Top 10: Best Long Handle Dog Pooper Scooper 

Dog waste has already been classified as an environmental pollutant. As a result of this reclassification, all canine owners now have the responsibility for the management of their dog’s feces/waste. All while contributing to the health and safety of mother earth and the environment. The importance of a dog Pooper Scooper is an understatement. If you don’t like picking up your dog’s waste with your hands, then you most definitely need a pooper scooper.


This is why we have provided you with a list of the Best Pooper Scoopers for Dog Waste with long handle on the market so that you can have it easy managing your dog’s feces/waste.


The best pooper scooper for you would be the one that would allow you to collect your dog’s waste the way that you would like to do it, or that would be the easiest way for you.


To find the right one, you would have to ask yourself the following questions about the problems you face when picking up your dog’s poop:


Do you get a sore back? Then a long-handled pooper scooper would serve you best.

Do you hate the sight of your dog’s poop? Then a model with a bag will work best for you.

Where do you wish to use yours? At home or in the park?


The Best Pooper Scooper for you will be the one that works the way you want it to work in the location that you need it most.

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1. Best Pooper Scooper of last year

Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Advanced Jaw Scoop For Pet Waste Pick Up

Best Pooper Scooper 2018


Natures Miracle Jumbo Scoop with long handle is designed in such a way that makes it very easy to use.

Everyone loves playing outside with our dogs, but picking up the waste that they leave behind can be very unpleasant and messy. Natures Miracle Brand provides you with all the tools that you need to make parenting your pets as easy as possible. It is designed to pick up waste from various surfaces. After using it, you wouldn’t want to do it any other way again. It is designed with the following features:


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Picks up from all Surfaces – Grass, gravel or concrete
  • Antimicrobial product protection
  • Non-stick plastic
  • Packaging may vary


2. Best Long handle Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs

NEW Complete Poo Pack | Pooper Scooper, Poop Bags, and Pet Dog Waste Bag Holder

Best Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs


This new Complete Poo Pack Cleaning Kit includes everything that you will ever need to get started with your new puppy or to upgrade your waste removal system. This Pooper Scooper comes in the color of your choice together with a dog waste bag holder and rolls of bags. You can save money by paying less and get everything you need with one order. This pooper scooper is designed and built with premium-grade lightweight non-stick plastic, and the jaws are designed to be controlled by two high tension springs for clamping control.


This product is strategically designed with ergonomic finger slots and an easy hang hole. Uniquely designed at 24 inches tall, the alternating bucket teeth pattern leaves space to let grass through without waste. The large bucket scoop is ideal for large as well as small dogs. This product is easy to use on all surfaces.


This Poo Pack is 100 % satisfaction guaranteed. If you decide to buy and try this pooper scooper, bag dispenser, and bags, and you don’t love it, you’ll receive a full, no questions asked refund.


3. Best Wire Rake Pooper Scooper

Four Paws Grass Wire Rake Dog Scooper

Best Wire Rake Pooper Scooper


Dog waste is not only smelly and unsightly but can also carry diseases and may even contaminate your drinking water supply. Therefore outdoor clean-up was made easy with Four Paws line of waste removal tools that includes pooper scooper, rake and spade sets, training systems and waste bags & dispensers. Four Paws Wee-Wee outdoor waste management and training solutions include:


  • The Pooper Scooper for all dog clean-up
  • Wee-Wee Scoopers for one-handed convenience in picking up dog waste
  • The Wee-Wee Spring Action Scooper designed for grass with a mini design for when you take your dog for a walk and is for hard surfaces too.
  • The Wire Rake Scooper for Grass is designed for grassy and sandy areas and comes with a rubber handle for comfort and ease of use
  • The Wee-Wee Easy Scoop with Attaching bags makes the pick-up clean and hands-free


The Product features are as follows:

  • Makes cleanup quick, easy, and sanitary
  • Scooper easily picks up waste
  • Made of durable materials with a comfortable rubber grip
  • Rust-resistant
  • Perfect for use in the yard
  • Long handle


4. Best Self Bagging Pooper Scooper

GoGo – Stik the Totally Clean Pooper Scooper Tools with long handle

Best Self Bagging Pooper Scooper


What was once an unpleasant, smelly but necessary task can now be a totally clean experience for you? You will have no more messy dog waste cleanups. Both you and your tool will stay clean. You can use this one for kennels or for an indoor arena. No more bending down. You can save your back a lot of strain with the adjustable aluminum handles that that goes from 25 – 35 inches. You can use any plastic grocery bags.


