Can you throw away car batteries?

how to dispose of car batteries

Most people do not know what hazardous wastes are and how dangerous they can be to humans and the environment when disposed of carelessly. It is common to see people throw away their used car batteries in their trash can along with other household wastes probably because they do not know such practices are against the law.

There are laws guiding the disposal of toxic wastes like car batteries. In this post, we will be answering some important questions bothering on the right and wrong ways to dispose of your toxic wastes.

Best disposal method for car batteries

Nowadays, about 98% of used car batteries are being recycled for the production of other useful products. Here is what you can do to make sure your used battery gets to the designated cycling point.

1. Take your used battery to a recycling plant.
You can search for the nearest recycling depot to you by searching through your local phone book or go to any top search engine and enter the relevant keywords.

2. Take your used car battery to an auto shop
Most auto shops will pay you to get your used car batteries. They will be in a better position to know where to take it for recycling. You can also take your used car battery to a dealer who deals on auto parts and batteries.

3. Return your used battery to the retailer
Most batteries go with core charges. Check to see if you paid a core charge when you purchased the battery. Drop your battery with the retailer and collect back your core charge.

Car battery disposal FAQ

Can you throw car batteries in the garbage?

Car batteries like every lead-acid battery cannot be thrown into your garbage can. The sound of acid and lead alone is enough to warn you of the dangers of throwing your car batteries into your garbage. Neither lead nor acid should be released into the environment carelessly for any reason.

Can you throw car batteries into the recycle bin?

You don’t have the legal permits to recycle your car batteries as that would be hazardous to you and your immediate environment. The best you could do would be to find out the designated collection site near you.

Can you throw your car batteries into the ocean?

This is never an advisable way of disposing of your car batteries. Throwing your car batteries into oceans is far more dangerous than any other disposal methods. The lead and acid in the car batteries pose a big threat to all aquatic lives and can kill off every water-dwelling organisms. Also, man depends on these aquatic animals as sources of protein and on the water for drinking and other purposes. Contaminated fish and polluted water can lead to massive epidemics and deaths.


Always remember to take safety measures when handling old care batteries. Wear hand gloves and wrap the battery with a very thick plastic bag. Never leave your old car battery out in the open where your kids can find them and play with them.


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