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Top 7: Best Trash Cans for Laundry Room

If you’re looking for a trash can for your laundry room, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve come up with the top 7 best and prettiest trash cans for the laundry room. For this top 7, we’ve selected products on the look, price, quality, popularity, brand, and customer experience.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission on qualified purchases.

Lint Holder Bin for Laundry Room by A.J.A. & More

This trash can for the laundry room by A.J.A. & MORE is the best option in the quality-price ratio in the market. It has an elegant design that allows you to save space and combine it with the decoration of your laundry room since it is available in three different colors, Matte Black, Light Grey, and Off-White. It is very resistant because it is made of ABS plastic, and also has a magnetic backing with which you can place it on the side of your washing machine or even mount it on the wall for your convenience.

With the Lint Holder Bin, you will take your laundry to the next level because it can also collect and store lint and other waste produced in the laundry. So, being an eco-friendly bin is beneficial to the environment. Its size is 9.25 inches wide and high, and 2.75 inches deep. Without a doubt, it is an ideal option for laundries of all sizes.


  • Brand: A.J.A. & MORE
  • Material: Durable plastic
  • Magnetic backing that can be directly attached to the side of your metal washing machine or dryer
  • Wall mount option
  • Overall size is 9.25″ wide x 9.25″ high x 2.75″ deep
  • 3 mm thick
  • Available in 3 colors: Black, light grey, off-white

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Simplehuman, Black 1.2 Gallon Round Step Trash can

An excellent round trash can, ideal for use in places where space is limited. Its lid closes slowly and quietly. To make it easier, it has a removable inner bucket, which you can lift when throwing away the garbage, making the activity much easier.

The finish of this bucket is fingerprint-proof, able to resist any kind of stain, keeping the stainless steel shiny. Its steel pedal is quite strong, created to withstand more than 20 footprints a day for about 20 years, approximately to withstand more than 150,000 footprints.

It has dimensions of 7.6 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and 12.1 inches high and with the lid open it is 19 inches high. It also can support 1.2 gallons and a volume of 4.5 liters.


  • Brand: Simplehuman
  • Step trash can with lid
  • Stainless steel
  • Slow, silent close lid
  • Removable inner bucket
  • Finger-print proof finis
  • Strong steel pedal
  • 1.2-gallon capacity
  • 7.87 x 7.87 x 11.81 inches
  • 10-year warranty

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SAVVY & CHIC Lint Bin with Lid Laundry Room Organizer

It is a rolling laundry basket with a very versatile design, it can be used both as a trash can and as a basket to keep dirty clothes since it has a mesh bag that allows good airflow to avoid bad odors and also prevents it from getting full of dust. The laundry bag is so resistant that it can be put directly into the washing machine with the clothes inside. Besides, so that you can move it with total comfort inside the house it has four wheels, and to prevent the basket from moving when you don’t want it you just have to block the wheels with the brake.

Thanks to its high quality it has an excellent rating on Amazon, with 4.4 out of 5 stars in 740 ratings. Despite being a thin trash can it has a great capacity so you can keep more clothes or throw away more trash. And thanks to its slim design it can fit perfectly in a closet or a corner of the laundry and does not take up much space. It is available in four colors, Black, Grey Linen, White, and Grey.


  • Brand: SAVVY & CHIC
  • Material: durable plastic
  • With a full open lid
  • Easy push lock
  • Wall-mount option
  • Magnetic backing to attach the trash can to your washing machine or dryer
  • Dimensions: 3.03 x 9.17 x 10.63 inches

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Brabantia 395246 10-Liter Rectangular

The Brabantia Built-in Bin has a capacity of 10 L and is made of corrosion-resistant materials. It is a great option if you don’t have much space in your kitchen or laundry, as it can be installed on a wall or a cabinet door in the kitchen. This way, the trash can will not be insight and you will keep your laundry tidy.

Brabantia offers an excellent 10-year warranty on this garbage can, so you can be sure that you are buying a good product that has a long term warranty. It comes in an attractive black color that will match the design of your home. It is also one of the highest-rated 4.7 out of 5-star garbage cans with 2362 ratings.


  • Brand: Brabantia
  • 10 liter
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to take out the bracket
  • Wall-mounted
  • Measures 13 inch by 10-1/4 inch by 8-1/4-inches
  • 10-years warranty

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Merdes 19.7’’ Waterproof Foldable Laundry Hamper

This laundry bag is an improved version of the rolling basket. It has a flexible structure and gives you the possibility of acquiring them in 3 different colors, this is a laundry basket that is equipped with a white mesh lining, which you can place to wash directly. The bag that has this basket has a cord that is not only very soft but can be very durable.

