How to Keep the Aviary Floor Clean?

how to keep the aviary floor clean

Hygiene is one of the most important points when it comes to preventing diseases in birds. It is necessary to periodically clean the cage, plates, hangers, toys, and any other object that is inside.

The floor of the cage is covered with a canvas or paper where depositions and food debris accumulate. These can be disposable, such as a newspaper or those sold especially for this purpose. Whatever you use, it is important that you change it daily to eliminate one of the biggest sources of contamination inside the cage.

Wash all accessories

Dishes, toys, bathtubs and other accessories where birds perch and defecate should be washed every day with plenty of hot water and soap. They can also be washed in the dishwasher after removing coarse dirt. Then rinse and dry each utensil well before returning them to their place.

How often should I clean the aviary?

The rest of the aviary can be washed less frequently. Large birds, such as parrots and parrots, get dirtier and require a weekly wash, while smaller ones only need this treatment every two to four weeks, depending on the size of the cage and the number of birds that live in it.

What do I need for cleaning?

The elements you need for hygiene are absorbent paper cloths, an abrasive sponge to release dry and adhered material, a plastic bucket with hot water, a brush to access the most difficult parts, a brush for water bottles or tubes. It is convenient to keep all these elements together to have them on hand and make sure not to use them for another surface that could be contaminated.

If the aviary is new, clean it with bleach

When we buy an aviary, it may have a parasite or some accumulated dirt. As we clean our house the first time we enter to live in it, the same must be done with all these animal rooms.

We recommend cleaning the aviary for the first time, before being used, with bleach diluted in water. And remember that bleach should always be used with cold water since with hot water it loses its effectiveness as a disinfectant.

The aviary situation is important: avoid the fungi!

Putting the aviary in drafts, poorly ventilated or with too much humidity can cause fungi to appear in the cages, causing diseases such as rust or ringworm. To do this, place the aviary in bright places with low humidity.

Be warned if you join a healthy bird with other newly purchased

The red mite is a widespread parasite, so it can reach your aviary by incorporating infected birds. You may not have seen signs of infestation in the aviary where you bought the new bird, and yet you will be unnecessarily endangering your other healthy birds.

The red mite can also be transmitted by sparrows or other wild birds that approach the cage of your bird so avoid leaving feeders accessible from the outside.

The process of cleaning

First, take the bird to another cage or safe place where it can wait for you to finish. Remove all accessories and toys and immerse them in hot water to clean the entire cage with the sponge or brush. Do not forget anywhere, the floor, the walls, hangers, dishes, especially the corners of difficult access. Use a detergent or disinfectant that is safe for birds, then rinse with plenty of water and let it dry.

Do the same with dishes, hangers, toys, and other accessories. so that the dirt comes off. Take the opportunity to check if there is a small piece that is about to detach from any element that you should replace. Then remove the paper or canvas from the bottom, discard it and proceed

When everything is dry, put things back in place, fill the dishes or bottles of water and food and you are ready for the bird to return home.

When you buy accessories, make sure they are washable. The best materials are stainless steel or ceramics since they are not porous and do not allow the colonization of bacteria. They can also be washed by hand or machine and withstand any disinfectant. All psittacids are capable of breaking plastic plates, so you should avoid them.


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