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Top 5: Best In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System (2022)


Lately, people all around the world have become more and more environmentally conscious than ever before. All over the world, Pet waste is becoming a big issue. This should not be the case because with an In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System you and your dog can have a waste and odor-free playground as well as a clean environment.

There are a plethora of Inground dog waste composters out there but choosing from so many options can be hard. But worry not, I have come up with the top 5 Best In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System with amazon links for you to choose from.

I’ve created this list keeping everything in mind like price, quality, brand, reliability, popularity, customer experience, design, and usability.

The top 5 best in-ground dog waste disposal systems are:

  1. Best quality: Doggie Dooley 3000
  2. Best for multiple dogs: Doggie Dooley Large Pyramid
  3. Best Technique: Doggie Doo Drain Sewer Line
  4. Best Price: Doggie Dooley 3535
  5. Cove Products K9 Waste system

Read the features and extended reviews below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


1. Doggie Dooley 3000 – Best Quality In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

Doggie Dooley 3000 Septic-Tank-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System

Best In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

in-ground dog waste disposal


This In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System works exactly like a mini septic tank, making use of natural enzyme cultures and bacteria to break down pet feces in-ground absorbing the liquid. All you have to do is drop your pet’s waste into the system, add water, and digester from time to time.

It is a clean and convenient way of disposing of your pet’s waste safely and controlling the smells. The Doggy Dooley is non-toxic & harmless and is specially designed for pet waste. It works well in all soil except hard clay and heavy sand conditions.

doggie dooley

It is manufactured including the following features:

  • Brand: Doggy Dooley
  • Material: Galvanized steel tank
  • For 2 large dogs or 4 small dogs
  • Septic tank
  • Foot-operated lid opener
  • Made in the USA
  • Environment safe
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Dimensions: 13-3/4 by 13-3/4 by 15 inches


  • Not the cheapest option
  • Doesn’t seem to work as well in cold winters or with soil types that don’t absorb water as well (clay etc.)

Check the video below to see how this product looks and works in real life.


2. Doggie Dooley Pyramid – Best In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System for Multiple dogs

Doggie Dooley Large Pyramid Dog Toilet

Best Large Pyramid Dog Toilet

best large pyramid dog toilet


This is the newest Doggy Dooley in-ground dog waste disposal system in the market, and works exactly like a mini septic tank, making use of natural enzyme cultures and bacteria to break down pet feces in-ground absorbing the liquid.

All you have to do is drop your pet’s waste into the system, add water, and digester from time to time. It is a clean and convenient way of disposing of pet waste safely.

The Model 3800x Doggy Dooley features a plastic tank with extension panels with a foot-operated lid opener. The Doggy Dooley is non-toxic & harmless and is specially designed to safely dispose of pet waste. It works well in all soil except hard clay conditions.

It is manufactured including the following features:

  • Brand: Doggy Dooley
  • Material: Durable plastic
  • For 2 large dogs or 4 small dogs
  • Septic tank
  • Foot-operated lid opener
  • Environment safe
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 16″ Lx 16″ w x 18″ h


  • Material seems a bit flimsy so you might want to reinforce the walls

See how this in-ground dog waste disposal system looks in real life:


3. Doggie Doo Sewer Line – Best Easy to Use In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

Doggie Doo Drain Dog Waste Sewer Line Attachment

Best Waste Sewer Line AttachmentBest waste sewer line attachement

Everyone loves their pets, but most people don’t like the mess that their pets create. Most people collect their dog waste in plastic bags to dump in the trash can, which results in smelly dirt bins and ends up at the garbage dump where the plastic packet takes about 150-200 years to decompose.

If you consider the number of dogs in the country and the tons of feces that they produce every year. The feces that don’t get absorbed into the ground or washed down a storm drain end up seeping into our drinking water and contaminating it. The only solution to this problem is to buy an in-ground dog waste disposal system.

The Doggy Doo Drain is very easy to use. Simply attach to your sewer or septic system and the waste is directly flushed into the sewer where it belongs. It can be installed in minutes and requires no assembling.

Its features include the following:

  • Brand: Doggy Doo
  • Material: Durable plastic
  • Sewer line attachment
  • No max. number of dogs
  • No assembly needed
  • Accepts 3 and 4 inch sizes Sewer/ Septic Clean-out
  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 10.2 x 10 inches


  • You might want to use a hose to flush

How does it work? Check out the video below:


4. Doggie Dooley 3535 – Best Price for An In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

Doggie Dooley 3535 35th-Anniversary Leach-Bed-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System

best standard pyramid dog waste toilet


The Doggy Dooley Pet Waste System is a clean and easy solution to dispose of pet waste. It is the best way to keep all family gathering areas in your yard sanitary. Its main function is to liquefy pet waste safely like a home septic tank system. It has a strong and durable construction with an easy-to-use foot-operated lid so you don’t have to use your hands. It is environmentally friendly and safe.

This in-ground dog waste disposal system dimensions are 15 x 2.8 x 10.5 inches and this product is suitable for 1 large or 2 small dogs.


  • Brand: Doggy Dooley
  • Material: Durable plastic
  • For up to 1 large dog or 2 small dogs
  • Septic tank
  • Foot-operated lid opener
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 15 x 2.8 x 10.5 inches


  • The walls are a bit flimsy so be careful when you throw dirt on it after digging it in.


5. Cove Products K9 Kennel In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

Cove Products K9 Kennel Store in Ground Dog Kennel Septic Tank – Waste Management

best dog waste septic tank solution


The Cove Products K9 Kennel in-ground Dog Disposal is a small dog waste disposal system. It is fast, clean, and sanitary as well as being insect and odor-free also. So no more smelly bags and trash cans around your house.

It works like a small home septic tank and the feces are broken down into a liquid and absorbed into the ground. It works in all soil compounds except hard clay. It is also very easy to install and is manufactured with the following features included.


