Garbage Disposal vs Trash Compactor

Humans produce 2.5 trillion tons of trash each year, only from kitchens. Each house has its own ways to dispose of the garbage. This is such a big issue that special methods have been introduced to tackle it in an efficient way. Two of the most common ways are garbage disposal and trash compaction. In this article, we explain how both units work and what the pros and cons are.

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Garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is a method that uses centrifugation and size reduction technology to decrease the size of the waste products. The garbage will be torn apart by the garbage disposal machine, which is mostly planted at the bottom of the sink. It will reduce the size of garbage to less than 2mm of particles. These particles can easily pass from the plumbing lines and end up in sewers.



1- This is an easy method as you will not have to go out anytime to throw garbage. All the garbage will be going to sewers directly.

2- It will be easy to throw things in the basin than collecting things and throwing in a basket.

3- Garbage disposal machines are really common in America so you can easily find them online.


1- You cannot throw the metal objects in the garbage disposal machine.

2- You will have to take time to sort the garbage as anything hard or large can clog the garbage disposal machine.

3- Outside America, these machines are not so common so if you are living somewhere else in the world, you will have to do an effort to find it.

4- Garbage disposal method is not environment-friendly. Some of the trash can enter the lakes and rivers. It will increase pollution.

Trash compactor

The trash compactor is a trash collector like a dustbin, but it has some advanced features. Normally, the trash is thrown in a basket and the basket fills really quickly so the process of taking the basket and throwing the trash outside the house has to be repeated more often. The trash compactor will decrease the number of visits. It has a mechanism that will decrease the area of trash. Some force has to be applied to the trash compactor to compress the trash. This will give you a heavy bag with more trash in it and less volume.


1- All types of trash can be thrown in the trash compactor.

2- There is no need to sort the trash before throwing it in the trash compactor.

3- Trash compactors are available everywhere around the world. You can get it everywhere around the globe.

4- The trash in the trash compactor is better controlled so it is better for the environment.

5: Trash compactors come in different sizes so you can choose how much you want to spend on it.


1- You will have to visit the main trash throwing area outside your house.

2- You will have to pick the trash and throw it in the compactor and have to manually compact it.

3- Automatic trash compactors are expensive.

Garbage disposal vs Trash compactor – Differences

There are some important things you should consider when you are choosing the garbage disposal vs trash compactor. Firstly, you should look at your budget. If you are having a low budget, you should go for the trash compactor. The garbage disposal machine is expensive as compared to the trash compactor. Garbage disposal has an operational cost as it will consume electricity when you will use it. Places where the cost of electricity is high, it is difficult to use the garbage disposal. If you are looking for the ease of use and you live in America, you can choose the garbage disposal because it can be easily purchased there. There is a proper system of sewers in America. It will be difficult to use the garbage disposal in the middle east as there is less proper sewerage system. If you want to save the environment from pollution, you should go for the trash compactor.


It is the preference of the person, which method they choose to deal with the trash in their home. It is better to use both ways partially if they have the budget to purchase both types of machines.

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