How to stop the kitchen compost bin from smelling

Kitchen waste can smell bad if you are not careful of disposing of them. If you have a compost bin in your kitchen where you put your kitchen wastes, then you don’t want to be taken aback every time you open the lid because of a foul smell. To help you keep your kitchen compost bin from smelling, consider the tips given below.

1. Understand first why your kitchen compost bin smells.

One of the reasons why your kitchen compost bins smell is the type of waste that you put in it. Don’t just dump anything in your compost bin. There are essential components that you need to put in it including green waste, brown waste, air, water, and soil.

Green waste includes vegetable waste, fruit waste, eggshells, old bread, and plant-based items. Brown waste includes coffee grounds, newspapers, tea leaves, dry grass, and anything that is carbon-rich. You need to balance this with a green to a brown ratio of 2:1.

Airflow inside the bin should be adequate. You can have bins with holes or filters. Air helps to break down scraps without emitting bad smell. You should have a slightly damp, but not soaking, compost pile. Your compost pile should also not dry out. If you add a scoop of soil, the microorganisms in it will help break down the waste.

If you keep the contents of your compost bin well-balanced, then you are sure that it will have little or no smell at all. If you put stuff in your compost bin that is not supposed to be put in it, then unpleasant odors are created.

2. Choose a high-quality countertop compost bin.

You can purchase many different kinds of compost bins from online stores or physical stores. There are basic countertop scarp bins that contain bags inside that can help minimize odor and mess. Another kind of compost bin is the Bokashi system. This is a type of bin and microorganism mixture kit. You simply need to fill your bin with waste and cover the waste with the mixture and the smell will be neutralized and the materials will be fermented. You can use this type of compost bin full-time.

Bins that have vents and filter systems that use charcoal are called aerobic bins. The smell can be cut because it allows for the aerobic breakdown of waste. Even if you don’t always have a stinky compost, you need to replace your charcoal filter every 4 to 6 months. Some bins allow you to grow worms. The worms help to aerate the material to make a nutrient-rich compost. They are also odor-free and ideal for indoor use.

3. Add newspaper at the bottom of your countertop bins ad empty them every 2 or 3 days.

The newspaper can absorb moisture and keep the compost from getting too wet. Wet compost produces a stinky smell of slime mold. Without newspapers or brown waste added to your indoor compost bin, it will start smelling like sewage. Make sure to empty your compost bin every 2 to 3 days.

4. Wash the liner of your compost bin with soap and bleach and dry it well before each use.

You need to wash the liner of your compost bin with soap and a little bleach after every use. This can help keep your bin smelling good. After washing, it is good to dry your bin liner thoroughly before putting it back inside. If you put a wet liner in, the batch of waste that you put in will surely get super stinky. Mold and mildew will flourish in the wet liner. If you have a dry bin with newspaper on the bottom, your food waste will be kept from having molds and smelling bad.

5. Use baking soda, cat litter, tea tree oil, or wine cork.

Before you put the newspaper lining at the bottom of your bin, sprinkle it with baking soda or cat litter. This can help reduce odors. You can also mix some tea tree oil with water and spray it on the newspaper before putting in. This can also help reduce odors. If you want to reduce fruit flies around your bin, cut a wine cork in half lengthwise. Place the cork inside the bin on top of the newspapers, or place it outside the container. This will help keep flies away.

If you follow these tips, then you can have a kitchen compost bin that is free from bad smell.



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