  • Brand: Cove
  • Material: Plastic
  • For 1 large dog, or 2 small dogs
  • Septic tank
  • Simple Assembly
  • Foot Operated Lid For Easy Use
  • Size: 5 gallon


  • Not the cheapest option
  • You have to dig a large, deep hole


Why buy an in-ground dog waste disposal system? Do in-ground dog waste disposal systems work?

The importance of a waste-free yard and lawn is not only an environmental issue but also a family health issue. Pet waste that is not cleaned up can become a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases that can be transmitted to humans, and also put the health of your pets in jeopardy.

There are many ways to clean up animal waste from your yard and lawn area, but lately, the most popular method people choose is the In-Ground Waste Digester System. There are various models for you to choose from and they all work on the same principles as a septic system.

  • You must first dig a hole in a convenient and out-of-the-way area in your yard in the spot you wish to place the digester. The hole must be no more than 48 inches deep in order to facilitate drainage. Install the digester and cover it in the ground. The cover should only be slightly above the ground.
  • After your pet has deposited his waste, pick it up, and place it in the digester.
  • Add special enzyme stool digester mixture and water and place the lid back on the digester. Some digesters come with a pedal apparatus.
  • Let the digester do its job – the digester liquefies the stool and drains it into the surrounding soil.
  • Forget about it until the next time and enjoy your clean lawn!
  • The liquid stool product is not harmful or a danger to the environment.

The In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System that you can buy in 2021 is practically level with the ground so it is not obvious to the eye of passers-by. You would be surprised how easy it is to clean up your pet’s waste by using one of these pet waste disposal systems mentioned above. Also keep in mind that if you feed your dog’s high protein or concentrated premium foods, you will have to purchase a special digester because you will need a specific bacteria/enzyme mixture to liquefy the stools.

What to look for when buying a pet waste disposal system?

There are some things to keep in mind while looking for any kind of pet waste disposal system.

Technique – There are two types of in-ground disposal systems: Sewer line attachment and septic tank. Both work well but are different. So pick one which fits you the best.

A sewer line attachment, as the name suggests, is attached to a sewer. It doesn’t matter how many dogs you have. You don’t have to buy extras like Waste Terminator powder or tablets. It is relatively cheap.

A septic tank works like a miniature septic tank. In most cases, you’ll need water and a powder or tablet. These will work together with nature to digest the dog poop. A septic tank does work for a limited number of dogs. The smaller tanks work for 1 large dog or 2 small dogs and the bigger tanks work for 2 large dogs or 4 small dogs. You can check the Best In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System mentioned above and choose whichever fits your needs.

The number of dogs – As we’ve mentioned above, not all options work for a large number of dogs. If you have 1 large dog or 2 small dogs, there is no problem. But if you have multiple full-grown dogs, you have limited options. Your options are the large pyramid septic tank or the sewer line attachment.  You can also choose to buy multiple septic tanks.

Material – Most options are made out of durable plastic. The Doggy Dooley 3000 is made out of strong, galvanized steel. So, this might be a stronger and more durable option. This option is also a bit more expensive but probably will last you longer. The customer reviews are very good, so a lot of dog owners are happy with the Doggy Dooley 3000.

Price/quality ratio – While picking a dog waste disposal system, check for the price/quality ratio. In this article, we’ve already done the work for you. If you’re not sure about the quality, search for customer reviews. This can either be on Amazon, or on google.

How to build your own in-ground dog waste disposal system DIY?

1. Take an old plastic garbage can and drill a dozen or so holes in the sides.
2. Cut out the bottom.
3. Dig a hole deep enough for the garbage can.
4. Toss some rocks or gravel in the hole for drainage and position the garbage can so it’s a little above ground level.
5. Place the lid on top.
6. Start scooping.

Best Way to Dispose of Dog waste

Wintertime is not the best time to step outside to pick up after your dog especially when it is snowing. Dog poop freeze to the ground as soon as it is left behind. Springtime is the best time of the year to get handy picking up dog poop. But the best option available to you is to dissolve it.

  1. Wait until the snow melts and then pick up the dog stools while it is still hard
  2. Drop your dog’s stools in a container with a lid or use one of the above mentioned in-ground dog waste disposal system to ease your work
  3. Drop some enzyme power or tablets into the bucket. These can be purchased from online pet supply stores. Add some water and leave it to dissolve.
  4. Next, you want to use a high-speed sprayer to get rid of the remaining dog poop.
  5. Powdered or pelletized lime can be purchased as a lawn fertilizer if necessary. This will instantly help to dissolve leftover poop and eliminate dog poop odor.


Can you turn dog poop into fertilizer?

The general answer to that question depends on how concerned you are about your pet’s and your family’s health. So, in short, yes but we suggest that you take proper precautions because both cat and dog poop can be dangerous to human health.

Can Cat feces be used as a fertilizer?

Cat feces pose a more significant danger to human health. The reason is that cat feces transmit toxoplasmosis which is a disease that is dangerous to pregnant women. It can do serious harm to the unborn child’s central nervous system.

These effects can be detrimental and could lead to fetal blindness, brain damage, and many other problems. Because the symptoms are similar to a flu virus the disease is often diagnosed as a familiar ailment. It is estimated that almost 50% of Americans have been affected by this parasite at one time or another. Cat manure should always be handled with extreme care and it is advised that pregnant women should stay away from cat manure. Furthermore, never use cat poop in your food garden, rather bury it with non-food plants. Using an in-ground pet waste disposal system is probably the best option for all pet parents.

How do you compost dog poop?

Roundworms are the primary hazard in dog stools. Their stools can be used in your garden but first, need to be composted. To produce the best soil-rich compost the limiting factor is the temperature of the compost pile. Compost piles can be done by hand but speed this up you can always choose one of these Outdoor Composting Bins. They are great for producing yard waste and it’s not labor-intensive.

The Bottom Line

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to take care of the mess that your pets leave behind them, and your duty as a citizen of humanity to solve the problem in the cleanest and most environmentally safe way possible. Owning The Best In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System takes care of such an unpleasant task, so here we have provided you with the best disposal systems on the market to make the dirty business of waste disposal easier for you.