All you have to do is just scoop and collect the waste until the bag fills up, and it works for collecting urine as well. It is easily portable as well, so you can take it with you when you are out for a walk with your dog. This pooper Scooper is ideal for all the challenging surfaces such as gravel, hard clay, paving or even indoor floors. It is recommended that you use the GoGo Stik with the E-Z Wedge.


This is perhaps the cleanest and fastest scooper on the planet due to the following features:

  • Saves you time because you won’t need a hose or bucket of water after you are done cleaning.
  • You can use any type of grocery bag as well as the perfect fit Doodie Bags
  • You don’t need to kneel or bend down, so you won’t make contact with the waste ( for the 36” XP Model )
  • You can use the same bag again and again till it is full
  • There are no parts that can rust. Designed & constructed with LDPE, ABS, Rubber and high-quality Aluminum handle ( for the ST Model)


5. Best Long handle Heavy Duty Pooper Scooper

27″ Pooper Scooper Pack with 12 Rolls (240) of Fitted Bags and Dispenser

Best Heavy Duty Pooper Scooper


We all enjoy walking our dogs because of the fresh air, exercise and the freedom to run around and play gives you a happy dog. However, the cleaning up after your dog can be messy and rather unpleasant. The Peanut’s Perfect Pick-Up Super Pooper Scooper takes that unpleasant task of cleaning up your dog’s waste and makes it efficiently quick, easy and clean. This Scooper comes out with 240 recycled bags on 12 Rolls. Additional bags can be purchased.


What makes this Scooper Super is:

  • It’s easily portable because of Its very lightweight, in fact, its less than a pound, 14.7oz to be exact
  • It’s made of ABS Plastic, which if you are like me doesn’t tell you much, but here goes……The advantage of ABS is that this material combines the strength and rigidity of the acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of the polybutadiene rubber. … A variety of modifications can be made to improve impact resistance, toughness, and heat resistance. The thing is not many scoopers are made of ABS because it’s a bit more pricey, but what it gives you is a stronger, more durable scoop that lines up and will not fall apart, or more importantly what you pick up with the scoop will not fall out due to misaligning teeth as commonly happens with lesser scoopers
  • It is 27″ tall, which is indeed a bit taller than most scoopers in this price range
  • One other advantage of ABS plastic is that it’s molded and non-stick, so it is smooth which makes it easy to clean and keep sanitized
  • Easy to use on any surface…Gravel, Grass, Sand, Cement, Snow…..the Scooper is strong and durable, it will not bend with a heavy load like some other scoopers you may have used
  • Includes 12 Rolls of Recycled Bags (240) and a Bone Shaped Bag Dispenser
  • Quality & Testing – They use the products with their own pets, and they test and improve their products constantly to provide you with the absolute best quality and value. Even the no-frills packaging is designed to ensure your product is delivered as expected and to pass on the savings


6. Best Pooper Scooper with Bag Attachment

Petmate 71034 Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper

Best Pooper Scooper with Bag Attachment


This is a swivel bin with durable construction that makes it easy for pickups and transport of waste in any quantity. It is made to be safe and effective and easy to use on all surfaces from grass, flower beds, gravel, hard clay or even paving. The lightweight adjustable handle extends to 32 inches, making it comfortable for you so you do not have to kneel or bend down when using it. It comes with two Arm & Hammer baking soda activated bags that eliminates the odor and keep it from smelling. Additional bags can also be purchased separately.


Product Features for this product include:

  • Looped long handles for convenient hanging storage
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handle adjusts up to 32 inches
  • Built-in pole connectors allow bin and rake to snap together
  • Large-capacity swivel bin is perfect for multiple pet households
  • Plastic rake protects soft surfaces and effectively collects waste from hard surfaces


7. Best Long handle Pooper Scooper with Metal Tray

Spotty Metal Tray with Rake 

Best Pooper Scooper with Metal Tray


This metal rake and tray make cleaning after your pet very easy. Long Handles makes bending down or kneeling to collect waste a thing of the past. This product is ideal for cleaning up waste from your yard or for kennels. It is constructed from lightweight aluminum that makes it easy to carry and durable enough for daily use.


The rubber grip handles make it comfortable to use. The tray and rake are 36.75 inches long making it easier to clean yards and kennels were bending down and crawling in is necessary without this product. The tray and rake snap together easily enough for easy storage and does not take up any space.



8. Best Long handle Pooper Scooper for Walks

Pik-a-poo 7 One-Handed Pooper Scooper

Best Pooper Scooper for Walks


Dogs have a very high protein diet that creates an acidic waste product, therefore, it is not fertilizer for plants. It can change the PH value of the soil killing many plants. It can also seep into your water supply.


