in.


Strong as an Ox

With more than 150,000 steps this hands-free step trash can is made to last more than 20 years. That’s more than 20 steps per day. The durability of the Simplehuman 13 gallon trash can also feature a patented lid Shox technology that ensures a smooth close operation of the lid.


Cross-contamination is significantly reduced while the fingerprint-proof coating makes it easy to clean. You will also find a soft-plastic coated wall bumper that prevents accidental bumps against the wall reducing the risk of scratches.


Custom Fit Trash Can Liners

Simplehuman Code P trash can liners are the perfect fit for this garbage disposal unit. The Code P liners are made from extra-durable plastic with double seams to prevent rips and tears. It keeps garbage inside the bag and not on the floor or at the bottom of the bin.


  1. Best 2 Compartment Trash Can

Simplehuman 58 Liter 2 Compartment Trash Can

The Perfect Stainless Steel Dual Compartment Trash Can

Best dual compartment Trash Can


The Simplehuman 58L / 15.3 Gallon dual compartment trash can is not your ordinary trash can. This unit consists of 2 compartments, one compartment and the other one for recycling. It’s ideal for those for belief in recycling unwanted trash. The brushed stainless steel design will match your home décor while the nano-clear coat is germ and fingerprint resistant. It’s designed with a large step pedal for a consistent step.


Trash and Recycling All in One Place

Multi-compartment trash cans make it easy to sort your trash and recycling in one convenient place. And with the large capacity on both sides, you can finally dump more trash and recyclable items without continuously running out to the curbside bin.


A Time Saver in Liner Change

Finally, you will be able to make quick and easy liner changers and this is through an innovative liner pocket that stores and dispenses Simplehuman custom liners. In addition, the liner rim flips down to hide the trash bag ultimately keeping the bag secure thus making it harder for pets to snoop around in the garbage.


The durability of the Dual Compartment Trash Can

The step pedal is engineered to last more than 150,000 steps which average 20 steps a day for 20 years. Like most of the company’s trash cans, the 58L dual trash bin is secured with a patented Shox technology that allows the lid close smoother and silently.


Custom Fit Code H Trash Can Liners

Simplehuman Code H trash can liners are a perfect fit for this trash can. Made from extra-durable plastic and thick double seams to prevent rips and tears and have been rated among the top in strength compared to other major trash can liners. Extra strong to keep garbage in the bag — not on the floor or the bottom of your trash can.


  1. Best 3 Compartment Trash Can

Organize it all Step on 3 Compartment Trash Can

Stainless steel garbage & recycling bin

best garbage disposal unitsBest 3 compartment Trash Can


Organize it all is one of the most innovative companies on the market and 3 compartment step trash bin is to show for it. It’s constructed from durable stainless steel that is built to last for decades. Not only is this triple compartment trash and recycling bin build for longevity but the stainless steel coating makes it easy to clean and looks beautiful with any kitchen design.


Multiple compartments

This unit from Organize-it-all makes it easy to separate trash from recyclable items such as bottles and cans. This innovative design allows you to free up space on your kitchen floor and even saves you extra cash and time from purchasing separate trash cans for your recycling needs. Each compartment has its own step pedal which is color-coded for easy recognition.


Removable Inner Buckets

Included in the 3 compartment trash can are removable plastic containers each with handles to make it easier to dispose of trash and even faster to clean. This reduces the chances of residue getting stuck on the inside of the bins.



  • Foot pedals for easy operation
  • Bucket handles make trash and recycling removal easy
  • Independent lids for each foot pedal


  1. Best Automatic Trash Can

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can

About the 13-gallon Touchless Trashcan

Best automatic Trash Can


This automatic stainless steel trash can from iTouchless has already been widely recognized and already with thousands of purchases, this 13-gallon touchless trash receptacle with built-in Intelligent Smart Chip (AI) has won the 2002 Invention Show for the Best New Household Product Award. This Smart Chip knows exactly when you want to open the lid and closes it for you without ever touching the bin.


How it Works

The iTouchless uses patented invisible infrared technology to operate. The user will simply wave his/her hand 6 inches away from the infrared sensor which is located near the lid. This gesture will allow the lid to open (the lid will stay open if your hand within a 6-inch range of the infrared sensor) and after 3 seconds it will automatically close when your hand is outside the range.


For convenience, you will find two buttons on the front top of open and close the bin manually and an easy to reach on/off button is located at the back of the bin.