It has dimensions of 16.1×8.7×27.6 in, it brings with it some big wheels that allow having a better balance, one of the wheels has a brake, in case you want that the basket remains fixed in a certain moment. This basket gives you the possibility to adjust and fit it anywhere you want, when dismantled it will have a size of 16.1×8.7×3.1 in, light, and comfortable to be transported too.

If you wish you can not only use it to store dirty clothes, but you can also use it as a trash can.


  • Brand: Merdes
  • Material: Cotton & Linen Canvas + Waterproof PE Coating
  • Collapsible design
  • Use as laundry basket or trash can
  • Diameter and Height Size: 15.7D×19.7H inches
  • Available in a lot of different prints

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ARPAN Bin-Woven Waste Basket

This elegant design is hand-woven, colorful, and adaptable to any type of decoration. It is made from natural seagrass, is handwoven, and has a very strong wire frame giving the basket more life. It can be placed anywhere in the home, office, or another place you want, especially for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, among other places, thanks to its size, adding a touch of elegance where you placed it.

It has the following upper dimensions: 11.0 in, height: 9.8 in, from the base: 7.1 in approximately. Its weight is quite light and it allows the whole surroundings to look organized and tidy.

This trash can is mold-proof, perfect against humidity, preserving its shape, without any deformity against humidity and heat.


  • Brand: ARPAN
  • Material: Seagrass
  • Handwoven and hand-painted
  • Mould and mildew proof
  • Measures from top: 28cms, Height: 25cms, from base: 18cms Approx
  • Item weight: 399 Grams

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Umbra Woodrow 2 Gallon Modern Wooden Trash Can

This Woodrow bin is ideal for those who prefer small trash cans. Besides, its main use generates a great contemporary style to the place where they are put perfecting the decoration of the place. It can be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, offices, among others.

The basket is made of wood that has been given the shape of an advanced garbage can. The interior part is also made of natural wood and has a great diversity of exterior finishes that allow it to adapt to any type of decoration.

It is 11 inches high, 9 inches in diameter, and has a capacity of 2 gallons. It has incorporated handles that serve to easily transport and also when throwing away the garbage.

If for any reason after purchasing it you are not satisfied, you can ask for a full refund or ask for an arrangement, during the first 30 days.


  • Brand: Umbra
  • Material: Treated wood
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • Integrated handgrips
  • Capacity 2-gallons
  • 30-day money-back
  • Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 9 inches

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Good luck with finding the perfect trash can for your laundry room! I hope we gave you some great options or inspiration.


Top 7: Best Motion Sensor Trash Can

You can open them with a simple wave of your hand. They are luxe, but also very practical. If you are looking for a motion sensor trash can, also called touchless trash can, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ve made a selection of the top 7 best trash cans with a motion sensor. Selected on price, quality, brand, look, customer experience, and reliability.

The top 7 best motion sensor trash cans:

  1. iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel – Best overall
  2. iTouchless 13 Gallon Touchless White – For small spaces
  3. NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Recycling – 2 compartment
  4. Ninestars DZT-80-35 Automatic Touchless – Heavy-Duty option
  5. iTouchless with AbsorbX Odor Filter & PetGuard – Petproof option
  6. iTouchless 14 Gallon Automatic Sensor Trash Can – Sliding lid
  7. iTouchless 4 Gallon Sensor Trash Can – Perfect for Bathroom or office

Read the extended review on each product below. As an Amazon affiliate, we earn a small commission on qualified purchases.

1. iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel – Best overall


This iTouchless trash can has a capacity of 13 gallons, plus it comes with a high-quality odor-absorbing filter. For added convenience, it has a 100% automatic sensor cap, which is battery operated or can be used with an AC adapter (not included, must be purchased separately).

iTouchless stands behind its products completely, and this touchless trash can is no exception, as it has a one-year limited warranty. The odor filter is made of natural carbon, which allows you to efficiently control any odor, so you don’t have to worry about the smell of the garbage.

The automatic lid mechanism only consumes energy when you use it, so the batteries will last up to three times longer compared to other models. It is made of stainless steel, so it is strong and durable. In addition, thanks to its elegant design will match perfectly with the colors and style of your home.

Inside it does not have a bucket, which allows for a greater capacity than buckets of the same size. In fact, large debris, such as pizza boxes, will not be a problem, as the opening is 12 inches.


  • Brand iTouchless
  • 13-gallon capacity
  • Odor-absorbing filter
  • Non-scented deodorizer
  • 100% automatic sensor
  • Battery or adapter (not included) operated
  • Reflx Technology
  • 12.75 x 10.75 x 27.88 inches
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Reflx Technology prevents the lid from closing on your hands
  • Uses very little energy
  • 1 filter included
  • Bucket-free interior provides 25% greater capacity than similarly sized trash cans
  • Slim design
  • Ten thousands of happy customers


  • Can get dents overtime
  • Batteries and adapter not included

Shop the corresponding iTouchless Natural Activated Carbon Biodegradable Odor Deodorizer, the iTouchless AC power adapter or the Energizer Max D Batteries.