Top 8: Best Outdoor Garbage Cans with Locking Lids and Wheels Review


I get it, keeping your backyard neat and tidy has never been easy, but thanks to a range of highly efficient products like these Outdoor Garbage Cans with Locking Lids and Wheels your problem to waste solution has become more of a choir than a task. Furthermore, these outdoor garbage cans we are about to review are stylish, durable, and will seamlessly blend in with your outside décor. With this said, we’ve taken the liberty to review a handful of trash can manufacturers you to choose from. Each of these garbage cans is within an affordable range for a pleasant buying experience.

A garbage can doesn’t have to make your life miserable. When you have a reliable waste bin that is made to cater to your expectations, you will barely notice it. An exceptional outdoor trash can will last year after year without spilling or leaking. It should easily be moved to the curbside for waste pick-up. The lid should shut tightly making it harder for snooping pets to get in. It should have a decent weight to it so that it will not fall over in strong wind conditions.

The top 8 best outdoor garbage cans with locking lids and wheels are:

  1. Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Step-on Rollout Waste Container
  2. Toter Residential Rollout Trash Can
  3. United Solutions 32 – Gallon Outdoor Trash Can with Turn & Lock Lid
  4. 45 Gallon Wheeled Trash can Garbage Container Outdoor Plastic Waste Bin
  5. Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Rollout Trash Can
  6. Seville Classics 17 – Gallon Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Can
  7. Suncast 96 – Gallon Wheeled Trash Can
  8. OTTO Mobile Heavy Duty Trash Container

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

If you are in a hurry, check out the table with our top 5 below:

Rubbermaid Commercial Brute RollOut Trash CanToter Residential Roll –out Trash CanUnited Solutions 32 – Gallon Outdoor Trash Can32 Gallon Toter Cheap Trash CanRubbermaid Commercial Brute Heavy-Duty Rollout Trash Can
- 50-gallon capacity
- Available in different colors
- Easy to move
- Ergonomic handle
- Heavy duty wheels
- Durable quality
- Autolifter ready
- 64-gallon capacity
- Available in different colors
- Estimated 15-20 years service life
- Easy to move
- Strong, durable material
- Made out of 50% recycled material
- 32-gallon capacity
- Turn and lock lid
- Easy to move
- Less expensive option
- 32-gallon capacity
- Lightweight
- Inexpensive option
- Easy to manouvre
- 50-gallon capacity
- Heavy-duty
- Easy to move
- Ergonomic handle
- Durable wheels
- Strong construction
- Autolifter ready
- The lid seems a little less high quality
- Material doesn't stop rats and squirrels from chewing through
- Don't lock the lid on pick-up day
- Small capacity
- Lid does not snap shut
- Some customers report a wheel falling off
Check the latest price on AmazonCheck latest price on AmazonCheck latest price on AmazonCheck the latest price on AmazonCheck the latest price on Amazon

1. Best Overall Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels

Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Step-on Rollout Waste Container


Best Outdoor Garbage Cans with Locking Lids and Wheels

Best Outdoor Trash Can with Locking Lids and Wheelss

The Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Rollout Trash Cans are manufactured from commercial-grade materials to handle your daily tasks easily and effectively. It’s constructed with reinforced rims and heavy-duty wheels, to transport heavy loads indoors or outdoors, through the toughest terrain for year after year.

Rugged Wheels – Build with high-performance trends that reduce slipping when moving heavy loads across uneven surfaces. Also durable enough to make mover ability a breeze over rough terrains.

Sturdy Lid – With the reinforcement of the rim and a sturdy lid that shut tightly increase the overall strength and durability of the trash can. The tightly shut lid also prevents animals from snooping through the rubbish while preventing foul odors from escaping the bin.

Ergonomic Handle – Experience a comfortable grip with the sturdy handle that makes maneuvering and controlling this Rubbermaid Outdoor Trash Can a breach.


  • Brand: Rubbermaid
  • 50-gallon capacity
  • Commercial-grade
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Secure lid positioning
  • Available in many sizes and colors
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Sturdy and durable, can handle all temperatures


  • Wheels are somewhat small

2. Best Residential Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels

Toter Residential Roll –out Trash Can

Best Residential Wheeled Trash Can with Attached Lid


Why Buy a Toter Trash Can? Toter products are built to last and with their patented stress-free advanced molding process and above all superior product durability and sustainability, their products are made to last for year after year. Products like the Toter Residential Roll-Out Trash Can are flexible and impact-resistant with minimal cleaning effort.

Toter products not only rely on strength and durability but the company invests in the latest technology to sustain company growth and incorporate customer care to the best of their abilities making them one of the best competing companies in outdoor waste disposal products.

Investing in this 2 wheeled garbage can with a locking lid and wheels are a great investment that will only make your waste disposal events a walk in the park but will simultaneously provide a better waste disposal experience for you and the family. The Toter residential curbside bin is designed for the best maneuverability.

The Toter residential curbside heavy duty trash can is a 2-wheeled garbage container with a molded-in axle and attached lid. Toter trash cans offer a service life expectancy virtually double that of other brands and each comes with a 10-year warranty. The large footprint and aerodynamic design create a superior wind and set-down stability and are compatible with automated or semi-automated collection waste truck lifters.

The rugged wheels make Toter cans easy to maneuver and the ergonomic design leads to easy to tilt and roll, even when full. Toter cans are manufactured through a patented molding process which allows for added rigidity and extra material in critical wear areas, creating their patented rugged rim at the top edge and the wear strip at the bottom of the container. Designed to look good even after years of service.


  • Brand: Toter
  • Dimensions: 31.75″ x 24.25″ x 41.75″
  • 64-gallon capacity
  • Fits 5 tall kitchen bags
  • Super easy to maneuver. Easy to roll, even when completely full
  • Low, narrow profile fits through most gates and doors.
  • Compatible with all fully-automated garbage trucks and semi-automated cart lifters.
  • Contains up to 50% recycled content, and is 100% recyclable.


  • The top is made out of thinner plastic, rodents might chew on it.

