10x How To Reduce Household Waste

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The whole family can get involved in reducing household waste. It feels good to know you are doing your part. Small but significant changes are easy to do. This sets an example for everyone and leads to good habits for all. Such changes include the food you buy and store, reusing items rather than throwing them away and reducing paper.

Food Waste

Find a way to successfully dispose of your food waste. Table scraps can be collected and fed to pigs or other animals. You may not own such animals but it isn’t hard to find someone not far from you that does. The scraps can be stored in 5-gallon buckets and then delivered when they are full. You can also turn such food waste into compost for your yard. This can add nutrients to the soil.

Food Packaging

As a consumer, be mindful of the food packaging before you buy items. Select items that use minimal packaging to reduce overall waste. Try to buy items with biodegradable packaging rather than those that will end up in the landfill for decades without decomposing.

Food Storage

Change the way you store food at home. Rather than plastic bags for the refrigerator and freezer, get reusable products. You can buy them individually or complete sets in a variety of sizes. They make it easy to store food and then just wash the containers so you can use them again later on.

Old Clothing and Towels

When clothing and towels are old or stained, you may be tempted to toss them in the trash. Instead, tear them into smaller sections and use them to clean with. You can use them in place of paper towels. When you have plenty of the pieces used, toss them into the washing machine and use them again and again.

Reduce Paper Use

Eliminate as much paper as you can. One of the easiest ways to do this is to go online with bills rather than getting them in the mail each month. Get off mailing lists sending you junk all the time. Rather than getting a physical phone book delivered, go online to search for such information.

If you read often, consider books online rather than physical ones. You can get them on your computer or a Kindle you take with you. The storage for tons of books on that thin device is amazing! Change your newspaper subscriptions to online versions too.

Re-charge Batteries

If your household uses plenty of batteries on a regular basis, they are going to the landfill. Not only do they remain there, but they can also leak, allowing harmful chemicals to get into the soil. A battery re-charger is a good investment. It will save you money as you can charge those batteries again and again. It will also do wonders for reducing waste!

Recycle Bins

Teach your family members how to separate items for recycling. Get bins and place them in a convenient location. One should be for glass, one for plastic, and one for paper. Find the locations to take those items too when your bins are full. Many communities have them conveniently located to encourage recycling efforts.

Reusable Water Bottles

Bottled water is expensive, and all of that plastic adds up quickly. Reusable water bottles are offered from a variety of materials and in different sizes. They can be filled up again and again, so nothing is going into the trash. This saves you money and reduces waste. It is one of the most effective changes the average household can make to reduce waste.

If you don’t like the taste of water from your tap, consider investing in a water filtration system. You can also get a water cooler and refill the 5-gallon jugs it holds. The spigot part of it can be conveniently used to refill your water bottles too.

Shopping Bags

You don’t have to decide on paper or plastic when you go shopping. Instead, bring along your own reusable shopping bags. They are inexpensive, and they are often made from recycled materials. Keep them in your vehicles so you always have them accessible when you go shopping. Take them inside with you and carry out your purchases in them.


Be creative with items you no longer need. They can be upcycled and turned into something you can use. The internet is full of ideas and step by step instructions for various items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. You can copy them or use them for inspiration and add your own unique spin.

I hope these 10 tips turn out to be very helpful and can help your family to reduce household waste. Check out our other articles on waste disposal. For example: How to get rid of old furniture? or Can you recycle pizza boxes? 


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