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2. iTouchless 13 Gallon Touchless White – For small spaces


This trash can is a touchless model with a large capacity of 13 gallons. It is an attractive color and alpine white that will give an elegant touch to your kitchen. The lid has a sensor and a colored alert state, the green color indicates that the lid is open, while the flashing red color indicates that the lid will be closed. Also, if the lid is closing and you are still near the sensor, it will not close but will open again.

iTouchless offers a full two-year warranty on any problem, whether it is replacing a part or you need customer service. A carbon filter is included, so trash odors won’t affect your kitchen, and your home will smell nice.

Thanks to its cylinder-shaped design you can effectively use all the space, with 31.3 inches high and 12.6 inches in diameter offers a capacity of 13 gallons and does not require custom garbage bags, you can use the standard bags.


  • Brand iTouchless
  • 13-gallon
  • Activated Carbon Odor Filter
  • Reflx Technology
  • Battery or AC adapter operated (not included)
  • Matte white steel with plastic lid
  • Dimensions: 11.6” W x 12.6” L x 31.3” H (39.6” H lid open)
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Lid won’t close on your hands
  • Affordable option
  • Cool design
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • 1 filter free


  • Batteries and adapter not included
  • Very basic

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3. NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Recycling – 2 compartment


This extraordinary stainless steel trash can is created and made by Nine Stars. This can have an innovative design without any contact for recycling. You can use it anywhere, thanks to its dimensions, in your office, a cafeteria, your kitchen, and any other area where you want to recycle. This can have a capacity of 18 gallons and has two compartments in the same can, one for recycling and another for the garbage.

The trash can uses advanced sensor technology, even the most advanced you can get in any other Nine Stars trash can. This sensor works in the following way when your hand or the waste you wish to place in the can is ten inches and an angle of 130� from the infrared sensor, the lid will automatically open.

If you keep your hand or waste within the sensor’s range, the lid will remain open. Once you have moved your hand away from the lid, it will take 3 seconds for the lid to close automatically.

With normal use of this can, the power can last up to 6 months. It runs on 3 size D batteries, which are not included. The batteries must be inserted in the correct negative and positive insertion direction to work. You should also make sure that the power button is on, which is on the side of the lid. And that the lid is securely attached to the base of the trash can.


  • Stainless steel
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Water-resistant infrared motion sensor
  • Touchfree motion sensor
  • Odor seal
  • Battery operated (not included)
  • Removable ring liner
  • Non-skid base
  • Dimensions: 13 x 21.3 x 26.2 inches
  • 1-year warranty


  • Two compartments
  • Suitable for recycling
  • Soft close
  • Prevents any unnecessary opening from pets, children, or walking by.


  • Battery not included
  • No odor filter

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4. Ninestars DZT-80-35 Automatic Touchless – Heavy-Duty option


This is a stainless steel trash can. It has a capacity of 21 gallons, manufactured and designed by NINESTARS. It has a select oval design and a chrome finish that gives it a very peculiar style, this design is resistant to fingerprints. Its dimensions allow it to be used anywhere, such as in your home, office, study room, bathroom, bedrooms, among others.

This touchless trash can has a new resistant anti-slip base. It has a better condition engine which is ultra-quiet, with a new design in the battery compartment and has an automatic mode to save energy. The batteries needed are 3 size D batteries which are not included, it is suggested that they be alkaline, as they will provide much better performance.

The lid on this canister is extra-large, micro-fitted to keep odors inside the canister. Thanks to its new removable ring liner, the garbage bag can be held firmly in place, preventing the bag from protruding at any time, which can create dirt and mess. In the event that a part is defective, the service line will ship it to you at no additional charge.


  • Stainless steel
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • 100% touchless with motion sensor
  • Non-skid base
  • Removable ring liner
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 18.5 x 26.9 inches
  • 1-year warranty


  • Soft close
  • Extra-large opening
  • Heavy-duty


  • Battery not included
  • No odor filter

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5. iTouchless with AbsorbX Odor Filter & PetGuard – Petproof option


iTouchless is a touchless trash can that is 100% untouched to use, with an infrared sensor, opens and closes with only hand movements, so it’s more hygienic. The model is equipped with a Pet Lock, the lock is easy to apply and remove, but can prevent dogs and cats from opening sensor-activated covers. The easy-to-insert and remove locks prevent dogs and cats from opening sensor-activated covers. So this is the perfect option if you have a dog, cat, or multiple pets that are always trying to get into your trash can!