3. Best 32 – Gallon Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels

United Solutions 32 – Gallon Outdoor Trash Can with Turn & Lock Lid


Best 32 – Gallon Trash Can with Wheels and Attached Lid


This 32 – Gallon Turn and Lock Wheeled Trash Can is available at a very affordable price featuring a Blow Moulded Structure, ensures that the can is light in weight, and extremely tough ensuring that it can withstand high heat and cold to freezing temperatures.

This Trash Can also feature more than enough capacity for all your Trash. The Turn and Lock Lid feature makes it difficult for animals to detach the lid and get into the bin. It also keeps the Lid from being blown open in Storm Situations. The wheels and handle present easy mobility and maneuverability. It is made from 85% recycled material. This wheeled bin can easily be used for Trash, Gardening, Storage, and many other purposes.


  • Brand: United Solutions
  • Dimensions: unknown
  • 32-gallon capacity
  • Round design
  • Can withstand all temperatures
  • Turn and lock lid
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Made from 85% recycled material


  • Very lightweight

4. Best Cheap Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels

45 Gallon Wheeled Trash can Garbage Container Outdoor Plastic Waste Bin


Best Heavy Duty Roll - Out – Cart

This 32 gallon Wheeled Toter trash can is an inexpensive option. The material is sturdy and durable and the garbage can has a nice design. A smaller option that can also be used as storage for pet food and more. It stores up to 4 tall kitchen trash bags.

The garbage can is lightweight and easy to move. The lid seals well but does not snap shut. So you’ll have to secure the lid with chords if you live in a windy area, or if you want to keep rodents out. The garbage can is made out of very thin and lightweight material.


  • Brand: Toter
  • Cheap option
  • 32-gallon capacity
  • Dimensions: 40 x 24 x 20 inches; 26.35 Pounds
  • Can hold up to 4 tall kitchen trash bags
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good value for money


  • Small capacity
  • Lid does not snap shut

5.  Best 50 – Gallon Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels

Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Rollout Trash Can


Best 50 – Gallon Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid

Best 50 – Gallon Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid


Tough Commercial – Grade Trash Cans

Features include rugged wheels, a robust handle, a very sturdy lid, and a long-lasting container that will stay reliable even under heavy-duty use.

Moves Heavy Loads

Rubbermaid commercial brute roll-out trash cans are built to last from commercial-grade materials to easily handle heavy loads. It is designed with reinforced rims and heavy-duty – duty wheels to stay strong while transporting rugged loads across uneven surfaces and rough terrain both indoors and outdoors.

Wheels are redesigned with a high-performance grip for surfaces with reduced sliding. It is fitted with an ergonomic handle built for a more comfortable grip as well as a fully opening lid that stays in place during transport. This trash can also feature rounded corners and smooth contours that allow the bin to be easily cleaned.


  • Brand: Rubbermaid
  • Heavy-duty
  • 50-gallon capacity
  • Strong constructions, durable wheels
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Autolifter-ready
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Secure lid positioning
  • Dimensions: 1 x 23.38 x 1 inches; 10.9 Pounds
  • Good value for money

6. Best Large Commercial Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels

Suncast 96 – Gallon Wheeled Trash Can


Best Large Commercial Wheeled Trash Bin With Lid

Best Large Commercial Wheeled Trash Bin With Lid


This Resin Wheeled Trash Can manufactured by Suncast Commercial can compete with any competing product and provides easy transportation when you need it most. This trash can is built to last with a durable resin construction, made of high-density polyethylene creating the strength and endurance to withstand even the most demanding conditions of any job. With a nylon Bushing between the axle and the wheel itself, this wheeled trash can produces a much smoother roll with lasting durability.

Equipped with a clean access handle on the lid with enhanced polymers to avoid contact with the contents of the bin. The lid is also designed to avoid the pooling of water on the bin with specially installed UV inhibitors together with cold impact modifiers for durability.

Blow-molded HDPE ensuring uncompromising strength and lasting durability that won’t rust or chip and resistance to denting and bending. It also has cold impact construction to withstand harsh conditions.

This trash can is available in a various range of colors and sizes.


  • Brand: Suncast
  • 96-gallon capacity
  • Suitable for a large family
  • Drain plug designed for easy cleanout
  • Dimensions: W 0.28″ x L 35″ x H 43.54″
  • Material high-density polyethylene
  • Clean access handle
  • Can withstand all weather types
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Very sturdy and durable

7. Best 32-Gallon Dual Pack – Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels

United Solutions 32 – Gallon Wheeled Outdoor Trash Can.

Best 32-Gallon Dual Pack Outdoor Waste BinBest 32 – Gallon Dual Pack Outdoor Waste Bin.


United is dedicated to providing quality, good value plastic items for use in and around the home and office. We have 3 strategically located, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We are proud that 99% of their sales are generated from products Made in the USA in these facilities. We have top-notch employees, who have years of experience in both blow molding and injection molding of quality, plastic products.

8. OTTO Mobile Heavy Duty Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels

OTTO Mobile Heavy Duty Trash Container, 65 Gallon, Gray

Best Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Bin

Otto is a high-quality brand for heavy-duty roll-out trash cans with lids. In some countries in Europe, it is the most used brand. This trash can is made high-density polyethylene that is injection molded with integral handles, a reinforced rim and wear ridges that protect and strengthen the bottom. Strong walls increase durability and withstand winds up to 40 mph.

The attached lid conceals contents and retains odors while keeping out rain and snow. The trash can features lifting pockets that are compatible with automatic arm lifters and semi-automatic bar lifters. The dimensions are 26.38 x 25.25 x 42.13 inches and the trash can has a 65-gallon capacity.


  • Brand: Otto
  • 65-gallon capacity
  • Dimensions: 26.38 x 25.25 x 42.13 inches
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Reinforced rim and wear ridges
  • Heavy-duty
  • Compatible with automatic arm lifters and semi-automatic bar lifters
  • Large wheels, easy to maneuver


  • Expensive

Here are the most important features of outdoor garbage cans and how to select the best outdoor garbage can.

Why buy an Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels?

Some garbage cans have wheels on the bottom. This makes garbage can much easier to move when full. If you have a 35-gallon garbage can, it can weigh well over 100 pounds when full of garbage.

