Should I Run My Pool Pump When it Rains?

run pool pump when it rains

What should you do with your pool after it rains? Rain can affect the pool’s water chemistry. Rainwater is filled with acid and it can affect the pH balance of your pool water. So, the heavy rain can dilute the pool water chemistry. Especially during the springtime, many areas of the country are facing heavier rain problems than usual and normal precipitation.

With the heavy rainfall, the pool water affected due to the flooding, debris and muddy water. But when it rains what should you do to your pool? It is a relevant question for every pool owner. Due to the heavy rain, the pool undergoes some changes regarding chemical and physical level.

Should I run my pool pump when it rains?

You can run the pool pump when it rains, it might help filter debris and contaminations. But during a thunderstorm, it is saver to turn the filter off.

How does the rain affect pool water?

Rainwater is acidic and thus it lowers the pH level of pool water. Acidic water can also damage the heating pump of the pool. Rainfall also brings contaminants from the environment and surroundings, so, you need to remove the related debris, twigs and nearby trees.

The light rainfall and showers cannot affect your pool water compared to the 3 hours or more rainstorm. So, the amount of rain gets into pool water is very much important and considerable as well. You can practice these things in order to maintain the balance of the PH level of your pool water. You can get crystal clear water for swimmers.

  1. Check the level of water in the pool:

If you are worried about what should you do first after it rain, then it is mandatory to check the level of water of your pool. If the middle of the skimmer is opening then the water level is away past where it should be. You will have to gradually drain the water to bring it down. To do this process, you need your pool pump.

  • You will have set your pool pump to waste and backwash.
  • You will have to hook up your backwash hose.
  • After set up, you need to turn on the pool pump.
  • You will have to check the water level of your pool as the pump brings out or drains the water from the pool.
  • While the water is mid-skimmer level, you need to stop the pump.
  1. Turn on the filtration system:

After restoring the level of water in your pool, it is high time to get the water circulating. You need to empty out the pump and pool skimmer basket before turn on the pool pump again. After that, you need to set your pump for filtration. You will also have to follow these steps:

  • To start warming up the pool water, you need to turn on the pool heater.
  • You should also get ready for your pool water testing kit and chemicals.
  1. Shock the pool water:

If you want to fix the pool water chemistry right, then you need to give a shock to the pool water. Many people have the question should I shock my pool water? Actually, shocking is not a big problem. If you want to fix the balance of your pool water, then you can shock to the pool water for good measure. After the heavy rainfall, the chlorine level of your pool water must be low enough due to the fight against the contaminants. With the shock treatment, you need to continue the cleaning process of your pool water in the background.

  1. Adjust chemicals to rebalance your pool water:

After testing your pool water, you know which chemicals need to be adjusted more. To adjust the pH level you need to follow these steps:

  • You can use soda/sodium carbonate to increase the pH level of water.
  • You can use sodium bisulfate and muriatic acid in order to decrease the level of pH of your pool water.

What to do if there is heavy rainfall?

When there is heavy rainfall, then there is a chance for the pool equipment is at risk. Due to floods, it can be possible to submerge the pool pump. You need to shut off the power of the pump and cut off the main panel. You should remove the pump from the pump and keep it inside your room. You can put the sandbags around the pool in order to save the equipment from flooding.


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