The Shortest Garbage Disposal – Waste King Legend (L-1001) Review

In my humble opinion, I think the Waste King Legend (L-1001) is the Shortest Garbage Disposal measuring an impressive 5.25 x 5.25 x 12.75 inches in diameter. This ingenious design saves lots of space for other appliances or utilities under your kitchen sink. This small yet powerful machine received numerous good reviews from customers who bought this space-saving and budget-friendly waste disposal. This disposal unit makes it the perfect waste disposal unit for those who live in a small apartment or condo.


As many of you already know, Waste King manufactures quality, affordable and innovative sink disposal units that you can trust and the Waste King Legend (L-1001) fall in this category. So if you are looking for the shortest garbage disposal that you can trust, I would highly recommend the (L-1001) from Waste King. Let’s have a closer look at what makes this unit so effective.

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In-Sink-Erator Insinkerator Badger 5Waste King L-8000 Garbage DisposalInSinkErator Evolution CompactInSinkErator EXCELCORD Evolution ExcelWaste King Legend Series 1/2 HP
1/2 HP Dura-Drive motor

Continuous feed
Quick Lock sink mount

Exclusive "We Come to You" 2-Year In-Home Limited Warranty

Power cord not included

Assembled in USA with American Pride

2,800 RPM permanent magnet motor

Stainless steel swivel impellers reduce jamming

Splash guard is removable and easy to clean

Sound insulated to reduce noise

3/4 Horsepower

1725 RPM

34.6 oz. grind chamber

Continuous feed
2-Stage MultiGrind Technology

Quiet SoundSeal Technology

Stainless steel components
1 HP Dura-Drive motor

3-Stage MultiGrind Technology

SoundSeal Technology for Ultra-Quiet performance

Quick Lock easy installation sink mount

Jam-Sensor Circuit

Auto-Reverse Grind System
1/2 Horsepower

Pre-installed power cord

Stainless steel swivel impellers

Glass-filled nylon grind chamber

Continuous feed technology

Front-mounted reset button
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• Small Compact Design
• ½ Horsepower Motor
• 2600 RPM
• Continuous feed disposal
• Easy installation
• Installed power cord
• 2 Year limited in-home warranty


shortest Garbage Disposal review


Features of the Shortest Garbage Disposal

Space-Saving Design

Owning a garbage disposal makes everyday life in the kitchen much easier and ultimately cleaner, but with some units, you will lose a great deal of storage space under your kitchen sink. With the Waste King Legend (L-1001) this is not the case. This unit as mentioned before is relatively smaller than most garbage disposals and for that reason, it should work in your favor regardless of your kitchen sink space.


High-Speed Motor

This might not be the most powerful motor but it’s powerful enough to pulverize most food waste. The ½ HP magnet motor drives the stainless steel swivel blades at a maximum of 2600 RPM. This thrust minimizes the possibility of accidental jams. In addition, a high speed of 2600 RPM will be reached within a minimum of seconds to further reduce the possibility of jams. This unit is also dishwasher safe with the installation of a dishwasher connector.


The durability of the Waste King Legend (L-1001)

This compact yet powerful garbage disposal is manufactured with a high strength, corrosion-proof polymer grind chamber and galvanized stainless steel grinding components. Waste King has made it nearly impossible for this unit to rust which will constantly be underwater when in operation.


Easy Installation Process

Waste King has even gone a step further to ensure the installation of this unit is made smoother. The Waste King’s EZ Mount system provides the installer with a twist and lock application for a fast and easy way to install or replace the unit. No electrical expertise is necessary because this sink disposer comes occupied with a 32-inch power cord, saving you from making extra trips to the shop. Furthermore, all the necessary hardware is provided to make so you can start the grinding process as soon as possible.


What’s included?

• Removable splash guard to make the disposal easier to clean and to retrieve dropped items
• Manual reset button, in case of an overload or rare jam
• A 32-inch power cord
• EZ Mount System



Do’s and Don’t

• Carefully study the installation manual before installation.
• Make sure you have all the tools that you need (This will save you lots of time). The necessary tools are shown in the installation guide.
• It’s recommended to invest in plumbers putty or tape to avoid future leaks.
• You will need a power outlet near the sink disposal to plug it in.
• Do not use a harsh cleaner with the disposer: The unit auto cleans itself each time it is in operation.


The Bottom Line

The Waste King Legend Series (L-1001) comes as no surprise as the shortest garbage disposal with a price tag that is affordable for the end-user. And with all the features that one can only expect from Waste King the company has even included a full 2-year in-home limited warranty for peace of mind. So there’s no reason not to trust one of the most recognized brands that deliver quality garbage disposals with a wide range of options that meets any need and provides more horsepower for your hard-earned money.


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