A disadvantage of wheels is that they are moving parts that can break. If a wheel breaks on a garbage can with wheels, the garbage can is no longer very useful and would need to be replaced. Also, garbage cans with wheels are a bit more expensive.

Another nice thing about garbage cans with wheels is their shape. These garbage cans typically have a flat side- this allows it to be stored right against a wall. Round garbage cans cannot be stored against a wall as efficiently.

Garbage Can Size- How big of a garbage can do you need?

Depending on the size of your family and the amount of waste that’s been recycled or dumped you need to choose what size will fit your family’s needs. The larger the household the larger the size gallon you will need.

A 50-gallon like the Rubbermaid Brute Step-on Rollout Waste Container is one of the most selected outdoor trash cans which can keep an entire family’s waste for up to 2 weeks.
Do some research on what the maximum size your city laws have on outdoor trash cans before making the final decision in purchasing a larger size container that you are allowed to have?

The lesson here is to check the local rules before you buy a garbage can…

Garbage Can Lid Options

An important feature of most outdoor trash cans is lid options. Tight fit lit helps reduce odor from escaping from the bin while providing safety and security from snooping animals. A great example of the type of waste bin lid is the 96-gallon Residential Heavy Duty Two-Wheeled Trash Can.

This type of lid is manufactured using a stress-free molding technology that’s known as Advanced Rotational Molding. The structure is the lid has an exceptional feature. It provides better stability to the overall structure of the bin while reducing foul odor from escaping the bin.

Tips for buying an Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels

There are some things to keep in mind when buying a garbage can with locking lid and wheels. For this list, we’ve looked at price, quality, usability, trustability, brand, popularity, customer experience, design, and movability. We advise that you read the customer reviews. A product can have a lot of good reviews, but perhaps it has an issue or quality that is a total dealbreaker for you.

Get the largest size that your local rules allow

You don’t need to fill it all the way full every garbage day. It is nice to have extra capacity for holidays, visitors, etc. Nothing is more annoying than a garbage can that is too small and is constantly full.

Get a garbage can with wheels

These are easy to move when full and prevent wear on the bottom of the garbage can from dragging it. I know that now that I’m used to a garbage can with wheels, I can’t go back. I just simply don’t see myself struggling with a heavy trash can anymore.

Check wear surfaces

If your garbage can gets a hole in the bottom it will leak. Avoid plastic garbage cans without wheels that have a flat bottom as they are more likely to wear through. There are also options with a drain plug in the bottom, like our number 6 by Suncast.


This might seem obvious, but with so many options on the market today it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Today, there is simply said too much junk on the market. That is why we advise you to buy from recognized brands. And even then, it is important to check who sells the product. Is it the brand itself or an unknown third party. If so, check the customer reviews to make sure this is the real deal, and not a fake.

The Bottom Line

Keeping in mind that a garbage can is a waste disposal product that will make your waste disposal efforts easier and less demanding, but choosing the best outdoor garbage cans with locking lids and wheels is just a few steps away. While your kitchen trash problems can easily be solved with great looking kitchen trash can the outdoors needs a quality outdoor trash can with locking lids and wheels.

How To Dispose Of Fire Pit Ash

how to dispose of fire pit ash

If you have a fire pit at home, you’ll remove the ash produced when burning the wood and throw it away from time to time. But that is until you know the incredible uses that you can give it, both for the garden and for the house.

Of course, the ash must be free of chemicals; it will be valid if produced when only burning wood.

How to dispose of fire pit ash? In short, you can use it for composting, as a fertilizer, and to keep pests away.

How to Treat the Ashes?

Check the fire is entirely out, and the area is cool, remove the ashes and sift them to remove large pieces of wood that have not been burned.

Keep the ashes in a dry and cool place to prevent them from becoming damp and compacting.

How Can You Use It?

Natural fertilizer.

Ash contains magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and other nutrients. As a compost, you should not use it more than twice a year; it has properties that change the soil’s acidity and pH.

Wood ash has approximately 20% calcium, 4% potassium, and less than 2% phosphorus, magnesium, aluminum, and sodium.

But what does this mean for our plants? Potassium (K) improves root health and strengthens plant cells.

Don’t plant seeds or seedlings for at least two weeks after you’ve used the ash in the soil. It can also be added sparingly around mature plants.

Improve the quality of the soil and increase its fertility.

The ashes provide adequate amounts of potassium, the macronutrient most demanded by plants after nitrogen. Potassium favors foliage and fruit growth and improves plant tolerance in the absence of water.

The ash also neutralizes the soil’s acidity and stimulates the activity of bacteria that fix nitrogen in the ground.

Therefore, ash can be a natural and homemade option for improving the structure of the soil and increasing its fertility.


To use the ashes, we only have to mix up to 1 kilogram of ash per square meter with the earth. Do it preferably before planting horticultural and ornamental plants that require substrates rich in organic matter.


Kill the weeds.

As we said before, excess ash can drastically change the soil’s pH, so much so that it can kill the plants that live in it. If this is what you want to get rid of weeds, scatter ash without fear!


Keep rodent pests at bay.

Filling the holes where mice and moles live is a non-toxic way to scare them away when they invade our lawns and yards.


Use ash as an insecticide.

An exciting use that you can give to ash is as an insecticide, combat pests and diseases in the garden with wood ashes.

Spread a light coating over the garden; the ashes will help repel worms, aphids, slugs, snails, and other insects. Reapply the ashes after the rain.


How to Add Ash to The Compost


Ashes can be added to the compost pile, providing all these nutrients that we mentioned initially.

If you have a lot of it, don’t add it all at once, as it is very alkaline, and raising the pH too much will affect composting bacteria and insects.

It is best to keep the ash in a nearby container and sprinkle a small layer from time to time.

If you usually compost with a lot of acidic material, like fruit waste, the ashes will help keep the compost at a more balanced pH.


How to Apply Ash as Compost for The Lawn

The lawn can also benefit from a light application of ash as compost. It’s always a good idea to apply a little early and add more later, rather than going full and ruining the soil’s pH.


