How to dispose of frying oil

how to dispose of frying oil

In this day and age, oil is frequently used to make different dishes, including frying one, which leads to an enormous amount of frying oil. What would you do in this situation? To make this less scary for you when talking about how to dispose of frying oil, here we suggest some correct and useful techniques.


Step 1: Cool it down first

The first step in disposing of frying oil is always cooling it down. When you finish frying, turn off the heat and let it cool completely. The reason for cooling it is to decrease the risk of accidentally hurting yourself. The duration takes to cool may depend on the amount of oil, which varies from time to time.


Step 2: Save yourself a great deal of money by re-using frying oil

Frying oil can be re-used to save money by filtering it through a coffee filter or cheesecloth, but don’t reuse it more than twice. It can be said that re-using oil is one of the best methods of disposing of it since it not only solves the problem of disposal but also saves you a lot of money. Here are some steps on how to re-use frying oil:

  • Cool the oil first before reusing
  • Using a coffee filter (cheesecloth) and a jar to filter the oil.
  • Store the oil in a jar and use it for your next frying adventure.

With a few simple steps, you can have your oil re-used and save money for other purposes. But this re-used oil can only be used with the same type of food as it has already had the flavor of the previous fried food. For instance, if you are frying beef, avoid frying potato in the same oil.

Note: It is much easier to re-use the vegetable frying oil.


Step 3: Dumping your frying oil in the dustbin

After cooling it down completely, choose a non-breakable jar to contain the frying oil before putting it in the dustbin. If you pour the frying oil directly into the trash, it can be a real mess and can attract insects and rodents. In case you do not have a jar or container, you can freeze the oil for a few hours and then throw it. Moreover, you can use a plastic bag to contain the frying oil before throwing it into the trash, which is also a great way to deal with frying oil.

Having a proper way to dispose of frying oil is extremely important nowadays. The options mentioned above aren’t only the best, but they are also environmentally friendly.



Can I pour frying oil down the sink?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Pouring frying oil down the sink can lead to the blockage in your sewage system. This is because oil, grease, and fat do coagulate and may lead to the blockage of pipes.


Can I dump frying oil outside?

No, if you dump your frying oil outside, it will eventually cause problems for wildlife and also affect your sewage system.


Now that you know how to properly dispose of frying oil you can start frying! Visit our blog if you want to know more about trash cans and garbage disposal.


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