AbsorbX technology stops the smell of garbage in a natural way, AbsorbX filters out Evaporated Organic Compounds that can cause serious illness, One AbsorbX Filter can absorb odors from more than 7 football fields.

The trash can has 2 power options: battery powered (not included), or an optional AC adapter (sold separately, see other product variations) for battery-free power.

The stainless steel material is easy to clean. With a modern design, the trash can is beautiful to look at both in the office and in the home kitchen

The 18-gallon capacity is large enough and fits standard size trash bags. There is a garbage bag retaining ring, keeping the trash bag in place.


  • Brand iTouchless
  • 18-gallon
  • Stainless steel
  • Fingerprint proof
  • 100% sensor motion
  • AbsorbX Natural Activated Carbon Odor Filter
  • Powered by batteries or AC adapter (both not included)
  • Petguard – Pet-proof
  • Dimensions: 31.25 x 17.95 x 12.28 inches
  • 1-year warranty


  • Easy bag removal
  • Pet-proof
  • Filters out Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Won’t close on your hands
  • 1 free filter included


  • Batteries and adapter not included
  • Not the cheapest option

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6. iTouchless 14 Gallon Automatic Sensor Trash Can – Sliding lid


iTouchless is a 100% automatic touchless trash can, with an infrared sensor that does not need to be touched to use it, opens and closes with only hand movements, so it is more hygienic.

It is equipped with 1 Natural Carbon Odor Filter to absorb and neutralize garbage odors so that the house air remains fresh and clean. A large enough capacity, which is 14 gallons or 52 liters.

Save space with a rectangular shape, compact and suitable for kitchen or office space. Made of matte black steel, easy to clean, stain-resistant, and leaves no fingerprints.

With unique Reflx technology, it won’t close as long as you throw the trash in the trash. This trash can prevents full and heavy trash bags from falling into the can. With a cool and unique, sliding lid. The trash can has 2 power options to operate: 4D battery or Adapter (sold separately). The trash comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, with customer support.


  • Brand iTouchless
  • 14-gallon
  • Matte, black steel
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Sliding lid
  • 100% automatic touchless
  • Operated with 4D battery or adapter (both not included)
  • Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 31 inches
  • 1-year warranty


  • Won’t close on your fingers
  • Extra-wide 11.5″ opening
  • Cool sliding lid
  • Filters out Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Also available in silver and white


  • Batteries and adapter not included
  • Sometimes a bit noisy

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7. iTouchless 4 Gallon Sensor Trash Can – Perfect for Bathroom or office


iTouchless is a 100% automatic touchless trash can, with an infrared sensor that does not need to be touched to use it, opens and closes with only hand movements, so it is more hygienic.

Includes 1 AbsorbX Odor Filter and enjoy 1 Fresh lemon-scented Fragrance Cartridge. This trash can is precisely placed in the kitchen, office, or bathroom. The odor-absorbing filter is replaceable and you receive the first filter for free.

There is a warning on the lid, if it is solid green it means the lid is in keep open mode, don’t be afraid that your hands will get trapped in the trash when throwing the trash. If the warning light turns red, it means the lid will be closed soon.

Beautiful and durable design, made of elegant matte white steel, cover made of high-quality silver-colored ABS plastic. Don’t be afraid that your fingerprints will stick and it’s easy to clean.

Energy Efficient and powered by AA batteries (not included) or Adapter (sold separately) 1-year warranty, with excellent customer support.


  • Brand iTouchless
  • 4-gallon capacity
  • 100% automatic touchless
  • Infrared sensor
  • AbsorbX Odor filter
  • Lemon-scented fragrance cartridge
  • Matte white steel
  • Plastic lid
  • Fingerprint-resistant
  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 7 x 17.9 inches
  • 1-year warranty


  • Perfect small model for bathroom or office
  • Smells like lemons
  • Easy bag removal because of air vents
  • AbsorbX filters out Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Sturdy but lightweight


  • Small, only 4 gallons
  • Battery and adapter not included

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Touchless trash can FAQ

Can I use a touchless trash can without batteries, so with hands?

No, most touchless trash cans don’t work manual.

Does it require a garbage bag?


What if the product comes damaged?

Immediately contact the manufacturer. The sooner the better.

The lid stopped working, what now?

Contact the manufacturer. Officially the product comes with a 1-year warranty, but these A-quality brands like to keep their name clean. So they are likely to help or give advice.

Top 6: Best Trash Cans for Patio

Are you looking for a good trash can for your patio? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve made a list of outdoor trash cans that are great for your patio. We’ve selected on quality, price, popularity, brand, design, and customer experience. Find the top 6 best trash cans for the patio below!