Don’t Apply Ash on Delicate Plants

You’ve probably heard that wood ash can be used to make soap, and this process is only possible because ash is a caustic material. If you have recently planted seedlings or other delicate plants, it is best to keep wood ashes away from them to avoid burns.

Firepit ash can be used for many things, not only in the garden but in the house and health. So now we are convinced that you will never throw it away.

Top 5: Best Tow – Behind Plug Aerators Review

The lawn is one of the most crucial parts of any home. This is mainly because besides making the home beautiful it also provides a comfortable space to enjoy the pleasant outdoor atmosphere. Because of this, it is always essential to always take care of the lawn and ensure that the grass grows properly and correctly.

To ensure that the grass grows correctly, you have to take care of the soil that the grass grows on. To successfully achieve this you need to use a good aerator which will take care of the soil without destroying the grass thus allowing the grass to grow properly. Tow-behind plug aerators will achieve this perfectly where they will dig holes in the soil to allow air and water to circulate and the grass to grow properly.

Since there are many plug aerators it is important to check so to get the one that will fit your needs. This is simply because you need to analyze the feature and identify the one with the qualities you need. Here are a few things you should consider while searching for the most ideal Tow-Behind Plug Aerators.

Signs that You May Require a Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

You will require the best aerator if you notice the following signs:

• Your lawn is flooded with water after a rainstorm.
• You have been driving on your lawn with your car repeatedly.
• It is difficult to stick something into the soil, such as a pencil.
• You have clay soil and are solid.
• You’re able to see bare grass.

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Agri-Fab 48-Inch Tow Plug AeratorBrinly Tow Behind Plug Aerator, 40-Inch Brinly Tow Behind Spike Aerator, 40-Inch Agri-Fab SmartLink Plug Aerator Strongway Tow-Behind Plug Aerator
3 Year limited consumer warranty

Made in the USA with some imported materials


Cantilever transport handle for easy raising and lowering.
24 Heat-treated plugs

Weight tray

Universal hitch

Transport lever

Made in the USA
(10) Galvanized steel tine stars up to 2 inch

Durable steel tray holds up to 110 pounds of extra weight for proper soil penetration

Universal hitch pin design easily attaches to most lawn tractors
Mounts to the master platform without tools

Rustproof aerator knives remove soil plugs to loosen compacted soil making it easier for grass to grow

Air, water and nutrients can now reach the soil more easily resulting in a thicker, healthier lawn

3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty
32 separate coring plug spikes

Tray supports up to 140 lbs.

Depth of 2 1/2in

Durable powder-coat finish

Pin-style hitch

12 HP vehicle or more (not included) is required to pull this Aerator
See Today's Latest PriceSee Today's Latest PriceSee Today's Latest PriceSee Today's Latest PriceSee Today's Latest Price

1. Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator

Best Tow - Behind Plug Aerators 2019

Best Tow - Behind Plug Aerators 2019


If your yard is relatively large, you need to start thinking on a larger scale. For big, heavy-duty jobs, the Agri-Fab 45-0299 aerator amplifies the amount of area you can cover in one go. Pulled from a riding lawn mower, operating this aerator is basically effortless once you have everything hooked up.

The ten-inch, flat-proof tires will keep the platform firm even while going over the rough, debris-filled ground. The aerator can also work as a detacher which extracts the layer of dead organic material that builds up throughout the yard.

Product Features:

  • 32 galvanized knives.
  • Pulls the plugs up to 3 inches deep
  • 9 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ flat-free tires
  • Durable heavy-gauge steel deck and drawbar
  • Simple-to-use cantilever transport handle for easy raising and lowering
  • Universal hitch
  • The tray holds up to 140 lbs.
  • 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Needs to be assembled

Watch the product video below to see the product in action.


2. Brinly PA-40BH Tow-Behind Plug Aerator, 40-Inch

Best Tow - Behind Plug Aerator Reviews

Best Tow - Behind Plug Aerator Reviews


A towed lawn aerator is the only logical option to consider if your yard is big enough to need a riding lawnmower. Anything smaller will only lengthen the process with more effort on your part. The Brinly-Hardy Tow-Behind aerator is uncomplicated and efficient when you have the necessary hitch and riding mower to move the aerator around.

At 40″ wide, this aerator covers a fair amount of ground with each pass. The spikes also penetrate the soil up to three inches. Each individual spike is a heat-treated plugging spoon that maximizes the size of each hole so more water, nutrients, and supplements can be absorbed by the grass.

Product Features:

  • Aerate and relieve compacted soil.
  • 16-gauge Steel plugging spoons
  • Works safely on turns and uneven terrain.
  • Remove up to 3-inch plugs of soil
  • Universal hitch.
  • Weight tray holds up to 150 pounds
  • Made in the USA: Trusted Since 1839
  • Full 2-year Warranty.
  • Needs to be assembled

Watch the video below for this product in action, and some frequently asked questions.


3. Brinly SA-40BH Tow-Behind Spike Aerator

Best Plug Aerator Reviews

Best Plug Aerator Reviews


Compacted and compressed soil results in thatch buildup and reduces the amount of water and nutrients your grass sustains. If your lawn encounters moderate foot traffic, suffers from a thatch layer of more than ½ inch, or if you have dense clay soil, you may need to aerate. Aerating your lawn with Brinly’s 40” Tow-Behind Spike Aerator loosens soil and allows seed, fertilizer, and water to reach roots.

Our durable, heavy-duty aerator promotes 10 galvanized steel stars that penetrate the soil up to 2” deep. Each 8” diameter star rotates independently and continues rotating during tractor turns, resulting in fewer passes due to missed areas. The 14 gauge steel, 110 lb. capacity weight tray allows for extra weight to be added for maximum penetration in firm soil.

The more you spike aerate, the greater your lawn looks and feels. Brinly aerators provide homeowners with durable, high-performance, and inexpensive ways to aerate any size lawn, all from the comfort of your lawn tractor.

