Are Garbage Bags Safe for Food?

are garbage bags food safe

Ever wonder if you can use a garbage bag aside from putting garbage in them? You can use a garbage bag to put some things that you need to store. Instead of putting them into boxes that can take a lot of space, a garbage bag can be a good alternative. It can also hold more things since most of them are expandable. Not to mention, it’s cheaper compared to boxes.

But are garbage bags safe for food? You may want to stop right there before putting your food in a garbage bag. Below are the things that you should know before trying to use the garbage bag as your food storage.

Are Garbage Bags Food Safe?

There’s a reason why they call it a garbage bag because you can mainly use it for collecting your garbage. The materials that have been used for garbage bags are different from the grocery bags. If you need to store food, you can go for those zip lock bags that are made of food-grade plastic material.

Garbage bags are not made for food so you have to refrain from even putting fresh produce in them since there may be harmful chemicals that can get mixed with your fruits or vegetables.

Are Garbage Bags Toxic?

Garbage bags contain toxic substances that will be bad for you. These toxic elements can break down over time which will be harmful to humans. It’s better not to experiment with it and put your food into a garbage bag to see what will happen.

Even if you don’t see any changes, the chemicals that were used for making garbage bags can get into your food. You should notice that strong plastic smell whenever you open one to put your trash in it. There are food-grade plastic materials that you can use anyway so forget using the garbage bag for your food.

Do Garbage bags Have Pesticides or Chemicals?

Garbage bags are made of polyethylene so that it can be soft, flexible, airtight, and waterproof. Some garbage bags manufacturers also sprayed them with pesticides so it’s not safe to put food in it.

Unless you will place your discarded food already, it’s best not to use them if you need to store food. Some harsh chemicals may also be included in the production of garbage bags since it’s specifically made to hold your trash until the garbage truck arrives.

Can I Use a Garbage Bag to Brine Turkey?

It’s not a safe way to use a garbage bag to brine a turkey. Even if you see other people doing it, that doesn’t make it right. If you want to brine a turkey in a bag, at least make it safe. There is a lot of available food-grade plastic from the supermarket that you can get.

Go for the safer way to make sure that you will enjoy your turkey without ending up in a hospital bed. You can get an oven-safe cooking bag instead so that you can put a whole turkey in it without causing health issues for you and the whole family.


Please, just don’t use garbage bags for food. The bag is not made for this purpose and is not food safe. Just go to the store or order freezer bags or oven bags online.


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