Can you put dog poop in compost?

We all love our dogs, but how many of you love their poop? Of course, no one! Besides, Dog poop can be harmful to human beings simply because it incorporates parasites like salmonella, E.coli, and roundworms that can make you ill.

People have tried to research on how dog poop can be utilized. Pet poop composting seems a logical way to utilize it. But can it actually go into compost? The bad news is that composting Dog poop is not an effective and sensible way to utilize it. In fact, your family toilet and landfill can be the safest way to dispose of the poop deposit.

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can you put dog poop in compost


Dog Waste in Compost

Composting is the way of minimizing the organic waste to useful nutrients and mineral source to the plants. Sometimes, people pick up the pet’s waste and see it in another dimension. Some of them utilize it on their farm while others get rid of it. The fact that waste product is an organic derivative; it does not mean that all the waste product is appropriate as manure. Some waste products will quickly reduce productively instead of increasing. Dog waste contains parasites that cannot be controlled in the household compost piles.

What are the dangers of composting Dog poop?

As we have discussed, Dog poop posses a lot of unhealthy parasites that affect other animals and humans as well. One of the most common parasites that affect our dog is Roundworms. Roundworms, ascarids, and others persist in the Dog poop compost. These worms are very dangerous, and the eggs can hatch in the human’s intestine once ingested. This leads to an issue known as the Visceral Larval Migrans. The eggs then migrate to the bloodstream where they attach themselves in the liver, lungs, and other organs of the body. The worms then invade the host producing unpleasant symptoms to the host. An example of an unpleasant symptom is the Ocular Larva Migrans. It happens when the eggs attach themselves to the retina and can lead to blindness.

As you can see, using a dog poop in compost is not worth it. It is therefore critical to understand all the ways to get rid of those feces instead of risking your health.

How to dispose of dog poop

It is recommended that all dog owners should collect their dog’s feces as soon as possible to avoid contaminations. There are many dog waste bags in the market where you can place the poop. In some countries, you cannot just walk with your dog without this type of bag. It helps to prevent infection to others and dirty public places. Read our blog post “Top 6: Best Scented Dog Poop Bags”

Many individuals who care for the environment have started using the new biodegradable dog poop bags. It is an awesome way of saving the environment because it does not emit chemicals. They naturally decompose with the poop. If you put the poop into the plastic bags, then it will not decompose, and the poop can end up staying there for a long time.

Flush it down the toilet
Dogs are carnivorous. The great way to get rid of waste is a septic or sewer system. There are many ways to pick up the poop including the flushable poop bag that can dissolve in water when it is flushed down the toilet or a toilet paper.

Bury it in the ground
The best and easiest way to get rid of dog poop is digging a hole in the ground and allows it to break down over time. You can dispose of it away from your vegetable- and fruit garden. Basically, pet waste does not make suitable compost for vegetables and fruits. There are several pet waste digesters like Doggie Dooley and burying them and adding water plus enzymes will assist the waste to break down. It is easy to make a digester with a plastic garbage can, some rocks, and septic digestive enzyme.

Dog waste disposal system
You can also invest in a waste disposal unit specifically made for dog feces. These systems work like a small septic tank that breaks down the feces. For example, read our blog post “Top 10: Best Dog Waste Disposal Systems” or our blog post “Top 5: In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal Systems“.

To answer the question

So to answer the question “Can you put dog poop in compost?” It is not right to use dog poop in the compost. Instead, the best way to dispose of the feces is to double bag the pet wastes then take it to landfills. You can always use biodegradable bags to lessen the effect on the environment or use a dog waste disposal system. I hope that you will revisit our website for more knowledge. Thank you!


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