The Cheapest Garbage Disposal – Waste King Legend (L-111) with 1/3 HP Review

The L-111 is the Cheapest Garbage Disposal Unit manufactured by Waste King as part of its Waste King Legend Series. Waste King Legend is a household name that you can trust and the Waste King Legend Series L-111 has some amazing features for such cheap garbage disposal (see today’s price).

Some of these excellent features that come with the disposal are the space-saving and compact design, 36’’ power cord, and removable splash guard. So let’s have a look at what Waste King’s cheapest garbage disposal has to offer for you.

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Cheapest Garbage Disposal


Permanent Magnet Motor

This unit is manufactured with a permanent magnet motor which pumps out a capacity of 1/3 horsepower which in turn drives the stainless steel blades at a speed of 1900 RPM. This might not be a powerful motor like the Waste King Legend (l-8000) but in my opinion, it is powerful enough to liquefy leftover food as soon as it hits the blades.

I would really not recommend putting chicken bones and other hard-left food down the L-111 because this disposal has a much weaker motor than don’t come with a 3 stage multigrind technology like the InSinkErator Evolution Excel with 1.0 HP. Other than this small drawback the motor is a continuous feed unit, energy-efficient compact, lightweight and incredibly easy to install.


Installing the Waste King Legend (L-111)

This installation of the L-111 is easy and straightforward. This process is made possible through the EZ Mount System which is designed to replace or install your disposal as fast as possible without the hassle of calling a professional plumber. Waste King has also made it more convenient for the purchase of this unit by including a 32’’ power cord to save you time and extra expenses by purchasing a separate power cord.


A Cheap Garbage Disposal with Durable Components

The Waste King Legend (L-111) may be the cheapest garbage disposal from Waste King but this unit is made from durable components that will outlast most high-end disposal units. Not only will these components last a very long time but it produces a reliable performance that will cater to anyone’s needs.

Except for the galvanized stainless steel blades, the grinding chamber is made from high strength, corrosion-proof polymer. In addition, the Legend (L-111) is entirely insulated, which reduces the sound levels to a bare minimum when the machine is in use.


Important Specifications

• Corrosion proof grinding chamber for durability.
• A removable splash guard for easy cleaning and retrieving of dropped items.
• EZ mount system provides an easy and hassle-free installation process.
• Includes a two-year warranty which includes house calls and free repairs and replacements.
• Permanent magnet motor with a speed of 1900 RPM and a 1/3 horsepower.
• Well-insulated components, reducing operating sound levels to a minimum.
• Stainless steel impellers that are corrosion-proof, rust-resistant and break down waste food into its smallest form.
• Dishwasher capable through a dishwasher connector.
• Weighs 7.5 pounds with a dimension of 5.2 x 5.2 x 12.8 inches.
• Compact design, lightweight and small enough to fit under any kitchen sink.
• It can be used with properly-sized septic tanks.
• Comes with a sink mount stopper which stops items from dropping into the disposal.
• Includes a 36’’ power cord.
• Features a manual reset button in case of an overload or rare jam
• The Waste King Legend (L-111) is a continuous feed model that is switched on through a wall switch or sink-mounted air switch.


The Bottom Line

Don’t let this cheapest garbage disposal of Waste King fool you into thinking that it might not be worth the purchase. With more than 1300 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 should count for something. I would recommend the Waste King Legend (L-111) for those that have a household of fewer than 4 people that don’t produce too much leftover food to grind. This unit is a great investment for any kitchen.


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