How To Dispose Of Fire Pit Ash

how to dispose of fire pit ash

If you have a fire pit at home, you’ll remove the ash produced when burning the wood and throw it away from time to time. But that is until you know the incredible uses that you can give it, both for the garden and for the house.

Of course, the ash must be free of chemicals; it will be valid if produced when only burning wood.

How to dispose of fire pit ash? In short, you can use it for composting, as a fertilizer, and to keep pests away.

How to Treat the Ashes?

Check the fire is entirely out, and the area is cool, remove the ashes and sift them to remove large pieces of wood that have not been burned.

Keep the ashes in a dry and cool place to prevent them from becoming damp and compacting.

How Can You Use It?

Natural fertilizer.

Ash contains magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and other nutrients. As a compost, you should not use it more than twice a year; it has properties that change the soil’s acidity and pH.

Wood ash has approximately 20% calcium, 4% potassium, and less than 2% phosphorus, magnesium, aluminum, and sodium.

But what does this mean for our plants? Potassium (K) improves root health and strengthens plant cells.

Don’t plant seeds or seedlings for at least two weeks after you’ve used the ash in the soil. It can also be added sparingly around mature plants.

Improve the quality of the soil and increase its fertility.

The ashes provide adequate amounts of potassium, the macronutrient most demanded by plants after nitrogen. Potassium favors foliage and fruit growth and improves plant tolerance in the absence of water.

The ash also neutralizes the soil’s acidity and stimulates the activity of bacteria that fix nitrogen in the ground.

Therefore, ash can be a natural and homemade option for improving the structure of the soil and increasing its fertility.


To use the ashes, we only have to mix up to 1 kilogram of ash per square meter with the earth. Do it preferably before planting horticultural and ornamental plants that require substrates rich in organic matter.


Kill the weeds.

As we said before, excess ash can drastically change the soil’s pH, so much so that it can kill the plants that live in it. If this is what you want to get rid of weeds, scatter ash without fear!


Keep rodent pests at bay.

Filling the holes where mice and moles live is a non-toxic way to scare them away when they invade our lawns and yards.


Use ash as an insecticide.

An exciting use that you can give to ash is as an insecticide, combat pests and diseases in the garden with wood ashes.

Spread a light coating over the garden; the ashes will help repel worms, aphids, slugs, snails, and other insects. Reapply the ashes after the rain.


How to Add Ash to The Compost


Ashes can be added to the compost pile, providing all these nutrients that we mentioned initially.

If you have a lot of it, don’t add it all at once, as it is very alkaline, and raising the pH too much will affect composting bacteria and insects.

It is best to keep the ash in a nearby container and sprinkle a small layer from time to time.

If you usually compost with a lot of acidic material, like fruit waste, the ashes will help keep the compost at a more balanced pH.


How to Apply Ash as Compost for The Lawn

The lawn can also benefit from a light application of ash as compost. It’s always a good idea to apply a little early and add more later, rather than going full and ruining the soil’s pH.


Don’t Apply Ash on Delicate Plants

You’ve probably heard that wood ash can be used to make soap, and this process is only possible because ash is a caustic material. If you have recently planted seedlings or other delicate plants, it is best to keep wood ashes away from them to avoid burns.

Firepit ash can be used for many things, not only in the garden but in the house and health. So now we are convinced that you will never throw it away.


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