Best Septic Assist Garbage Disposal Unit Review 2022

Your house is probably using a septic system and you are wondering if it will be a good investment in purchasing a garbage disposal that will help you manage your food waste. Well, I think it’s time to get the cat out of the bag and introduce you to the Best Septic Assist Garbage Disposal Unit. In this 5 minute read you will discover why the InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist is the Best Garbage Disposal with septic assist features currently on the market.


Before we dive into this review I would like to put your mind at ease of why such a garbage disposal will be a benefit to your septic system.


InSinkErator has specially designed this unit for septic systems, and this is why the name is called InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposal. This sink mounted unit is equipped with a natural enzyme treatment that safely releases bacteria to help break down food waste quicker than most units.

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Features of the Septic Assist Garbage Disposal

• This unit contains a Bio-Charge cartridge containing over 300 million enzyme-producing micro-organisms. This gets injected into the food waste each time the unit is switched on.
• A multi-grind operation that helps grind up waste faster and more effectively.
• SoundSeal Technology that delivers a quieter operation than standard waste disposers.
• Vibration-free when in operation.
• Powerful 3/4 Dura-Drive horsepower motor.
• A massive 40-oz. capacity stainless steel chamber for durability.
• Quick-lock mount switch for easy installation.
• 4-year in-home limited warranty.
• Manufactured in the USA.

Best Septic Assist Garbage Disposal Unit Review


Bio-Charge Injection Technology

A revolutionary new feature that allows the InSinkErator Septic Assist to work hand in hand with your septic is the Bio-Charge enzyme treatment. This natural bacteria help break down food waste at a tremendous speed, works as a deodorizer and most importantly it’s safe for the environment and plumbing system.


On average the included cartridge will last for about 3 – 4 months for the average household. Installing and uninstalling the cartridge is done by pushing a button to release and snapping into place to install a new one. Depending on the use of the Bio-Charge Cartridge the average household only needs to replace the cartridge 3 – 4 times a year.


Advance MultiGrind Technology

You probably already know that most of InSinkErator’s food waste disposal units come with MultiGrind Technology. This advanced technique features 2 layers of grind to break down stubborn waste food effectively, reducing the risk of clogging in the drain pipes. Not all of the Evolution Series comes with MultiGrind Technology, and one specific waste disposal from InSinkErator called the Evolution Excel has the 3 stages MultiGrind process.


SoundSeal Technology Keeps Operations Quieter

With more and more manufacturers finding specialized ways to reducing sound levels of their units we can proudly say InSinkErator top the list of producing the quietest garbage disposals of them all. This involves a patented technology that helps reduce noise levels of their units up to 60% quieter than others on the market.


The Evolution Septic Assist utilizes a mixer of components (advanced-level insulation, vibration-reducing connections, and a special quiet collar sink baffle) to block noises coming up from the sink mount.


Manufactured for Longevity

The Septic Assist garbage disposal comes at a high price tag, therefore it’s just reasonable that this unit should last for decades. The Evolution Septic Assist is made from stainless steel components that are corrosion-proof which may shorten the lifespan of the disposal caused by minerals and water exposure. Apart from the stainless steel components, this sink disposal has a grinding chamber of 40 oz. that allows you to grind up larger volumes of food waste at a time.


Motor Performance

Not all sink waste disposals are made equal. And with the Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposal, a greater part of the grinding process relies on the motor. This unit is powered by a ¾ Dura-Drive Induction Motor that shreds even the toughest food waste within a matter of seconds. And with a rotating speed of 1725 RPM, it is almost impossible for the blades to jam when hitting the waste. So there is n need to go soft on this machine.


What’s In The Box

• InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist garbage disposal
• Sink baffle.
• Quick-lock sink mount
• Jam-Buster (Allen) wrench.
• Anti-vibration tailpipe mount.
• Clamp.
• Stainless steel stopper.
• Bio-Charge injection bottle.
• Installation instructions.


The Bottom Line

So what is stopping you from investing in the Best Septic Assist Garbage Disposal money can buy. This unit is easy to install, powerful, silent, helps break down food waste faster and comes with a guaranteed 4-year in-home limited warranty for extra peace of mind.


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