Top 6 best trash cans for patio:

  • Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway
  • Safco Products Canmeleon Outdoor/Indoor 15 gal. Recessed Panel Outdoor Trash Can with Ashtray
  • Keter Pacific 30 Gallon Resin Wicker Waste Basket
  • Keter Copenhagen 30-Gallon Resin Wood Style Receptacle
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Step-on Rollout Waste Container
  • Seville Classics 17 – Gallon Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Can

Read the extended review and the features of each product below. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn a small commission on qualified purchases.

Best Outdoor Trash Receptacle with lid

Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway

You might want to consider the Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway as your next luxurious waste bin with a lid. It is designed to contain a maximum of 33-gallons of waste while still looking beautiful when full. The dark brown color will fit any outdoor décor on the patio or deck. Constructed from a stay-dry resin that will protect the inside waste from getting wet while the outside will sustain the color even though the toughest weather conditions.

It’s accompanied by a latching lid that provides extra durability and over strength to the trash hideaway. The lid has two separate openings. The top opening for disposing of smaller items and a bottom opening for disposing of bulkier waste items. A solid bottom panel is included in the design to help keep uninvited guests from crawling up into the bottom.

Complete your garbage disposal experience with a 30 – 33-gallon waste bag that keeps trash in and from off the floor. The lid is designed to hide the bag lines from public view to look neat and tidy. The Suncast Trash Hideaway is a solid trash can that looks beautiful and still affordable.


  • Brand Suncast
  • Durable resin construction
  • 33-gallon
  • Dimensions: 16 x 15.75 x 31.63 inches
  • Cool design
  • With lid
  • Lock feature


  • You have to assemble it

This model is also available in white. The white option looks very cute if your house or patio has white accents like a white picket fence or white doors. Check the price of the white wicker option on

Safco Products Canmeleon Outdoor/Indoor – With ashtray

Safco Products Canmeleon Outdoor/Indoor 15 gal. Recessed Panel Outdoor Trash Can with Ashtray

This trash can with ash urn is the best options for indoor and outdoor use in hospitality spaces, teaming areas, communal areas, or outside the entrance of any building due to its durable structure and UV protection. The Canmeleon Open Side Waste receptacle is constructed with an aggregate side and a stainless steel ashtray top with a solid structure. It has a 15-gallon capacity and is the ideal solution for waste removal inside or outside.

If you are looking for an ash and trash receptacle that will blend into any environment, The Canmeleon Ash and Trash receptacle from Safco is the ideal receptacle to place in those areas that’ll make a good first impression because of its beauty. It will also fit into all areas such as a lobby, atrium, hallway, classroom, lounge area, or even outside your business’s doors. It is also fit for areas with high foot traffic such as a warehouse, mailroom receiving area, inspection areas, or assembly areas.

The combination of ash urns and trash receptacles are ideal for areas outside business doors or areas where smoking is allowed near lunch or break areas.

These receptacles are molded from high-density polyethylene plastic with built-in UV inhibitors that make them good for indoor and outdoor serviceability. Straight from the box, they come ready to use and fully assembled. They are easily adaptable to anchoring or weighting devices. It is designed to keep liner bags hidden from view and also makes cleaning out very easy. The top features a 9 ½ inch round opening. It comes in 15 Gallon and 38-gallon capacity sizes and uses the standard 32 by 44-inch trash bags.


  • Brand Safco
  • With ashtray
  • High-Density Polyethylene Plastic Base
  • Stainless steel ashtray
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • 15-gallon capacity
  • With anchor to fasten the can
  • 13 3/4″W x 13 3/4″D x 32 3/4″H.
  • 10 lbs.


  • Not super big

Best Decorative Outdoor Trash Receptacles with lid

Keter Pacific 30 Gallon Resin Wicker Waste Basket

The Pacific Outdoor Waste Bin has a rich espresso brown wicker design that will seamlessly blend into most décor settings. This top-rated outdoor trash receptacle includes features such as: The metal handles and hinges complement the overall look of the trash can, but is also strong and makes it easy to use. Integrated with a removable rim to secure garbage bags making it easy to take out trash from the receptacle. This also helps secure trash bags slipping to the bottom of the bin.

This trash can doesn’t look like trash. The rattan look with its sleek espresso finish produces a classic, modern look with a professional appearance. That’s why we voted this is the most decorative outdoor trash receptacle.

Most outdated trash cans deteriorate under extreme weather conditions. With the Pacific outdoor waste bin, this will not happen. This weather-resistant constructed wicker makes the bin perfect for indoors or outdoors. Guaranteed to stand strong year after year.