Product Features:

  • (10) Galvanized steel tine stars inhibit rust
  • 8″ Diameters each feature 12 spike tip
  • Penetrate soil up to 2″ In-depth
  • A durable steel tray
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon Spacers deliver maximum strength and durability.
  • Holds up to 110 pounds of extra weight
  • Universal hitch pin
  • Made in the USA: Trusted Since 1839
  • 2-year warranty
  • Needs to be assembled

Check the video below to see the Aerator in action.


4. Agri-Fab 45-0474 SmartLink Plug Aerator

Best Plug Aerator Reviews

Best Plug Aerator Reviews


In a bid to provide you with a variety of options, Agri-fab provided the SmartLink Plug Aerator. Its price is one of the best on the market today and it offers a ton of great features as you will see.

It gives you proper plugging. This means that there is an improvement of nutrient and water perforation to the furthest of roots for healthier grass. This product is also excellent for a person looking for a unit that will enhance air circulation.

You can simply mount this tool on a master platform, and you don’t need to assemble or disassemble anything. The product features aluminum galvanization on the spikes to ensure that they’re durable. Another essential quality of this unit is that it is recommended for loosening compacted soil and has a three-year warranty.

Product Features:

  • Mounts to the master platform without tools
  • Rustproof aerator knives
  • 24 galvanized knives
  • 5 stars with 4 plugs each, 20 knives total
  • Air, water, and nutrients can reach the soil effortlessly resulting in a thicker, healthier lawn
  • Very sturdy
  • 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Needs to be assembled

Check out the product below.


5. Strongway 48inch Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

Best Plug Aerator Reviews

The Strongway Tow-Behind Plug Aerator is a 48in. wide, pull-behind aerator featuring 32 coring plugs that penetrate up to 2 1/2in. deep, even in compacted soil. The aerator is the perfect tool for getting water and nutrients down to the roots of plants in the soil. The pin-style hitch allows for quick attachment to an ATV, riding lawn mower, or other vehicles with 12 HP or more and a pin-style receiver for easy towing. A built-in weight tray supports up to 140 lbs. of additional weight to provide deeper, more consistent coring plug penetration.

Product Features:

  • 32 separate coring plug spikes
  • Tray supports up to 140 lbs.
  • Depth of 2 1/2in
  • Durable powder-coat finish
  • Pin-style hitch
  • 12 HP vehicle or more (not included) is required to pull this Aerator
  • Needs to be assembled

Tow-Behind Plug Aerator Buyer’s Guide

You wouldn’t want to invest in tools that will fail the second they hit the ground because of functionality glitches or breaking after a week of use. Because of this, you need to consider the features and factors of the very best aerating tools.

For example, you might want to weigh the possibility of a machine serving its work accurately. Also, how efficient is the tool itself? Well, here are some top considerations you need to make before settling on a specific aerator.

Aerator Size

Here, there are tons of questions you may need to answer. For instance, what is the perfect size of an aerator for your yard or lawn? What is the correct size of the spikes; depth and diameter? The right answer will provide credibility to the best tow behind the machine because it will cover a large area of your backyard and assist you in finishing the task within the shortest time possible.

Ease of movement

Movement can also be called maneuverability. Your machine needs to be able to move across your lawn with ease. It means that you need to consider the design of its wheels. Can the machine move in between narrow spaces? Can it take sharp corners effortlessly?


Think about this. You buy an aerator only for it to evolve some mechanical difficulties after 2 days of use. It won’t give you value for your money, which is an important factor to consider when buying anything. A machine that attributes a firm body like steel; reinforced or galvanized, equals durability.


For many decades, the cost has been a determining factor when considering buying something. However, the concern is; would you go for a costly aerator or an inexpensive one? There are mixed reactions to this query, but the fact that consumers always equalize high-quality to high price often influences them.
Of importance, you need to take into account that cheap can be expensive, but this isn’t necessarily true when it comes to tow-behind plug aerators.

Money-back guarantee and warranty

Most people hardly think twice when purchasing machines, especially if they get a cheaper one. However, keen buyers will often cross-examine or check out for warranties before they purchase the tool. But why is a warranty needed?

Well, pull behind aerators that provide warranties are delightful in all essence. First, you don’t have to fret about design or manufacturing faults for approximately 3 years. Secondly, all costs of repair will be compensated by the supplier, seller, or manufacturer, which means that you won’t spend even a penny for almost three years in case of any liabilities.

When it comes to the money-back guarantee, you will receive a free trial period, of about 30 days, during which you will realize if the product is right for your lawn or not. During this period, you can always return it and ask for a refund or request for a replacement if the aerator doesn’t meet your requirements.

Load capacity

The other essential feature that you should consider when searching for a tow-behind aerator is the load capacity. Here, you need to question how much additional load the machine can add. Does it have leeway for this load? Having a space for additional weight means that your tool will pierce deeper when aerating.


Also, See Our Best Picks of The Best Lawn Spike Aerator Shoes for 2019


What is the Purpose of Lawn Aerator?

An aerator is a landscaping machine designed to form tiny holes in your lawn or the soil underneath the grass. This process naturally, safely, and effortlessly amends compacted and dense soil which had been compressed by pressure from vehicles or traffic such as riding mowers or cars.

Compaction is common with clay soil types, although sandy soil can also become compressed. A pull behind lawn aerator detaches the soil, with hundreds of positive outcomes including:

• The soil becomes easier to bulldoze and dig.
• Water puddling and runoff are minimized.
• Nutrients, air, and water perforate the soil quicker to nourish your lawn.
• Your lawn is admirable and healthier.
• Drought and heat tolerance is enhanced.

Should You Water Your Compost?

water the compost

It is critical to keep the right amount of moisture in your compost as too little or too much moisture can affect the process. The process of composting can seem simple but you have to understand everything about it to succeed.

Composting enriches the soil with organic products processed from waste from the kitchen, yard, and other wastes products. The process requires oxygen, moisture, and heat to produce the rich organic product.

Knowing how much water you need in your compost pile and when to add it is an essential part of the process. Here is a guide to help you know how to manage your compost piles’ moisture to succeed in the process.

