How Do I Get Rid of Mold in My Garbage Can?

Mold is a form of fungi that grows in areas where there are moist, humid and warm environments. They survive where there is a supply of suitable nutrients and excess moisture such as in the garbage cans.

How does mold grow in your garbage bin?

A garbage bin contains all the ingredients that are needed for the growth of mold which includes:

Mold spores.
They are found in the air and dust and when they settle in the bin and absorb nutrients which allows mold to grow.

In the bin, there is a lot of dampness from food materials thrown in. Moisture is a primary element for mold to survive and also reproduce.

Supply of oxygen.
A garbage bin can be open or sealed. Oxygen is available in both open and closed bins thus allowing mold to grow and reproduce more mold spores that enhance its spread.

Most bins are closed and placed in the house where there is no sunlight thus making it a favorable area for mold to grow.
Source of food. Mold needs food to survive and produce spores. The garbage bin is full of food materials that mold can feed on and enhance their growth.

How do I get rid of mold in my garbage can?

Step 1

Ensure you empty the bin to remove the mold that has formed. Make sure all the trash has been removed and no pieces of trash have fallen to the can.

Step 2

Use non -toxic cleaning supplies to remove mold. They include vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. You scrub the bin surface with either of the non -toxic chemicals and wait for it to dry. They are safe to use and for the environment. They act as disinfectants and helps in eliminating the bad smell, mold, and germs.

Step 3

Scrub the garbage can. Use a stiff cleaning brush with strong bristles to scrub all the surfaces and corners of the bin to remove the mold. Also, scrub the outside of the can to remove the unseen mold spores

Step 4

Rinse and dry the garbage can. You can use warm water to rinse it to ensure all the mold is removed. Make sure you dry the can thoroughly to ensure all water is dried up.

How to prevent mold in your garbage can?

  • You should empty the garbage can more often. Mold can grow within hours hence always empty the bin before its too late to prevent mold from growing and reproducing.
  • Keep the garbage bin clean. After you empty the bin always clean it and replace the trash bags with new ones. This will reduce too much food materials that are favorable for mold growth.
  • Ensure the garbage bin is dry. Keep the bin dry at all times. This will keep away moisture and dampness which enable mold to grow.
  • You should disinfect the garbage bin. Every time when you put trash in the bin, check whether there are signs of mold growth. And in case there is mold evidence on the bin surfaces, use the bleach solutions or the non -toxic chemicals to remove it. Also, when cleaning it, you should use disinfectants to keep away mold.

It is important to educate yourself on the causes of mold and the signs. This will help you to prevent mold from growing in your garbage bins.


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