  • Brand Keter
  • Polypropylene resin
  • Wicker design
  • Dimensions: 15 in. W x 15 in. D x 33.3 in. H.
  • Weather-resistant
  • 30-39 gallon waste bags
  • Metal handle and hinges


  • You have to assemble it

Best 30-Gallon Outdoor Waste Receptacle with lid

Keter Copenhagen 30-Gallon Resin Wood Style Receptacle

Why waste your hard-earned money on low quality, unattractive outdoor trash receptacles when you can get the Keter Copenhagen 30-Gallon Indoor/Outdoor Waste Receptacle that brings quality, design, and functionality to your kitchen or outdoor décor. With a 30-gallon capacity, you can easily store a few days of trash without even noticing it. It will be securely snagged away from public view.

Easily and securely take out the waste, replace the waste bag, clean out the inside with its removable liner bag. Not only does this add an attractive touch, but it is also durable and gives ease of use. The full-size plastic removable rim secures the trash bag while the full-size lid opening gives an extra-large opening for lifting out full trash bags or disposing of bulky items.

Showcasing a wood-like image, this 30-gallon outdoor waste receptacle makes this unit trash can like no other. Just attach the handle and you’re ready to go with your new, beautiful trash bin by Keter. No unnecessary scrubbing to get the Keter Copenhagen clean. Just use a mixture of parts water and vinegar with a gentle wipe with a cloth to make it look like new.

Unlike plastic trash cans like the ones used outside which can deteriorate within a few months due to bad weather conditions, the Copenhagen is manufactured from a polypropylene resin that protects it from cracks, molds, and direct sunlight.


  • Brand Keter
  • Polypropylene resin
  • Wood look
  • 30-gallon
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 33.3 inches
  • Metal handle and rims
  • With lid
  • Weather-proof


  • You have to assemble it

Best Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lid and Wheels

Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Step-on Rollout Waste Container

The Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Rollout Trash Cans are manufactured from commercial-grade materials to handle your daily tasks easily and effectively. It’s constructed with reinforced rims and heavy-duty wheels, to transport heavy loads indoors or outdoors, through the toughest terrain for year after year.

Build with high-performance trends that reduce slipping when moving heavy loads across uneven surfaces. Also durable enough to make mover ability a breeze over rough terrains. With the reinforcement of the rim and a sturdy lid that shut tightly increase the overall strength and durability of the trash can. The tightly shut lid also prevents animals from snooping through the rubbish while preventing foul odors from escaping the bin.

Experience a comfortable grip with the sturdy handle that makes maneuvering and controlling this Rubbermaid Outdoor Trash Can a breach.


  • Brand Rubbermaid
  • Commercial-grade construction
  • Durable wheels heavy duty wheels
  • Tough Rim And Lid Structure
  • 50-gallon
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Height: 36.5 inches


  • Seems a little too lightweight with small wheels to be called heavy-duty

Best Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Bin

Seville Classics 17 – Gallon Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Can

This is a 17 – Gallon UltraHD Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Bin that is perfectly designed to be used anywhere and is manufactured from durable stainless steel with heavy-duty rolling wheels for convenience.

This trash bin has a sleek and modern design that holds a capacity of 17 – gallons. The overall design measures 17.2” wide by 12.9” deep by 34.5” high. This bin can very easily be moved around with the heavy-duty wheels. Two wheels with locking capabilities with optionally adjustable leveling feet.


  • Brand Seville Classics
  • Stainless steel with resin top
  • 17-gallon
  • Dimensions: 17.2″ W x 12.8″ D x 34.5″ H
  • With wheels (locking)
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Removable top


  • If you use it outdoors, it can start to rust a little bit over time. Spray with a protective sealer.

Final word

Hopefully, this article was helpful and you found your perfect patio trash can! Today, there are so many great options available that are not only good quality but also look decent. So the days that you have to hide your trash can because it looked super ugly are over.


Is Biodegradable the Same as Compostable?

Though biodegradable materials and compostable materials are the same still both of these terms are quite different. The information provided in this write-up can help you to know is biodegradable the same as compostable by understanding the difference between biodegradable and compostable.

In short, no, biodegradable is not the same as compostable. Let’s find out why, and what the differences are.

Introduction with Biodegradable products

Anything that can be broken up by some biological process or fungi, and bacteria, etc. can be known as a Biodegradable thing. When you break up this word into Bio, degrade and able then the meaning of its parts explains its working as bio means life, degrade means break up and able means possibility to happen. In this way, the live thing that can be broken down is known as biodegradable.

Basically, the process of biodegradation is a natural process in which nature breaks down different types of degradable materials into their components. Actually, with time almost everything is degraded naturally. The materials and products used in the packaging can be considered biodegradable if they can break down completely into their natural components after a short time of their disposal. The build-up of biodegradable waste materials can be reduced and a healthy, safe, and clean environment can be ensured because of their ability to degrading in landfills. Some of these products may take a few weeks to degrade whereas some a few months or years. Biodegradation of green products is faster than other products.

