12x How To Reduce Plastic Waste at Home?

Currently, reducing the consumption of plastic in our homes for many seems like a great challenge since all the things we buy and consume come in plastic. Even your electronic devices contain it. It is essential to reduce plastic use since most of the plastic we consume is used only once, accumulating it and taking a long time to decompose. Although today plastic today comes in a recyclable mode, it is still plastic but of a lower quality than the previous one.

Remember that when this product is discarded, it ends up accumulating in the ecosystem as oceans create environmental problems affecting wildlife and flora. The way of eliminating the use of plastic in your life is impossible. Still, you can make changes that reduce its use, using environmentally friendly products that are easy to decompose to contribute to our planet and that each time it is free from so much pollution. That is why we leave you 10 tips on how to reduce plastic waste at home:

Avoid consuming bottled water

This is one of the first waste problems globally because not all of them are suitable for recycling. So at home, it is recommended to drink water from the taps, and for when you have to transport water, use reusable bottles that you can quickly get on the web and in supermarkets.

Use products that are friendly to the planet

These products are created through productions that do not affect the environment, not even when consumed. Their goal is to help the earth and make recycling easier. A widely used item that is friendly to the environment are brushes made of wood.

Remove plastic straws

Although their use is not essential, the level of consumption and contamination of these products is very high, remembering that they are harmful to animals’ safety. If this type of product is essential in your day-to-day, get reusable straws like aluminum to reduce plastic consumption in your life.

Reduce chewing gum consumption

Did you know that chewing gum is made of plastic when it breaks down? Remember that this residue usually ends up in places like the floor or on the lawn. That is why it is wise to reduce your consumption as much as possible. But if stopping gum is not an option for you, there are also organic gum. Everything has a solution in this life!

Use reusable or cloth bags

In stores, you don’t see so many plastic bags. To make your shopping more practical and straightforward, buy ecological cloth bags to fill with your purchases, or you can even purchase special carts for this daily activity.

Buy products packaged in materials such as cardboard or glass

These materials are more comfortable with recycling; also, you will be preventing harmful substances for your body that are present in the plastic from contaminating your food

Avoid coffee pods

Nowadays, it has become fashionable to consume coffee in capsules, which are made of plastic. Still, there are already recyclable capsules, but they are also waste that cannot be recycled conventionally. That is why if you are a coffee lover, choose the original method, use the classic coffee maker. Remembering that it is a benefit since it is cheaper to use coffee makers.

Try to find alternative cleaning products

Products that come in plastic containers are not necessary to clean your house, you can always buy products that come with environmentally friendly boxes, or some products do not do as much damage as bicarbonate of vinegar, noting that they are less toxic and not they do so much damage to our health.

Use matches to light the fire in your house or when lighting cigarettes

Lighters are usually made of plastic and are waste that isn’t easy to recycle. These products end up on the floor, and although matches can end up on the floor, they are made of biodegradable material, and it is an economical product ideal for smokers.

Avoid using disposable feminine products

If you are a woman, avoid buying tampons and disposable pads. They are polluting products that end up in unwanted places. Women choose to use the menstrual cup, and although it is made of plastic material, they reduce the monthly expense and the excessive use of this highly polluting feminine product. These days, you can also buy washable feminine hygiene pads. It might take some time to get used to, but it’ll save you a lot of plastic waste AND money!

Use different baby products

Did you know that baby wipes are made for 80% out of plastic? One pack of baby wipes are equal to 2 large plastic Coca Cola bottles. To reduce this, choose washable baby wipes, or baby wipes made out of natural materials. There are brands that make baby wipes out of eucalyptus fibers for example.

Diapers also take up a lot of space in the trash. And you probably use a lot of them! Try washable diapers for a while. There are a lot of options on the market. Basic diapers, but also diapers with super cute prints and colors.

Bring your own shopping bags

Bring your own shopping bags when you go shopping for clothes. But also when you go to the market or supermarket. You can also go to the bakery or butcher instead of the supermarket. They often pack their products in paper bags instead of plastic bags.


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