Why water the compost?

Every living thing needs water for survival, and because your compost pile needs microorganisms for decomposition, it also needs water. That is why it is essential to have some amount of moisture in your decomposing pile to give you the kind of manure you need. You need the right amount of water or moisture to help the organisms thrive and turn your pile compost into a usable form. Also, the presence of water in your pile helps in regulating the temperature in it. If you have other substances to add to the pile, like hay or dry grass, you need to soak them in water before adding them to the compost pile.

 How often should you water compost?

One of the most important things to succeed in your compost is to ensure you have the right amount of moisture to keep it healthy. Having the appropriate amount of moisture ensures healthy compost and supports the microbes’ healthy performance. That helps in decomposing and controlling the temperature in your pile.

Adding too much water will choke out the available oxygen leading to slowing down the microbes that break down the compost to almost a standstill. Simultaneously, having too little moisture can lead to slow decomposition, uneven temperatures, and sometimes too spontaneous combustion.

Since there are so many variables that affect your compost’s performance, all you need is not when to water but how the compost looks to guide you on what to do. You need to have the compost looking like a sponge that has been wrung out to know that it has enough water. If it is drier than that, then you should know it is time to sprinkle water on it.

How much water does a compost pile deed?

Too little water makes the pile dry, and the bacteria will not have enough water to work as fast as when there is water. Little water also may lead to some parts of the pile decomposing at a different rate from others. If the difference persists, it may lead to hot compost. Therefore, it is essential to keep checking the moisture amount in your compost file to avoid combustion.

Knowing when to add water helps prepare the manure better. All you need is to check out the compost and see whether it is breaking down slowly by poking into the pile. If the pile has some dry patches, it is time to add water. It would be best if you kept turning the pile and checking the presence of dry patches.

Whenever you get some dry patches as you turn the pile, you should remember that it is time to add some more water. At the same time, you must remember that you do not need to soak the pile but sprinkle little water at a time.

What happens if the compost is too wet?

When your compost pile is too wet, it affects the organisms’ performance of breaking down the organic material. The microorganisms need just enough water and air to carry out the breaking process of the organic material. A well-balanced compost pile has several air gaps between the organic matters.

But when the pile is soaked with water, the water fills the gaps, making it hard to support bacteria and other organisms’ work. As a result, other anaerobic bacteria that do not need oxygen to begin working on the pile resulting in a horrible smell. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you have enough moisture to decompose but not soaking the pile with water.

How To Dispose of Wood | What Bin Does Wood Go in?

Waste management and proper disposal of household waste have become a must in today’s day and age. Different colour-coded bins (Green/Grey, Brown and Blue) have made disposing of waste more effectively. Many homeowners, considering the fact that wood is natural a product, assume that disposing of it will be easy. However, this is not the case. There are many things that a person needs to get familiarized with to ensure that he can indeed dispose of unwanted wood safely and correctly. Read on to know more on the subject.

What bin does wood go in?

Untreated wood like dimensional lumber, clean timber, limbs and stumps are recyclable. On the other hand, wood treated with creosote, painted wood, stained wood and/or contaminated wood cannot be recycled and needs to be disposed of properly.

Burning these treated wood types to get rid of them may seem logical; however, it is highly discouraged. As these are treated with toxic chemicals, so when burnt harmful chemicals are released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, it is illegal to burn treated wood in many areas. Thus, specialized landfills are built with protective liners. It is the job of these liners to ensure that no contaminants during and/or after the disposal process are spilt over the water and soil nearby. Going for this option is considered as one of the safest ways to dispose of treated wood.

There are also many recycling plants known for successful disposal of treated wood by first turning then into mulch, and then following their usual recycling process.

You should use specially-marked large bins to store treated woods before you hand them over to the landfill/recycling plant. It is advisable that you cut large pieces of treated wood (by following the safety protocol) into smaller pieces before dumping them in the specialized bin.

How to recycle wood?

Besides untreated woods, there are many other types of wood that can be recycled and urban waste wood is one of them. It is generally your wooden furniture and yard waste like sawed lumber, maintenance debris, a whole tree from the yard and pruned branches. Wood debris from demolition and/or construction used lumber, wood trim and pallets used for shipping can also be recycled.

Brown bin is for kitchen and garden waste, known to be perfect for pruning, leaves and grass cutting. There are many different recycling plants that can successfully dispose of untreated woods. You can contact them and they will guide you on what you have to do before you hand the wood waste to them.

How to recycle untreated wood:

  1. Burning them for fuel for wood stove or fireplace.
  2. Reselling or donating the unused wood items.
  3. Using old furniture and other wood items for a new project.
  4. Turning wood chips and sawdust into mulch.
  5. Adding wood shavings and sawdust in the compost heap.

Is wood compostable?

Untreated woods are a natural product and thus can is compostable. Small pieces are known for decomposing within 12months. However, anything bigger than a twig will take a long time to decompose.

Thus, big wood pieces and large branches should be broken/cut down into smaller pieces to avoid a clogged-up compost heap. As it takes a long time to compost, it will be best to have a dedicated space for it for better management and result.

Is wood biodegradable?

Yes; untreated woods are a natural product that makes them biodegradable.

Can you recycle wood with nails?

Often wood fit for recycling can come with metal components such as nails and screws. Often times recycling plants are known for taking wood with nails. They use different methods to extract the nails before going on with the recycling process.

Nails or other such metal components that are large in size can damage a recycling machine. Thus, many times recycling plants may instruct people to remove those large metal pieces including nails before handing them over.

Removing such components is not that difficult and there are many methods/devices that can help. Magnets are generally used by homeowner/business-owner/recycling centres to remove nails and other ferrous metals. On the other hand, an eddy current separator is the most popular choice to remove items like brass and aluminium fittings and other such non-ferrous metal items.

Is plywood recyclable?

As plywood is treated; it is considered as a Class b form of wood. They are not compostable; however, they are recyclable. But the plywood should be separated from other wood types in order to be recycled. Usually, a specialized shredder machine is used to shed them for the recycling process.