Usually, biodegradable materials include cardboards, corrugated cardboards, etc. However certain materials that may take a long time to degrade into their basic elements are also considered biodegradable like plastic and diapers etc. Though all plastics are not biodegradable still they can break down into water and carbon dioxide along with certain other elements. However, it may take several decades and even centuries to decompose naturally but will certainly break down one day.

Introduction with Compostable products

Actually compostable products are the same as biodegradable products as the tendency of both of these products is to return safely to the earth. But one thing that makes compostable materials better than biodegradable products that once they break down completely they can provide nutrients to the earth. These materials can be decomposed with the help of certain organic elements to generate fertilizer for the earth.

So the process of Composting includes the process of recycling organic waste to make it reusable ultimately after some time. On the piles of compostable materials, these organic materials are added at specific sites to decompose them depending upon certain natural elements like sunlight, wind, and drainage, etc.

However, the meaning of compostable can be a bit different in the world of packaging. According to this industry, everything that enters into their composting facility is compostable. It is important to understand this difference. In a landfill, compostable products may not be naturally biodegraded always. They need the right type of conditions, usually found in the compost facilities in the compost industries, for their proper break down into natural elements with time. It may take a longer time to break down compostable materials if air or oxygen is not allowed to enter the landfill. However, certain packing materials like loose fill packaging of foam, starch-based peanuts, soy- and water-based inks, and packing corrugated containers, etc. can be disposed of safely for composting as they can be dissolved in water.

Though compostable materials are environmentally friendly materials, you must ensure that the waste management system of your business has been maintained properly and the compostable waste of your business is transferred to the facility composting it.

Difference between biodegradable and compostable

The information provided in this write-up can help you to understand the difference between biodegradable materials and compostable materials.

  • The products that can be broken down into their basic element naturally in any condition are known as biodegradable but compostable materials require certain particular conditions to break down into their basic elements.
  • The process of composting materials can be faster than biodegradation only if it is carried on under suitable conditions.

In this way, both biodegradable and compostable materials are good for the environment. But there are certain biodegradables that may take several years to biodegrade like certain types of plastics etc. Even if biodegradable and compostable products are the same but the process of biodegradation and composting are different.

Alternative to plastic garbage bag

alternatives to plastic trash bags

Why do most masses want to ditch the plastic garbage bags? Have you ever wondered why people look for alternatives to plastic garbage bags? If not, then start thinking as soon as possible for you. Sometimes it is better to shift your thinking from your business and daily life to the environment. Every third person uses plastic bags in the form of plastic garbage bags. According to the survey, plastic causes numerous health diseases to the animals that eat plastic bags mistakenly.

Most of the animals, like cows, lost their lives because of the undisciplined masses. They throw the garbage here and there instead of in trash cans. Most of the masses use plastic bags for the kitchen trash cans. They use plastic grocery bags in the kitchen and then throw these bags. When the plastic bags are restricted, most of the masses are confused about alternatives to plastic garbage bags. However, not be so confused because here is the list of alternatives to plastic garbage bags.

  • Paper Bags– These types of bags are made from trees. Moreover, the manufacturing of these types of bags generates pollution as well as greenhouse gases. Therefore it is better to use recycled paper bags for your kitchen trash cans. It is one of the best alternatives to plastic garbage bags. When the paper bag is wet, then it quickly breaks down. On the other side, paper bags do not biodegrade. It is one of the eco-friendly methods to opt. (buy a 100-pack on Amazon)
  • No Bag– The simple solution is why to use bags for the trash? Do not purchase the plastic bags and simply say no to the plastic bags. Choose this free option. Collect the garbage and throw it away in the trash cans of the municipality. In this procedure, you do not need any bag for the kitchen trash cans. In addition to it, after throwing the garbage, wash the dustbin and dry it. After that again used it for keeping the garbage. It is an environmentally friendly or eco-friendly solution to keep, throw, and clean.
  • Plastic bags– There are numerous worthy options for plastic bags that are much better than those plastic bags that you take from the grocery stores. If you do not want to use any other bag, then choose the option of a hundred percentile recycled plastic bags that do not cause any harmful effect on the environment as well as creatures too. (For example, these 80% plant-based trash bags, 100% recyclable on
  • Reuse the bags– For instance, you purchase the pet food, then you keep the pet food in the box from the bag. Now, what about the pet food bag? Instead of throwing the bag, use it as the trash can bag. Due to this, you do not need to use plastic bags with these methods. In addition to it, you can use the retail store bags or cheese bags for collecting the garbage and help save the environment.
  • Reusable trash bags– Even you will also have an option of reusable trash bags. These types of trash bags are waterproof as well as washable. In addition to it, if you have any waterproof stuff related to clothes, then you can also stitch the trash bags. The reason is that kitchen garbage includes the scraps of fruits and vegetables, packets of chips, and so on. Therefore you can use it. (our recommendation: This 13-gallon reusable trash bag on

After throwing the garbage, wash it, and use it again. It reduces the negative impact on the environment. In addition to it, you can purchase the reusable trash bags from the market if you do not have any waterproof stuff. The market bags are water-resistant and have numerous qualities.

