7x Best White Kitchen Trash Cans

Are you searching for a pretty white kitchen trash can? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve picked my 7 favorites and today, I’ll share them with you. While picking the trash cans, I’ve looked at brand, durability, popularity, customer reviews, price, and quality. And of course, the design.

Best White Kitchen Step Trash Can

Step Trash Can by Kohler 13-gallon 

A white, stainless trash can with a 13-gallon capacity. It has a fingerprint-proof finish that keeps the surface clean longer and helps it to look spotless.

Its color can blend in wherever you place it because it is elegantly made to fit in any room, plus the shape is just easy to fit on the wall or beside any furniture. The foot pedal helps you in operating this container without the need to hold it and open the covering.

You can also change the bag effortlessly because of the raised liner and locking rim, which helps in holding the bag in place. They make the lid to close quietly and silently with every push on the pedal, which makes this trash can a breeze to use.

Cleaning it is also simple because you only need a damp microfiber cloth to remove sticky dirt or even dust on the outside surface. It also does not require any cleaning solution or abrasives to keep it looking neat. Made and designed by Kohler, a trustworthy company that has been delivering countless sorts of products that are not just useful but also durable.


  • Brand: Kohler
  • 13-gallon capacity
  • Fingerprint-proof finish
  • Durable metal foot pedal
  • Quit close lid
  • Designed to fit any brand of 13-gallon trash bags
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 16 13/16″ x 13″ x 26 7/16″

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Best Tall and Slim Kitchen Trash Can

Slim Trash Can for Home, Kitchen, and Laundry Room, Step On Lid by Rubbermaid

This slim trash can, made by Rubbermaid, is sturdy and is manufactured for convenient garbage disposal. The availability of a hands-free pedal reduces the need to open the lid using your hands and keeps your hand clean.

With an 11.25g capacity, there are lots of garbage you can place inside, plus its slim design allows it to fit in small spaces and corners. They make this slim trash can durable that can last for a long, and its slim, and elegant appearance makes it perfect for any room in your home.

If you want to place it in your room, bathroom, kitchen, nursery, or even in the laundry. It can fit in the space without getting in the way. Manufactured by Rubbermaid, a company that has been recognized as a Brand of the Century, so this product is surely not a waste of your money.


  • Brand: Rubbermaid
  • Hands-free pedal
  • 11.25-gallon capacity
  • Made in the USA
  • Very slim design
  • Fits almost any space
  • Durable, lightweight resin and metal foot pedal
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 19 x 9 x 24 inches

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Best Cheap White Trash Can

13 Gallon, White Trash Can for Home, Bathroom Garbage, Kitchen Touch Top by Rubbermaid

A well-designed trash can for your home, made by Rubbermaid. Its touch top lid that is easy to open for your every trash disposal makes this an ideal garbage bin, especially when you are in a hurry.

It has a 13-gallon capacity to make room for a good deal of trash that you need to throw away with no need for numerous replacement of garbage bags. The LinerLock bag wires keep the trash bag secure and keep it in its place without slipping or getting crumpled along with the garbage. Made durable and manufactured using only strong materials such as plastic resin, it is an assurance that this will last for a long time.

You can put this trash can anywhere in your home since it has a timeless design, keeping in mind that it will fit in any area in your home, whether in your bedroom, garage, or kitchen. It is so well-designed that it can even be placed in any office.


  • Brand: Rubbermaid
  • Touch top lid
  • 13-gallon capacity
  • LinerLock bag wires
  • Durable resin material
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 15.44 x 24.82 x 17.59 inches

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Best Large trash can with Swing top

Square, Stainless Steel 36 Gallon Waste Watcher Hamper and Swing Tope Receptacle by Witt Industries 1511HTWH

This stainless steel waste disposal hamper combines durability and style. Manufactured with a modern quality design to ensure that it will fit in any area in your home.

