The Best Way To Get Rid of Furniture

how to get rid of furniture

Are you shopping around for new furniture? Or perhaps you need to move into a smaller space. Whatever the reason might be, you want to get rid of your old furniture. But what’s the best way to get rid of furniture? In this article, we give you 8 tips!

1. Use Removal Services

There are many areas that support professional junk removal services. If there are any removal services where you live, contact them to determine the cost to get rid of your furniture. These services will charge depending on how much furniture you wish to get rid of. The more furniture you haul away, the more it may cost you. If you simply have a used coach or a few chairs to get rid of then your cost will be lessened. Professional removal companies are concerned about the environment. Therefore, the furniture you are getting rid of will be taken care of in an eco-friendly manner.

2. Donate To Non-Profits

Donating unwanted furniture to non-profit organizations. Make sure that your old furniture is in relatively decent condition. Depending on where you live, many non-profit organizations will pick up the furniture for you. Organizations like the popular Salvation Army and Goodwill are second-hand organizations whose responsibility to accept used or old furniture is part of their service. By donating your furniture to these organizations, they will give you a receipt which you can use to claim your donation as part of filing your taxes

3. Donate To Charities

Charities like women’s and men’s shelter can benefit from your unwanted furniture. You would be doing a great humanitarian service by providing comfort to those who can’t presently help themselves. Charities like Habitat for Humanity and the United Way are willing to accept unwanted furniture. They will repair it and place it in any one of their home projects. There are veteran projects and programs that will accept unwanted furniture to help veterans get a jump on owning homes through the Veteran Administration’s housing projects. Charities will very likely pick up your old furniture from your home. Donating to charities is also a tax write-off.

4. Offer To Friends and Family

Offer the furniture you no longer want to your nearby family or friends. Make your friends and family aware that you are either selling or giving away used furniture. Decide how you will get your furniture to your family or friends to help save you money. If you are giving the furniture to them, simply ask if they would be responsible to pick it up from your home. If you are selling your unwanted furniture, then factor in perhaps getting a truck to bring the furniture to them. Just keep the gifting as stress-free as possible.

5. Yard Sale

Arrange a weekend and post notices within your neighborhood that you are hosting a yard sale. In addition to showing your unwanted furniture, you can help clean out your home of other unwanted items while making a little money on the side. There are also yard sale newsletters in your community that you can advertise on. Also, use websites on social media pages like Facebook and Craigslist. Clean up your furniture, organize it, and take a picture of your furniture and post it for free.

6. Haul It To Recycling Center or Landfill

When your used and old furniture is beyond repair, then take it to the nearest recycling center or landfill. Call these locations in advance and ask them if they accept unwanted furniture. Yes, there are certain landfills and recycle locations that only take certain public dumped items. However, the chances are good that they will.

7. Leave It Curbside

This is my least favorite solution in getting rid of furniture that is no good for anyone. But there are people who can walk by and look at junk and see a new mission for its use. Before you drag your furniture to your curb to be picked up by a collection service, contact your local ordinance service provider. It is known that tenants who did not pay their rent will have their furnishings thrown out onto the curb. But for personal furniture, you must contact the right authorities for permission. If you have more than one furniture item, you must let your local municipal service provider know what you are throwing away. You might have to prepare your furniture in an acceptable manner. This may include sealing your unwanted furniture in plastic.

8. Contact Your Local School or Theater

Schools and community theaters need all the help we can give them. It may be that the old dining room chairs that you no longer need would benefit an educational institution. Your local theater could use your unwanted used furniture in their next play.

So a lot of options here! Good luck with getting rid of your old furniture.


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