The Benefits of the 13-Gallon iTouchless Trashcan

This 13-gallon automatic waste bin creates a germ-free, odor-free and hands-free environment. In other words, you will reduce the chances of cross-contamination that can be spread to your children. This reduces the risk of certain illnesses and bacterial infection. In addition, the iTouchless will outlast most step trash cans because what you can’t touch you can’t break.


The IiTouchless has been tested for over 100,000 times. As a matter of fact, should you open the bin 20 times a day it can probably last over 10 years of continuous use?



Many professionals recognize touchless trash cans as the next generation in automated waste bins. This impeccable hygienic feature of the waste receptacle is specially designed for healthcare facilities, elderly homes, and homes with toddlers that can easily be affected by the foul odor and unhygienic environments. The bin with its energy-saving design use 4 D size heavy duty batteries to operate. In addition, the bin features a water-resistant sensor as a point and a lock beam.


No special bags needed

Unlike most of Simplehuman’s trash bin that uses custom-fit plastic bags, the iTouchless can use regular grocery bags and still look beautiful. The specially designed waste bag retainer keeps the bags in place while preventing it from fallen down the bin. The overall stainless steel look will improve the look of your kitchen décor and iTouchless promise a full one-year limited warranty on this touchless trash can.


  1. Best Open-Top Trash Can

Simplehuman Open-Top Trash Can

50 liter brushed slim open can

Best open top Trash Can


The 50 liters brushed stainless steel open-top design from Simplehuman makes it easy for the user to toss waste on the go. This open-top structure is ideal for offices that accumulate lots of paper waste and coffee shops where there is a lot of foot traffic. The design is slim, space-efficient and constructed of high-quality stainless steel housing. The high-gauge steel construction makes the bin highly dent-resistant, sturdy and fingerprint-proof.


Fits in tight spaces

The slim, narrow space-efficient shape is designed to fit tight spaces, like in-between cabinets, while the large capacity and a 16.9 x 9-inch open lid make this an ideal choice for high-traffic environments like restaurants or coffee shops.


Custom-fit liners

Complete your waste experience with the custom fit liners that are designed to stay perfectly hidden but more importantly are extra strong and durable without tearing or leaks.


  1. Best Swing Top Trash Can

Umbra Venti 16 Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash Can

Introducing Venti Trash Can by Umbra


When style meets function you’ll get the Venti trash can by Umbra. Don’t get fooled by this simple design. This bin is easy to use and manufactured with a brushed metal finish, hassle-free swing top and an integrated neck ring that keeps the waste bag out of plain sight.


Beautifully constructed of a durable polypropylene makes this swing top kitchen trash can one of the sturdiest waste bins on the market. With the simple design, the waste receptacle is easy to clean and maintain. Venti is small enough to fit most tight spaces and large enough to keep sufficient trash so you don’t have to constantly dump waste into the outside dumpster.


The Venti swing top can be used anywhere in your home it is 35 inches tall, 14.5 inches in diameter and has a capacity of 16 gallons. Venti will work perfectly with both 20-gal or 30-gal waste bags, including draw-string and flap-tie bags.


  1. Best Decorative Kitchen Trash Can

mDesign Decorative Round Trash Can

Best decorative Trash Can


Upgrade your exciting kitchen, office or bathroom décor with this beautiful mDesign Decorative Round Kitchen Trash Can. This is a perfectly sized waste or even recycle bin that will fit small spaces. This compact design styled bin can be used to store all types of small household items, trash, and recyclable items. It’s constructed of high-quality materials with a modern-day look.


  • COMPACT DESIGN: Will easily fit under counters, in cabinets and tight spaces.
  • VERSATILE: Excellent for dorm rooms, RV’s offices and kitchen spaces
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Functional & Durable: Manufactured from high quality polished stainless steel with a woven metallic plastic accent band
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 8″ diameter x 9″ high


  1. Best Pullout Trash Can

Rev-A-Shelf Single 20 Qt. Pull out Waste Container

rev-a-shelf garbage unitBest pull-out Trash Can


Number 9 on our list of Best Kitchen Trash Can Reviews is the pull-out trash can from Rev-A-Shelf. This waste receptacle is small in size but big versatility. The Rev-A-Shelf pull out trash can is specially designed to allow two individual configurations. These configurations can be used inside cabinets with or without plumbing.


