Tips for Using a Drop Seed Spreader and a Rotary Spreader

There are two different types of grass seed spreaders. A drop seed spreader and a rotary spreader. With a drop seed spreader, the drops render the fertilizer which falls out just between the wheel tracks while the rotary spreader the fertilizer is spread out over a wide band and in the winter that band can be changed depending on what type of fertilizer you are using and even on the wind speed. These two different types of spreaders have two different settings.


On the bags you want to make sure you read the instructions and use the right setting for the right spreader. Not only has different spreaders different settings but when you’re reading the instructions on the fertilizer bag make sure that it’s specifying your spreader that you have in your garage. If you don’t have the spreader that’s listed on the bag then you have to do with the alternative way where you turn the dial down low. So you will set it to a very low setting.


And you spread the fertilizer out evenly across the yard. Going back and forth many times as possible until the fertilizer is all spread out across the yard evenly.


The settings on the spreader are represented by a series of numbersdrop seed spreader and a rotary spreader or series of letters what’s important to know about those letters and numbers is that they’re not linear, in other words when you read your spreader recommendation setting on the bag and it says number six and for some reason maybe you wanted to put down half as much product you can’t just turn the dial to number three in other words you just can’t divide it by two.


The drop spreader has a fixed switch which cannot be changed while the rotary spreader has a width that can be changed depending on the type of product you use.


When you are using this spreader settings on the bag that spreader settings are calibrated so that you are able to apply the fertilizer to go from edge to edge. Always spread the fertilizer then turn around and come back and apply that fertilizer back to that location that fertilizer landed before.


drop seed spreader and a rotary spreader


The alternative way that I like to recommend when you turn the spreader settings way down low is do what we call track to wheel track. So you will spread the fertilizer first in horizontal lines and then in vertical lines where the fertilizer landed. So the fertilizer is going back to its original wheel track.



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