Research has shown that a gram of dog feces can contain up to 23 million fecal chloroform bacteria. This can cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness and serious kidney disorders in humans. This is an important reason why it is required that you clean up your dog’s waste on a daily basis, or as soon as you possibly can. This can also cause serious illness in canines and other house pets.


Pik-A-Poo 7 Scooper is a uniquely single-handed, bending, touching and hosing free poop scooper that is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. It also has an improved jaw design that makes it easy to form various kinds of surfaces. It is constructed from fiber-reinforced nylon and aluminum alloy and it is weatherproof.


The middle joint and steel cable wiring are designed and engineered to ensure a longer lifetime. It works with a poop bag. You pick up the waste and dump it into an attached bag. One bag can be used for multiple waste pick-ups. Attaching and releasing bags are very simple.


Design Specifications

  • Length: 31″
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Accessory: 15 free bags


9. Best Portable Pooper Scooper

DogBuddy New Pooper Scooper

best pooper scooper 2020


How many times have you walked on the street and come across dog waste on the sidewalk? Did you also think of how inconsiderate those dog parents were to just leave their dog’s waste there in the middle of the sidewalk where any passerby can step in it at any time? Well, that does not have to be you. That is why the DogBuddy Scooper as invented, in consideration of those people who don’t deserve to step in someone else’s dog waste in the middle of the sidewalk while walking on the street. The DogBuddy Pooper Scooper is a must-have…


Product Features are as follows:

  • Clips on a leash, so you will never forget it.
  • Picks up waste from all surfaces, so sidewalks and lawns stay clean.
  • Made from hard, durable and light plastic to perform like metal scoopers without being heavy or bulky.


10. Best Pooper Scooper for Grass

Jibber Gear The Natural Pooper Scooper

Best Pooper Scooper for Grass


The Jibber Gear Natural Dog Poo Scooper is designed and manufactured on the idea that less is more. The overall design is eloquent and simple. It works amazingly well on surfaces such as grass, sand, gravel, hard clay and paving, but is not recommended for icy or frozen surfaces. The natural pooper scooper is not only just good for dog waste, but it also works for chicken, turkey, goose, and other small livestock waste pick-ups. It is designed with a 48-inch Natural Oil Treated hardwood handle resulting in no more bending down to clean up.


The Natural pooper scooper design dimensions are as follows: Scooper length (including handle) is 52 inches, the handle is 48 inches by ¾ inch in diameter. Forkhead is 6 inches wide. The Tine length is 5 inches and the Tine spacing is 3/8 inch. The all-around weight is approximately 1 Lb. This product will keep your lawn area clean for your family as well as your pets.



What you look for when choosing a Pooper Scooper:

The size of your pet is very important. Avoid getting devices that were designed for small dogs when your dog is a puppy and still growing because he will not stay small forever.


How you will be disposing of your pet’s waste is also important. How you will be bagging it and how you will be throwing it away. Will you use a trash can, or will you have a dog waste disposal system installed in your garden?


Material Quality of your device and ease of cleaning should also be considered. Some are made of plastic and others of metal. Either way, it would be best to clean immediately after use by using water. You should also consider sturdiness, strength, and durability. It is best to settle for a device that’s going to last you a very long time. You also have to consider lawn damage, so you have to get the product that has the least chance of pulling up stones, grass or soil by looking at your pooper scooper’s metal or plastic serrated teeth.


Most dog owners fail to realize the importance of cleaning up after pets, and how such a simple task can help humanity maintain a safe and healthy environment.


What’s in Dog Poop?

Dog feces can contain millions of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Some of these are:

  • Giardia
  • Hookworms
  • Roundworms
  • Tapeworms
  • Rabies
  • coli
  • Salmonella
  • MRSA
  • Parvovirus
  • Canine Hepatitis


Humans can easily contract parasites that are in dog poop, which is the reason why picking up your dog’s poop is so important. Feces that are left on the ground can become hazardous. Children play in the yard and have a tendency of putting their hands and toys into their mouths, so they run the risk of catching a virus or infection. Dogs can also get sick by contracting parasites or bacteria from their own feces if they are exposed to it. So cleaning up after your dog is extremely important to maintaining the health of your entire family.


Bottom Line

Dog poop is the third leading cause of water contamination. Water is what the environment mostly depends on. So, to do your part in maintaining a safe and healthy environment would be to get yourself The Best Pooper Scooper available on the market.


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