The Smallest Garbage Disposal – Waste King Legend (9910) 2022

Are you in the market for the Smallest Garbage Disposal to buy in 2019 and beyond that can be just effective as high-end disposal? Waste King Legend has made it possible to own one that will fit your needs and best of all it not as expensive as you might think. This unit is the Waste King Legend Series (9910). Garbage disposals come with different features to fit different needs that’s why we will be looking at the Waste King Legend (9910) to see if it match up with your expectations. From our point of view and looking at the size of this unit this is the smallest garbage disposal on the market. But first, we need to establish why it is important to own a garbage disposal.

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1/2 HP Dura-Drive motor

Continuous feed
Quick Lock sink mount

Exclusive "We Come to You" 2-Year In-Home Limited Warranty

Power cord not included

Assembled in USA with American Pride

2,800 RPM permanent magnet motor

Stainless steel swivel impellers reduce jamming

Splash guard is removable and easy to clean

Sound insulated to reduce noise

3/4 Horsepower

1725 RPM

34.6 oz. grind chamber

Continuous feed
2-Stage MultiGrind Technology

Quiet SoundSeal Technology

Stainless steel components
1 HP Dura-Drive motor

3-Stage MultiGrind Technology

SoundSeal Technology for Ultra-Quiet performance

Quick Lock easy installation sink mount

Jam-Sensor Circuit

Auto-Reverse Grind System
1/2 Horsepower

Pre-installed power cord

Stainless steel swivel impellers

Glass-filled nylon grind chamber

Continuous feed technology

Front-mounted reset button
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Why do you need a Garbage Disposal Even if it is Not the Smallest Garbage Disposal?


1. Owning a waste disposal unit will definitely save you trips to the dustbin
2. It will reduce the chances of foul odor created by bacteria in your kitchen environment
3. It reduces the amount of greenhouse gas that’s been released into the environment that’s been produced by leftover food
4. A garbage disposal reduces the amount of waste that could land up on landfills.
5. It’s a smart investment considering health issues (infants and pets could get sick from snooping through the rubbish bin and inserting foul foods in their mouth).
6. You can save costly plumber repairs because leftover food could unexpectedly go down the kitchen drain and cause clogging in the plumbing.
7. Garbage disposals eliminate rodents that are always on the lookout for leftover food.

Smallest Garbage Disposal


A Low Profile Garbage Disposal that Fit Under Your Kitchen Sink

The Waste King Legend Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is a space-saving unit that will fit tight spaces under your kitchen sink. The unit measures only 7.75 x 7.75 x 13.5 inches and has a weight capacity of 8.6 pounds making it one of the smallest garbage disposal units on the market. It’s also very easy to install and it includes an EZ Mounting System.


Powerful Enough to Grind Tough Food Waste

The 1/3 Horsepower Permanent Magnet Motor drives the stainless steel impellers at a maximum of 1900 RPMs, disposing of most kitchen scraps in a matter of seconds. The permanent magnet motor achieves full speed nearly instantly, reducing the possibility of jams.

Durable Components

The Waste King Legend (9910) is made from the toughest materials. This includes a corrosion-proof polymer grind chamber and galvanized steel grind components for longevity. Saving you extra expenses that may occur due to unforeseen damages to the unit.


A Quiet Garbage Disposal

Even though this unit is one of the smallest garbage disposals which cost far less than the high ticket units the 9910 is considered one of the quietest garbage disposal units in its price range. This unit consists of insulating materials and a 3 mount bolting system that’s designed to lower the noise levels while the unit is in operation. Most customers have already show appreciation about this unit and the lower noise levels than their previous purchases so you can see for yourself what their experience is with their newly purchased unit over at


Warranty of the Waste King Legend (9910)

Waste King offers a full 2-year in-home limited warranty o the (9910). This warranty is non-transferrable from one owner to the other. So you will receive free repairs in the comfort of your home if the product failed because of manufacturing defects.


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Pros of the Waste King Legend (9910)

• Easy to install
• Quiet operation
• Smallest garbage disposal
• Cost-effective unit
• 1/3 HP motor
• Comes with installed power cord
• 2-year warranty


Cons of the Unit

• The motor is fairly weaker than higher ticket disposals
• Small grinding chamber
• Designed for smaller sized families (1-3 persons)


The Bottom Line

This low profile unit is considered the smallest garbage disposal with the means to greatly improve your workflow. The unit is cost-effective and produces enough horsepower to do the necessary grinding of leftover food waste to its smallest size. But if you are in the market for a unit that you think is worthy to be under your kitchen sink then you should read our review on the InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP with SoundSeal Technology and MultiGrind Process.


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