What also helps a lot is separating and reducing waste. Use a basket or crate for your glass, a used cardboard box for your old paper, and an old grocery bag or plastic mailing bag for your plastics. Buy a small composter for your home for the green waste. Want to know more about a zero-waste lifestyle? Check out this cool blog: GoingZeroWaste

In the end, the options, as mentioned above, are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic garbage bags.  It is not necessary all the time to take the trees, what to do? Find the solution in the most natural way, like the above solutions. If you apply the above pollutions related to alternatives to plastic garbage bags, then it means you are protecting the environment. In addition to it, protect the environment and animals by saying no to the plastic bags. In addition to it, if you go for grocery shopping, then it is fruitful to take your bag.

Does a broken garbage disposal affect the dishwasher?

dishwasher garbage disposal

The garbage disposal and the dishwasher are two separate and seemingly unrelated kitchen devices. However, they do share some plumbing. In this article, you will learn how and why they are connected, and whether or not a problem with your garbage disposal can affect the functionality of your dishwasher. You’ll also learn how a dishwasher is typically installed in the absence of a garbage disposal.

How and why are the dishwasher and the garbage disposal connected?

The wastewater from the dishwasher drains into the kitchen drainage system – the same system, or pipe, that the water from the sink drains into. Because of that, it’s important to have a mechanism in place, which prevents any back-flow of wastewater from the sink back into the dishwasher. There are several ways of doing this, but it is typically accomplished by using a loop of tubing in the form of an upside-down “U”, with the top of the loop elevated higher than the bottom of the sink.

This elevated tubing is also called an air-gap, because when the dishwasher isn’t pumping out water, the top of the pipe fills with air as the water level drops. The elevation of the tubing requires pressure to overcome. The gravity of the wastewater in the sink is not enough to overcome that pressure, because of the height difference. The dishwasher pump, however, can easily overcome it, which creates a nice one-way valve. In the absence of this elevated tube valve, the contents of the sink may get pushed back into the dishwasher, clogging its pump.

Why does the dishwasher drain into the garbage disposal?

You can probably already see why the output of the dishwasher connects to the garbage disposal. Since they both share a kitchen, and both use the same drainage system, it’s very practical to connect the drain output of the dishwasher directly to the garbage disposal. By doing this, creating the U-shaped air-gap tubing also becomes easy – by installing the dishwasher right next to the sink, and connecting them with a tube that is bent upwards, the air-gap is automatically created.

So, the reason the dishwasher connects to the garbage disposal is just a matter of practicality and simplicity – the dishwasher doesn’t actually use the shredding function of the garbage disposal. Most garbage disposals already have a threaded connector that can be used by a dishwasher to pump its wastewater into, which further simplifies things. But what if you don’t have a garbage disposal, but still want to install a dishwasher?

Can a dishwasher work without a garbage disposal?

Installing a dishwasher if you don’t have a garbage disposal is no problem. The exact same arrangement is used – the drain output of the dishwasher simply gets connected to the sink drain, before the trap (the larger section at the bottom of the drain, or a U-shaped tube). This is usually done by using a tailpiece, which is cheap and looks like a T-shaped connector.

Can I run my dishwasher if my garbage disposal is broken or malfunctions?

In almost all cases, it’s the blades or the motor assembly of the garbage disposal that malfunction or break. If that’s the case, your dishwasher will not be affected in any way. As we already explained, the only way a dishwasher uses the garbage disposal is as a connector and ‘entry-point’ to the kitchen drainage system. However, there are a few unlikely exceptions.

As a general rule, if the water from your sink drains normally, so will the water from your dishwasher.

But what if the malfunction of the garbage disposal has led to a clog in your sinks’ drain?

If the drain of your sink is clogged, you may run into problems. If you try to run the dishwasher when the drain is blocked, the pump of the dishwasher will push dirty water up into the sink, potentially causing a mess. This is an unlikely scenario, but it can happen if you’ve just dumped a lot of food waste into the garbage disposal and it has broken right in the middle of ‘devouring’ the contents. If that’s the case and the drain of your sink is now severely clogged, you must unclog it before running the dishwasher.

There are several ways to do this and it all depends on the type of food waste that has caused the clog. Larger pieces, like banana peels, need to be carefully taken out of the drain by using a stick or pliers. For safety, always unplug the garbage disposal before attempting such procedures. If the clog is caused by smaller food pieces, a simple plunger can do the job.