Meets your Needs

The Rev-A-Shelf can be installed in two ways- horizontal or vertical- so your specific needs will always be met. Install vertically in a sink base 24”, 30” and 36” to accommodate plumbing or rotate it horizontally for installation in a 12” cabinet.


Easy to Assemble

Assembling the frame needs only 4 screws that are provided. Installing the frame to the cabinet will only take a matter of minutes.


Durability Meets Longevity

The wireframe is constructed of high-quality steel fabrication with a white powder coating that is rust-resistant. This makes it also easier to clean and has a long-lasting lifespan. The Rev-A-Shelf pull out trash receptacle is the perfect unit to hide kitchen trash from sight. The perfect fit for the kitchen, laundry area or bathroom.


  1. Best Small Trash Can

Simplehuman Round Small Step Trash Can

4.5 liter brushed stainless steel step can

Best small Trash Can


This small round step trash can is the ideal product for any home’s bathroom, office or small apartment that doesn’t have sufficient floor space. With its iconic round shape, this unit will fit corners, in kitchen cabinets or under your office table.


Strong steel pedal

You will not find any problems with this step pedal because it is engineered for a smooth step and stable operation. Producing a feel of a “big can foot pedal”. The removable inner bucket provides easy transport of garbage from to bin to the outside trash can.


A simple promise

Simplehuman only use the best materials in the production process of their products so that it will last in the toughest environments.


Removable inner bucket

This compact trash waste bin’s durable plastic inner bucket lifts out for easy trash disposal.


Fingerprint-proof coating for easy cleaning

This 45 liter brushed stainless steel waste bin is manufactured with a fingerprint-proof coating that protects the stainless steel housing from fingerprints and germs while keeping the outside of the bin looking in perfect shape.


Choosing the perfect trash can


Weight plays an important role in choosing the perfect kitchen trash can. Especially if you have kids or small pets that will try and tip over the bin. The heavier the bin the more unlikely the trash can will tip over.



The more family members and the more food you cook will depend on the size garbage can you will need. If you consider a small waste bin then you will be stuck putting out the trash once or even twice a day.


It is common sense that kitchen areas will need a bigger size waste bin than the bathroom. It is also crucial to determine the space where you will place your newly purchased bin. Some homeowners choose to invest in pull-out trash cans, to hide it from sight, but it should be well sealed to prevent pest infiltration.



Food waste will leave nasty odors hanging in the air so it’s important to determine if you will need a trash can with or without a lid. For rooms like the bathroom, it is recommended to choose a waste bin with a lid that can keep female hygiene products concealed.


Trash cans lid types.

  • Hands-free lid: With this unit, the operator doesn’t have to touch the lid to open the trash can. This is ideal for kitchen areas where cross-contamination is at high risk. This allows the person to use his/her feet to open the lid without the risk of cross-contamination.


  • Swing lid: A swing lid keeps waste hidden from plain sight and makes it easy to dispose of waste. The lid swings on a center hinges that allows the cook to use the bin from both sides. Ideal for bathrooms and garage areas.


  • Hands-on lid: This requires the user to pick up the lid with his /her hands. Not a good investment in kitchen areas because of cross-contamination.


  • Automatic sensor lid: This is one of the best chooses for kitchen areas. The high tech kitchen trash can lid opens automatically whenever movement is detected within the sensor area. One con of these types of trash cans is that it requires batteries to operate.


  • Open top lid: These trash cans without lids are suited for office spaces, restaurants, and cafés where you will find a high volume of foot traffic.


Material wise

Stainless steel manufactured trash cans are the easiest to clean, fingerprint-proof and they don’t absorb bad odors. Plastic waste bins are cheaper, absorbs odors and stains more easily than metal bins. Decorative mesh waste bins for office spaces where the paper is the primary waste product should be an ideal investment. This bin is usually smaller and cheaper with a modern and attractive design.



If you are into recycling the ideal waste in solution is recycling trash can where there are multiple compartments for trash and recyclable products. These trash and recycling bins are usually higher priced and take up a great chunk of kitchen floor space.


Simple tips to keep your trash can clean

  • It’s advisable to periodically clean your trash can to keep rodents and bad odors out.
  • A trash can cleaner like vinegar or bleach works just as well water.
  • Dry your trash can properly or leave it outside for a couple of hours.
  • The use of trash bags will reduce the impact of stains and odors left in the bin.


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