InSinkErator PRO750 ¾ HP Food Waste Disposal Review

If you ever wanted a food waste disposal that is super quiet and fit comfortably under any kitchen sink then the InSinkErator PRO750 Food Waste Disposal is the one. This space-saving model is build to fit restricted kitchen sink spaces and delivers an extremely powerful punch with its one of a kind ¾ HP motor.

The InSinkErator PRO750 Series 3/4 Horsepower Food Waste Disposal features Evolution Series Technology is a diamond in the rough garbage disposal. It weighs approximately 19.6 lbs. and has compact design with dimensions of 10″ x 10″ x 16.2″. The efficiency of this unit can be calculated by the approximate of water use per day (one gallon per day per person) while the electrical usage is roughly 3 – 4 KWH per year.

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InSinkErator Evolution Excel

The InSinkErator PRO750 Evolution uses the Latest Innovation

Even though this unit is more expensive compared to standard garbage disposals on the market, no other unit can measure up to its performance except for the InSinkErator Evolution Excel and the InSinkErator Evolution Compact.

The PRO750 uses a powerful ¾ DuraDrive Induction Motor in combination with its Multigrind Technology to pulverize leftover food into its smallest form. This patented Multigrind technology is a combination of an Undercutter Disk, Tri-Action Lug System and a GrindShear Ring.


Manufactured to Last a Lifetime

With the various stainless steel components under the hood of this machine, the InSinkErator Pro750 is very well insulated. These stainless steel materials used in the production process of this unit expand the longevity of the product for decades. The reason behind this is because of the continuous water flow and minerals that the Pro750 face on a daily basis, thus, in essence, the stainless steel components won’t rust, bend or buckle.


Silent as a Church Mouse

The InSinkErator Pro750 also boasts with a Quiet Collar Sink Baffle that reduces the noise level to the bare minimum and owners who bought this unit had only good things to share about the quiet operation the unit comes with. One drawback is that you might find is that this machine doesn’t come with a pre-installed factory power cord.


Most Important Features of the InSinkErator Evolution PRO750

The space-saving design waste disposal unit that is perfect to fit tight cabinet spaces.
• The overall height is 12 1/8.”
• Sound Seal technology makes the Evolution Pro 750 disposer 40% quieter than other standard disposal systems.
• Includes the sound-reducing Quiet-Collar Sink Baffle, anti-vibration mount, and tailpipe mount, with Sound Limiter multi-layer insulation technology.
• 6 year limited home warranty – Starting either from the original installation date or the original date of purchase. Normal wear and tear, including scratches, cosmetic rust, dents, etc. also are not covered.
• Grind chamber capacity of 34.6 ounces.
• The InSinkErator Evolution Pro 750 delivers multigrind stages versus only one stage in a standard garbage disposal. As a continuous feed type model, it deals efficiently with potato peels, celery, various meats that have bones, and all other kinds of food waste.
• Motor-protecting manual reset overload and 3/4 HP motor – 120 volts, HZ 60, and an RPM of 1,725.
• This unit proudly manufactured in the United States of America – and created exclusively for all professional plumbing contractors as well as for restaurants.


The Bottom Line

The InSinkErator PRO750 is as tough as nails, designed to pulverize the toughest food waste while working silently in the background. It’s manufactured from the best technology available to increase the lifespan of this unit and lessen your workload. See today’s price over at


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