Its height of 39 feet plus the width of 19 feet and a 19 feet depth makes this reliable when you need to throw garbage and dispose of a lot of trash in one go. There is no need for you to remove the bag lining and keep on changing it because there is enough space in this garbage bin.

It can be used in an office setup as well and may be placed anywhere in your home without it appearing to be out-of-place cause of its elegant design. It can even be placed inside or outside your home.

Cleaning this hamper is also easy with just a clean, damp cloth to remove some dust, and it will look perfect any day.


  • Brand: Witt Industries
  • 36-gallon capacity
  • Swing top
  • For office or large family
  • Stainless steel waste watcher
  • ADA and OSHA compliant
  • Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 43 inches; 32.35 Pounds

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Best Commercial White Kitchen Trash can

15 Gallon, Open Top Dome Trash Can by Safco Products 9639WH

Another product manufactured by Safco with eye-catching style and functionality as its priority. The design of a sleek waste receptacle that can be used anywhere in your home or in the office, or even in commercial areas.

The elegantly designed trash can is puncture resistant with a cylindrical-style metal shell, plus the powder coat finish is chip resistant and durable at the same time. Using Galvanized Steel Liner ensures easy bag removal anytime.

No need to push it open or push any pedal before you can throw any garbage in, cause of the open-top trash disposal. The 15-gallon capacity is also not something to scoff at because it is sure to hold in a lot of trash the whole day without the need to replace liners or garbage bags every time.


  • Brand: Safco
  • 15-gallon capacity
  • Open top
  • 6″ round top opening
  • Galvanized steel liner included
  • Wide stainless steel bottom edge
  • Steel construction with durable powder coat finish
  • Warranty: Manufacturer limited lifetime
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 34 inches

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Best Kitchen Undersink Hanging White Trash Can

Kitchen Compost Bin, Counter Top, Undersink Hanging Small Trash Can, 2.4 Gallon with Lid by Tiyafuro

When you want a handy trash bin to throw in small trash and waste while you are busy preparing in the kitchen or if you like to have a hanging small trash can in your office or the office pantry perhaps, this is the best option for you.

The compact design of this trash can make it easy to mount on any walls or behind cabinet doors with no drilling or nail to keep it in place. They make it of high-density polypropylene that is non-toxic, durable, and sturdy.

You may also use any plastic as a liner if you suddenly run out of the plastic bags that were included with this product. Cleaning it takes no effort because, with just soap and water, you can get it washed in seconds. No dirt or grime will stick because of the crevices or divisions inside the trash bin.

Buying this item will surely be worth every dollar you spent.


  • Brand Tiyafuro
  • 2.4-gallon capacity
  • Counter top or hanging trash can
  • Good sealing lid
  • Material: High Density Polypropylene
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 6.3 x 11.6 inches

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Best Pull-out White Kitchen Trash Cans

Double 27 Quart Pull-Out Kitchen Garbage Recycling Containers by Rev-A-Shelf RV-15PB-2S

This pull-out kitchen trash disposal is easily accessible and, at the same time, keeps your waste hidden. It has a well-fitted cover that will not make your trash smell or stench for the entire day.

Its big, 27-quart pull out waste containers ensure that you have enough space to get you through the day without repeatedly replacing the garbage plastic. The heavy-gauge painted metal wire construction shows very durable manufacture.

The installation will only take you a few minutes since it is easy to install with just the 4-screws to mount the receptacle, you can even have it mounted on a door if you buy separate door mount brackets.

Cleaning this garbage container is a breeze as well because it just needs water and soap to rinse the interior once in a while. You can wipe off dust and dirt from the exterior surface, and there is no need to buy any cleaning solution.


  • Brand: Rev-a-shelf
  • Pull-out trash can
  • Double 27-quart
  • Heavy gauge painted metal wire construction
  • Warranty: limited lifetime
  • Assembled dimensions: 11.81 x 22.25 x 19.25 inches
  • Designed for cabinets with a minimum opening of 11” or larger

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