How to dispose of matress and box springs


Disposing of your old mattress should not be an issue for you. Though some people don’t do as they are required off. This has gotten the authorities’ attention as they want to keep the city clean. They also have the responsibility of keeping the city from the infestation of bedbugs. If you have happened to meet with these little creatures then you understand the danger they pose. This is the creatures that can deny you sleep for the whole night. This has made the government impose a hundred dollars fine on any mattress left outside with no proper cover. This brings us to the need for proper disposal of these mattresses.

How to dispose of a mattress or a box spring

Here I would like to take you through different ways that you can dispose of your mattress. This is not because I know it better but because I want to save you from a fine.


Contact the city waste managers

This is one of the simple ways of disposing of a mattress or your box spring. All you need to do is make a call to the waste managers or contact them through their website. Most cities have a day of collecting bulk items. When you call them they will let you know when they are doing the collection. If you do have that information put your mattress or your box spring in front of your apartment on the day of collection. This will be picked up during the collection process and you will have achieved to dispose of them.


Drop it in a landfill

If you are sure you can transport your mattress or spring box to the local waste site then you are good to go. This one is very simple you just need to make the authorities in charge of your local landfill aware. The next step is that you take your mattress or spring box to the destination and you will have cleared yourself from the burden. This requires you to cover your mattress very well in a way that can not allow any spread of the bed bugs if there is any.


Find a recycling service within the city

If the recycling service is within your city then contact them to come and pick your mattress or spring box. Many cities try to make use of the existing materials through recycling. The reason behind this is that they make the product much cheaper and manage the already used items. However, the spring box is the one that is majorly recycled. This is because its contents can be turned to a new thing. This will be an easy way for you to dispose of your old mattress or the spring box.


Donate them

If your stuff can still be used then this is a way for you. If you require a better material and your previous one is still good then giving it to another person in need of it will be a better choice for you. This does not apply to an old mattress or spring box that is not in good condition. This is not because it is denied by the authorities but due to our human nature. This will affect the way people look at you.


Arrange with the retailers where you bought a new one

This is always another good idea. If you have bought a new mattress or a spring box. Just arrange with the retailer where you bought your new stuff. This will be very easy as they will come and just pick it up during the delivery period. This makes your work very easy and also cheaper.


Hire a disposing company

Some private organizations have specialized in this. All you will have to do is contacting them. They might require your postal code and other details. Then they will come to your home and pick the used items for you. I always advise this to be the last option if all the others have failed to which I doubt if they can fail.



Disposing of a mattress or a spring box is very simple. But if you are not so careful you can end up paying a fine you did not plan for. This means you have to be very careful when it comes to disposing of your items. The information above is all you need for saving yourself from these unnecessary fines.


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